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Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) have revolutionized the automotive industry with their advanced technology and eco-friendly performance. However, an intriguing aspect of Tesla cars, their charge ports, has become a focal point for tech enthusiasts, particularly those wielding a device known as Flipper Zero.

Flipper Zero and Tesla Charge Ports

The Tool of Choice

Flipper Zero is a multi-tool for tech enthusiasts, capable of interacting with various wireless protocols. Its NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality has been the focus of recent attention due to its ability to open Tesla charge ports.

How It Works

All Tesla vehicles use a standardized NFC code to open their charge ports. Flipper Zero users can easily emulate this code, triggering the port to open without needing the car’s key or app.

A Harmless Prank or a Security Concern?

While some see this as a harmless prank, others raise concerns about potential security risks. Repeatedly opening and closing the charge port could potentially cause wear and tear. Additionally, if someone with malicious intent were to use this technique, they could disrupt charging sessions or potentially even cause damage.

Tesla’s Response

Tesla has not yet issued an official response regarding the use of Flipper Zero to unlock charge ports. However, some users have reported that Tesla Service Centers can reprogram the NFC code, making the car immune to this particular exploit.

The Debate Continues

The debate surrounding the use of Flipper Zero to unlock Tesla charge ports continues within both the Tesla and Flipper Zero communities. Some argue that it’s a harmless prank, while others see it as a potential security risk that should be addressed by Tesla.

The Flipper Zero / Tesla Charge Port Prank

The Flipper Zero, a multi-purpose hacking tool, gained notoriety for its ability to potentially unlock Tesla charge ports in 2022. While the technical capability exists, the situation is nuanced and requires a closer look.

Technical Feasibility– Flipper Zero can transmit radio signals mimicking those used by Tesla chargers to open ports. – Online communities share files and tutorials for this purpose.– Tesla has implemented rolling code updates and other security measures to mitigate unauthorized access. – Not all Flipper Zero devices are compatible with the required frequencies.
Prevalence of Misuse– Anecdotal reports and forum discussions suggest some individuals have attempted using Flipper Zero on Tesla charge ports. – The extent of actual misuse is difficult to quantify and may be exaggerated.– No widespread reports of large-scale unauthorized charging or damage to Tesla vehicles. – Tesla actively monitors for security vulnerabilities and takes countermeasures.
Potential Risks and Consequences– Unauthorized charging could lead to financial losses for Tesla and inconvenience for legitimate users. – Tampering with charging systems could pose safety risks.– The likelihood of such harm is relatively low due to Tesla’s security measures and the limited scope of reported misuse. – The act of unauthorized access to a vehicle or its charging system is illegal and can have legal consequences.

Overall, while the Flipper Zero’s technical ability to unlock Tesla charge ports exists, the prevalence of actual misuse appears limited. Tesla actively works on improving security, and the potential risks associated with unauthorized access are outweighed by the implemented safeguards.

It’s important to remember that using the Flipper Zero for unauthorized access to Tesla charge ports is illegal and can have serious consequences. This information is for educational purposes only and should not be used to promote or condone illegal activity.

Flipper Zero Device
Flipper Zero Device

Understanding Flipper Zero

Flipper Zero, a multi-functional device, has captivated the tech community with its ability to interact with different electronic systems. This pocket-sized tool can copy and store NFC, RFID, access cards, and emulate remotes, among other things.

The Tesla Charge Port Phenomenon

Intriguingly, all Tesla vehicles use the same NFC code to open their charge ports, creating a vulnerability that tech hobbyists have been quick to explore. Discussions on platforms like Reddit’s r/flipperzero and r/flipperclub reveal a growing interest in using Flipper Zero to interact with Tesla’s charge ports.

Practical Applications and Ethical Considerations

While some see this as a harmless experiment or a fun prank, others raise concerns about the ethical implications of such actions. One Reddit user shared their experience of opening numerous Tesla charge ports in their community, highlighting both the ease of the process and the potential for misuse.

Technical Insights

Delving into the technicalities, users on various forums and GitHub repositories have shared specific files and firmware, such as ‘Tesla_charge_door_AM270.sub’ and ‘Tesla_charge_door_AM650.sub’, that enable the Flipper Zero to interact with Tesla charge ports. These files are available for different regions, including the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, signifying the global interest in this phenomenon.

Community Responses and Solutions

The Tesla community has responded in various ways. Some users view these actions as mere pranks, while others express concerns over potential vandalism. A notable discussion on r/TeslaModel3 reflects on the need for Tesla to address this vulnerability, possibly by implementing a software solution to lock the charge ports when the car is locked.

Real-World Applications Beyond mere curiosity, there’s potential for practical applications. In emergency situations, first responders could use such technology to access a Tesla’s charge port for safety measures.

Legal and Safety Considerations It’s important to note the legal and ethical aspects of using technology like Flipper Zero to interact with private property. Unauthorized access to Tesla charge ports, even as a prank, can be seen as tampering and could have legal repercussions.

Tesla’s Stance and Security Measures

Tesla, known for its proactive approach to security, has yet to officially address this specific issue. However, the company’s history of software updates to enhance vehicle security suggests that a future update might include measures to safeguard charge ports from unauthorized access.

Summary of Facts

  • Flipper Zero can interact with Tesla’s charge ports due to a shared NFC code.
  • Users on Reddit and other forums share experiences and files for this purpose.
  • Discussions highlight both the fun aspect and the potential for misuse.
  • Tesla has not yet addressed this issue directly in its software updates.


What is Flipper Zero?

Flipper Zero is a multi-functional device that can interact with electronic systems, including copying and storing NFC, RFID access cards, and emulating remotes.

Can Flipper Zero open Tesla charge ports?

Yes, Flipper Zero can open Tesla charge ports using specific NFC codes. Files and instructions for this are shared in various online communities.

Is it legal to use Flipper Zero on Tesla charge ports?

Using Flipper Zero or any device to access someone else’s property without permission could be considered unauthorized tampering and may have legal implications.

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