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Fixing the “No Nearby Devices Found” error when attempting to cast from a device to a TV can be resolved through several methods. This issue typically arises due to connectivity problems, compatibility issues, or software glitches. Here are various solutions sourced from multiple guides:

General Fixes

  1. Ensure Same Wi-Fi Network: Both the casting device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) and the TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network​​​​​​.
  2. Restart Devices and Home Network: Power cycle your modem and router, and restart your Chromecast or casting device. This involves disconnecting them from power, waiting a few seconds, and then reconnecting​​.
  3. Check Input Settings on TV: Use the remote to navigate through input settings and ensure the correct input source is selected for casting​​.

For Chromecast Users

  1. Restart Chromecast: Either unplug it for a few seconds or use the Google Home app to reboot it​​.
  2. Check and Reset Connections: Ensure the Chromecast is properly connected and try disconnecting and reconnecting to Bluetooth​​.

For TV and Casting Device Settings

  1. Check Compatibility and Update Firmware: Ensure your TV and the app you’re using are capable of casting. Also, check for the latest firmware updates​​.
  2. Adjust TV App Settings: Clear data of the cast function apps like Android System WebView and Chromecast built-in if available in your TV settings​​.

Windows-Specific Solutions

  1. Turn on Network Discovery: Enable network discovery in your Windows settings to allow the device to find other devices on the network​​.
  2. Check Cast to Device Settings in Control Panel: Ensure that cast to device functionality is enabled in the Windows Defender Firewall settings​​.
  3. Check Necessary Services: Ensure services like DNS Client, Function Discovery Resource Publication, SSDP Discovery, and UPnP Device Host are running on your Windows device​​.
  4. Turn On Media Streaming in Windows Media Player: Enable media streaming in Windows Media Player settings​​.
  5. Update Network Adapter Driver: Ensure that the network adapter driver on your Windows device is up to date​​.


The “No Nearby Devices Found” error when casting can usually be resolved by ensuring network compatibility, updating software, and restarting devices. If these solutions don’t work, you may need to delve into more specific settings based on your device or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

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