Apple Watch Screen Scratched
Apple Watch Screen Scratched

Apple Watches can get scratched from regular use, especially if you don’t use a screen protector. Cracks and scratches can make the watch look bad and stop it from working properly. They can also let in dust and water, which can cause even more damage. Fixing the screen quickly is important to keep your watch working well. There are ways to fill the cracks on your Apple Watch screen that can stop more damage and make the watch look better. The easiest way is to put on a tempered glass screen protector. They can be hard to put on, so it’s a good idea to get a pack with a few in it. The glass hides the damage and can make your watch look like new. Some protectors even come with a special glue that you can set with a UV light if you want to put in the extra work.

DIY Methods To Fill Small Cracks on Apple Watch

UV Resin– UV resin kit (with UV light or cure time under direct sunlight)
– Microfiber cloth
– Tape (optional)
1. Power off & clean watch face.
2. (Optional) Tape around crack.
3. Apply tiny amount of resin to crack.
4. Fill crack, avoiding air bubbles.
5. Cure resin (UV light or sunlight).
6. Wipe away excess resin.
– Fills cracks– Requires multiple steps and precision.
– Risk of worsening crack or uneven finish.
Clear Phone Case Glue– Clear phone case repair glue
– Toothpick
– Microfiber cloth
1. Power off & clean watch face.
2. Dip toothpick in glue.
3. Apply glue to crack, filling completely.
4. Let glue dry completely.
5. Buff away excess glue.
– Simpler process than UV resin– May not fully fill crack or leave residue.
– Less durable than UV resin.
Screen Protector– Tempered glass or liquid screen protector for Apple WatchApply according to manufacturer’s instructions– Protects from further damage
– May mask the appearance of small cracks
– Doesn’t fill existing cracks
*NOTE: Use these methods at Your Own Risk.
Apple Watch Nick / Crack Repair
Apple Watch Nick / Crack Repair

Key Takeaways

  • Addressing Apple Watch screen damage quickly is critical for the device’s protection and functionality.
  • Less severe cracks can often be remedied with common household items, offering a temporary fix.
  • Professional repair or replacement might be necessary for substantial screen damage.

Identifying and Assessing Apple Watch Screen Damage

Before attempting any repair, it’s critical to accurately identify the type of screen damage your Apple Watch has endured. The screen’s material—whether sapphire crystal or Ion-X glass—affects its strength and resilience to impacts.

Understanding Crack Severities

Minor scratches may not affect the functionality of your Apple Watch but can impact its appearance. These are often surface-level and can be buffed out or covered with a screen protector to reduce visibility.

Deeper cracks signify more serious damage. Such cracks might be the result of a significant impact and can affect both the glass surface and the touchscreen functionality. Here, the risk of injury from broken glass increases, and professional assessment is usually necessary.

Shattered screens indicate severe damage. If the screen shows signs of shattering, this can lead to further complications, including potential harm from glass shards. These cases require immediate attention and possibly a full screen replacement.

Comprehensive Repair Solutions for Apple Watch

When your Apple Watch faces damage, you can pursue professional services or tackle repairs yourself according to the severity of the issue. This section guides you through both professional repair options and DIY techniques to restore your watch’s functionality and appearance.

Professional Repair Services

Authorized Service Providers: For significant repairs, it’s best to visit an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. They have trained experts who can assess and resolve complex issues. The repair may be covered under warranty or AppleCare+ if eligible, possibly involving a service fee.

  • Apple Support: Begin by contacting Apple Support for an assessment and to arrange for repairs.
  • Costs: Service fees vary based on model and repair type, with additional tax.
  • Process: Professional repair often includes diagnostic tests, precise disassembly with specialized tools, and expert reassembly with quality parts.

DIY Repair Techniques

Scratch Removal: Minor scratches may sometimes be improved at home with common items like toothpaste, which is a gentle abrasive. This can smooth out shallow marks on the watch surface.

  • Screen Protectors: Applying a screen protector can prevent future scratches and sometimes make current scratches less visible.
  • Liquid Screen Protector: Liquid screen protector can fill in small scratches, creating a smoother surface.
  • iFixit and Similar: Online resources like iFixit provide detailed guides and tools for various DIY repairs.

Always remember, DIY approaches carry the risk of further damage, and incorrect handling can void your warranty. Evaluate the risk and your skill level before attempting any DIY repairs.

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