Apple Watch Series 8
Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8: Release Date & Info

Release DateSeptember 16, 2022
Pre-order DateSeptember 7, 2022
Starting Price$399 USD
Sizes41mm and 45mm
Operating SystemwatchOS 9
Key Features– New temperature sensor for sleep tracking and ovulation estimation (for females)
Upgrades from Series 7– Larger battery

Additional Notes:

  • The Apple Watch Series 8 was replaced by the Apple Watch Series 9 which was released in September 2023.

Apple Watch Series 8 Overview

Apple promises innovation and excitement with the Apple Watch Series 8. It is pivotal to understand its release timeline, pricing, design features, and display improvements that set this smartwatch apart.

Release Date and Availability

The Apple Watch Series 8 hit the market on September 16 after its announcement at Apple’s event on September 7, 2022. Customers could place their pre-orders immediately following the unveiling, ensuring they were among the first to receive the new device.

Price Comparison

The starting price for the Series 8 is $399 for the GPS model and $499 for the model with cellular connectivity. The Apple Watch SE, a more budget-friendly option, is priced at $249. In comparison, the Series 8 maintains a consistent pricing structure with previous models like the Series 7.

Design Evolution

While retaining the beloved look of its predecessors, the Series 8 introduces new colors and continues to offer various materials including aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium cases. The design consistency across Apple Watch models affirms the brand’s commitment to a recognizable aesthetic.

Display Enhancements

The Series 8 showcases an Always-On Retina display with increased screen area and thinner bezels. These refinements provide an enhanced viewing experience, ensuring that information is more accessible without necessitating a wrist raise.

Key Features and Upgrades

Apple’s Watch Series 8 comes with notable enhancements, focusing on health monitoring, safety features, and an enriched software experience that complement daily life.

Health and Fitness Monitoring

The Watch Series 8 introduces a temperature sensor for improved health tracking, essential for features like cycle tracking, providing women with more insights into their wellness. It includes comprehensive fitness tracking capabilities powered by Fitness+, with metrics like heart rate, ECG, and a range of workouts. The wrist temperature monitoring works overnight, which can indicate variations that may be of interest.

Safety and Connectivity

Apple has emphasized safety with a new crash detection feature, using advanced sensors to detect severe car crashes and automatically contact emergency services, providing peace of mind for both users and their loved ones. Whether through cellular or GPS models, the Series 8 ensures users stay connected and can reach help if necessary.

Software and Ecosystem

Running on watchOS 9, the Watch Series 8 harmonizes with the existing Apple ecosystem, smoothly integrating with other Apple devices. A new low power mode extends the battery life significantly, aiming to offer up to 36 hours on a single charge. It’s built to work seamlessly with updates, ensuring an upgradable and evolving user experience.

Technical Specifications

The Apple Watch Series 8 comes packed with new hardware improvements and compatibility options that set it apart from its predecessors, such as the Series 7 and SE 2. With a focus on health and connectivity, it boasts a range of sensors and features designed to work seamlessly with the iPhone 14 and new bands.

Hardware Details

The Apple Watch Series 8 is built to be a versatile wearable, catering to both casual users and fitness enthusiasts. It offers two models: a GPS model for on-the-run connectivity without an iPhone, and a cellular model which can independently make calls and send messages. The device includes a blood oxygen sensor and an electrical heart sensor, which are valuable tools for health monitoring.

A comparison with the Series 7 shows incremental improvements. For instance, new hardware capabilities may include a body temperature sensor, offering additional health-tracking metrics. Also, the watch is known for its always-on altimeter and water resistance up to 50 meters. Internally, the watch packs L1 GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and BeiDou for precise location tracking, an asset for outdoor activities.

  • Compatible with: iPhone 8 and later
  • Operating system: The latest version of watchOS
  • Processor: Faster than the one found in Apple Watch SE 2
  • Display: Likely an LTPO OLED, similar to Series 7, for the always-on feature
  • Durability: Certified IP6X dust resistant and swim-proof
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, optional 4G LTE

Compatibility and Accessories

The Apple Watch Series 8 steps up the game with its new band varieties, offering fresh styles and personalization options. Unlike previous versions, the Series 8 introduces innovative watch faces tailored for the new bands, alongside compatibility with existing Apple Watch bands. This ensures that those upgrading from an older model, like the Series 7 or even the Apple Watch SE 2, can still use their favorite bands with the new device.

When it comes to compatibility, the Apple Watch Series 8 pairs smoothly with the iPhone 14 lineup, unlocking the full potential of the Apple ecosystem. This ensures that users can get the most out of their wearable. It also remains backward compatible, supporting iPhone 8 and later models running the most recent iOS version.

  • New bands: A range of fresh band designs to style your watch
  • Compatibility: Works with previous Apple Watch bands
  • Syncing: Seamless connection with iPhone 14 and later models

Frequently Asked Questions

This section answers common queries regarding the Apple Watch Series 8, touching upon its launch, features, pricing, and more.

When can we expect the launch of the Apple Watch Series 8?

Apple commenced orders for the Apple Watch Series 8 on the day of its announcement, with availability starting from September 16.

How does the Apple Watch Series 8 compare to previous models?

The Series 8 maintains its starting price like the earlier Series 4 to 7, introducing new features such as a temperature sensor and crash detection while enhancing existing ones.

What new features are included in the Apple Watch Series 8?

The Series 8 brings in a temperature sensor, better sleep tracking, and a new low-power mode that extends the battery life significantly.

What is the anticipated price range for the Apple Watch Series 8?

The Apple Watch Series 8 is priced starting at $399 for the GPS model and $499 for the cellular model, with price variations depending on the material of the case.

Are there any improvements in battery life with the Apple Watch Series 8?

With a new low-power mode, the Apple Watch Series 8 offers up to 36 hours of battery life, improving upon the performance of previous iterations.

How does the release of the Apple Watch Series 8 affect the pricing of older models?

Typically, the release of a new Apple product like the Series 8 leads to price reductions in older models; however, the exact changes can vary based on the model and retailer.

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