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This is a question that has been debated for some time, and there are varying opinions on the matter. Let’s dive into what the research and expert opinions say about using your phone while it’s charging and how it impacts the battery life.

1. Potential for Overheating and Stress on the Battery

a. The Risk of Overheating

Using your phone while it’s charging can lead to overheating, especially if you’re engaging in intensive tasks such as gaming or using high-power apps. Overheating is one of the primary concerns as it can cause the battery to lose its charge-holding capacity, degrade faster, and potentially affect other components like the RAM​​​​.

b. Stress on the Battery

When you use your phone while it’s plugged in, this puts additional stress on the battery. This stress can lead to a reduced lifespan and capacity of the battery over time. Essentially, the battery wears out quicker than it would if the phone were not used during charging​​​​.

2. Charging Speed and Efficiency

a. Slower Charging

Another factor to consider is the impact on charging speed. When you use your phone while it’s connected to a charger, it won’t charge at full speed. This means it will take longer for the battery to reach full charge, which can be inconvenient if you need a quick charge​​.

3. Countering the Myth

a. The Other Side of the Argument

However, some sources argue that using your phone while charging is not necessarily harmful. They suggest that modern smartphones are designed to handle being used while charging without causing significant damage to the battery. This perspective highlights that there’s no solid evidence to completely discourage using your phone while it’s charging​​.

4. Best Practices for Phone Charging

a. Recommendations for Battery Health

To maximize the lifespan and health of your phone’s battery, it’s generally advised to:

  • Avoid using your phone for high-power tasks while it’s charging.
  • Allow your phone to charge fully without interruption when possible.
  • Be mindful of the phone’s temperature during charging; if it feels hot, give it a break.


In conclusion, while there are differing opinions, the consensus leans towards the idea that using your phone while charging, especially for intensive tasks, can potentially lead to overheating and stress the battery, thereby reducing its lifespan and efficiency. However, it’s also important to note that modern smartphones are built to withstand simultaneous usage and charging to a certain extent. For the best care of your phone’s battery, consider the outlined best practices and be attentive to your phone’s temperature and charging habits.

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