Cracked LCD TV
Cracked LCD TV

Staring at a cracked TV screen and wondering your next step? Unfortunately the news is usually not great. In general, TVs have not been worth repairing for decades now. This is especially true of standard LCD panel televisions you’ll find in most homes or restaurants. Not only have the prices of TVs gone down so much that repairing them doesn’t make much sense – but the technology is always evolving and availability of new TVs (and deals on them) is abundant. If you go into any Best Buy or Costco you’ll see deal after deal.
Getting parts? Not so easy or affordable. And then there’s the cost of doing the repair. When customers call us we tell them that unless there’s a very special reason why they want their cracked TV repaired, it just never makes sense to do so. Let’s look more into this TV repairs to weigh the pros, cons, and cost implications. Is it worth it to fix a cracked TV screen? More than likely not.

Introduction: The Heartbreak of a Cracked Screen The modern TV isn’t just an electronic device; for many, it’s the centerpiece of entertainment, news, and family movie nights. So, when that screen cracks, it feels like the heart of the home takes a hit. The inevitable question arises: Is it worth it to fix a cracked TV screen? Here’s your answer, broken down for clarity.

The Anatomy of a TV Screen Crack Understanding the nature of the crack is pivotal. There’s a world of difference between a superficial scratch and a deep crack that disrupts the display. While the former might be tolerable, the latter can seriously compromise your viewing experience.

Delving Into the Cost Factor

  • Screen Replacement vs. TV Replacement: Often, the cost of replacing a TV screen is almost equivalent to buying a new TV, especially for older models or brands where spare parts are scarce.
  • Labor Costs: Even if the screen part seems affordable, labor costs can escalate the repair price, particularly for intricate modern TVs.
  • Warranty Considerations: If your TV is still under warranty, check the terms. Some warranties might cover repairs, but many don’t cover accidental damages.

Pros of Fixing the Cracked Screen

  1. Sustainability: Repairing reduces electronic waste, making it an eco-friendly choice.
  2. Sentimental Value: If your TV has sentimental value or specific features you love, fixing it might be worth the investment.
  3. Immediate Solution: Repairing can be quicker than researching, buying, and setting up a new TV.

Cons of Fixing the Cracked Screen

  1. High Costs: As mentioned, sometimes the repair costs can approach the price of a new TV.
  2. Potential for Further Damages: A repair might not always be foolproof, and issues could arise later.
  3. Lost Innovations: Sticking to an older TV might mean missing out on newer features and technological advancements.


  • How long does it take to repair a cracked TV screen? Typically, if the required parts are available, the repair can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
  • Can I fix the crack myself? While there are DIY kits available, it’s generally recommended to seek professional help due to the complexity of modern TVs.
  • Should I consider a second-hand TV as a replacement? If cost is a concern, a pre-owned TV in good condition might be a viable option. However, ensure you test it thoroughly before purchase.

Conclusion: Making the Informed Choice Is it worth it to fix a cracked TV screen? It boils down to individual preferences, the TV’s age, and the repair costs involved. By weighing the pros and cons, one can make an informed decision that aligns with their needs and budget.

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