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Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover

The Anti-Material Rifle (AMR) is a powerful weapon in Helldivers 2 that is best suited for long-range sniping and fighting heavily armored enemies. This weapon is capable of delivering high damage per shot, but it requires careful aiming to achieve maximum effectiveness. With the AMR, you have the ability to take down tough targets with precision, making it a critical asset for dismantling the armor of light vehicles.

To use this weapon effectively, one must aim through the scope and engage enemies with accuracy at a distance. Players can deploy the AMR during missions by using specific input commands. While the weapon has unlimited uses, it also has a cool-down period that requires management to use effectively. The AMR is classified as a Support Weapon due to its traits, which can potentially shift the tide of battle when used strategically.


  • High-powered: The AMR excels at punching through tough armor. It’s a great choice for eliminating heavy Cyborg units or taking down Illuminate Obelisks.
  • Long-range: Engage enemies from afar. The AMR’s long-range is excellent for setting up safe firing positions.
  • Limited ammo: You’ll need to make your shots count – AMR ammo can be scarce.

Best Against

Target TypeNotes
Cyborg HulksAim for the red eye/slit for quick kills
Cyborg TanksTarget weak points for maximum damage
Illuminate ObelisksLong-range attacks are perfect for takedowns

Less Effective Against

  • Smaller, agile enemies: Bugs and smaller Illuminate units are harder to hit with the slow-firing AMR. Prioritize other weapons against swarms.

Key Takeaways

  • The Anti-Materiel Rifle is crucial for long-range precision strikes.
  • It requires specific input commands for deployment in the field.
  • Strategic use of this rifle enhances its effectiveness during missions.

Overview of Helldivers 2 and the Anti-Materiel Rifle

In Helldivers 2, the Anti-Materiel Rifle emerges as a key tool for players, adept in piercing the armor of formidable foes. This detailed guide dives into its use and strategic importance, providing players with essential knowledge for mastering the game.

Gameplay Mechanics and Use of the Anti-Materiel Rifle

The Anti-Materiel Rifle can be called in using the DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN input. This powerful sniper rifle specializes in long-range attacks, capable of breaching enemy armor.

Optimizing Loadouts for Various Playstyles

Players at level 2 or level 20 can tailor their loadout, incorporating the Anti-Materiel Rifle for sharpshooting or choosing heavier weapons like the Recoilless Rifle for a more aggressive approach.

Strategic Deployment of Stratagems

Stratagems are pivotal, allowing players to summon support weapons. Leveraging Stratagem deployment can turn the tide of battle.

Enemies and Effective Countermeasures

From armored enemies to fast-moving bugs, the Anti-Materiel Rifle offers a counter, targeting weak spots for maximum effect.

Advanced Tactics and Weapon Synergies

Combine the Anti-Materiel Rifle’s range with crowd control weapons like the Flamethrower, creating balanced offensive tactics.

Rank Progression and Unlocking Equipment

Through multiplayer collaboration and skillful play, players rank up, unlocking advanced weapons and armor, enhancing their combat role.

Effective Team Play and Multiplayer Dynamics

Coordinated team strategies, such as cover fire with the Anti-Materiel Rifle, lay the foundation for successful multiplayer missions.

Customization and Upgrades

Invest credits earned in-game to customize and upgrade weapons, including the Anti-Materiel Rifle, to suit individual playstyles and mission requirements.

Understanding Difficulty Settings and Challenges

Adjusting difficulty settings allows players to tailor challenges to their skill level, ensuring a balance between fun and challenge.

In-Depth Analysis of Specific Weapons

Explore each weapon’s specific strengths, combining them effectively with the Anti-Materiel Rifle for diverse combat scenarios.

Comparison of Weapon Classes and Their Roles

Each weapon class, from explosive heavy weapons to support weapons, has a role, and knowledge of these roles is crucial for team success.

Environmental Interaction and Positioning

Use the environment to your advantage, positioning the Anti-Materiel Rifle for optimal field control and enemy line-of-sight disruption.

Economic Aspects: Earning and Spending Credits

Earn credits through successful missions and strategic play, then spend them wisely on equipment upgrades and reinforcements.

Impact of DLC and Future Updates

Stay abreast of DLC and updates, as each can introduce new elements such as weapons, armor types, and enemies.

Community and Fanbase Engagement

Join the Helldivers community to share strategies, including the effective use of the Anti-Materiel Rifle in various mission scenarios.

Narrative Elements and Helldivers Lore

Engage with the game’s narrative, where the use of the Anti-Materiel Rifle ties into the larger story of intergalactic warfare and democracy’s defense.

Is it Materiel or Material?

“Materiel” is the equipment or supplies used by military forces. “Material” is a more sweeping term meaning matter, elements, cloth or tools. In this case it’s Materiel with an “e”.

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