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The Apple Watch, a marvel of modern technology, does more than just tell time or track your fitness. It’s your command center on your wrist, capable of controlling a myriad of devices and systems in your life. This article explores the astonishing capabilities of Apple Watch remote control apps, turning your watch into a powerful tool for managing your digital and physical environment.

Apple Watch Remote Control Apps for Apple TV

Apple Remote (built-in)Basic navigation, playback controls, Siri dictationAll Apple TV modelsPre-installed, simple, familiar interfaceLimited features compared to some third-party appsFree
StreamlinkAdvanced navigation, trackpad control, keyboard, Siri shortcutsApple TV 4 and laterExtensive features, customizable layout, integrates with other streaming servicesMore complex interface, requires paid subscription for full featuresFree (limited), $2.99/month
Touchmote RemoteTrackpad control, keyboard, Siri shortcuts, gesturesApple TV 4 and laterVersatile control options, intuitive interface, customizable actionsNot as feature-rich as Streamlink$4.99
McPlay:Advanced touch controls, gestures, multi-device managementApple TV 2 and laterUnique touch controls, supports multiple Apple TVs, free trial availableCan be less intuitive than other options, some features require paid upgradeFree (limited), $4.99/month
AirBuddySimple navigation, playback controls, keyboardApple TV 4 and laterClean interface, easy to use, integrates with Reminders and NotesLacks advanced features like trackpad control$2.99

Additional Notes:

  • All apps require your Apple Watch and Apple TV to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Some apps offer more features than others, and some require paid subscriptions for full functionality.
  • Consider your preferred control style (touch vs. trackpad) and desired features when choosing an app.
  • Free trials or limited versions of some apps are available to help you decide.
Apple watch remote control app
Apple watch remote control app

A World of Control at Your Fingertips

Your Entertainment, Simplified

Apple TV and iTunes: Gone are the days of searching for the lost remote. With the Apple Watch, controlling your Apple TV or iTunes library is as simple as a tap on your wrist. Navigate through menus, play or pause content, and even search with ease. Whether you’re settling in for movie night or setting the mood with music, your Apple Watch keeps everything within reach.

Smart Home Integration

Lighting and Security: Transform your living space with the Philips Hue app or ensure your home’s security with, all from your Apple Watch. Adjust lighting scenes for any occasion or monitor your home’s security cameras. With these apps, managing your home’s ambiance and safety has never been more convenient.

HomeKit: Apple’s HomeKit framework brings the future of home automation to your wrist. Control a wide array of connected devices with simple voice commands through Siri on your Apple Watch. From adjusting your thermostat to checking your smart locks, managing your smart home is as easy as speaking.

On the Go

Unlocking Cars and Macs: Your Apple Watch isn’t just for your home; it extends its capabilities to your car and computer. Unlock your Mac without typing a password or even start your compatible car. With digital keys and remote controls, your Apple Watch ensures you’re always connected, even on the move.

Beyond the Basics: Apps for Every Need

Explore the vast world of third-party apps that extend the remote control capabilities of your Apple Watch. From controlling presentations on Keynote and PowerPoint to finding your keys with Tile, there’s an app for nearly every aspect of your life. And with developers continually creating new experiences, the possibilities are endless.

Making the Most of Your Apple Watch

Customization and Accessibility: Tailor your Apple Watch to fit your needs. Customize gestures for controlling your phone or set up accessibility features that make it easier to interact with your devices. With these personal touches, your Apple Watch becomes an indispensable tool for daily life.

The Future is Here: As technology advances, expect even more devices and apps to become compatible with your Apple Watch. From controlling window blinds to managing your refrigerator, the future of remote control is on your wrist.

Summary of Facts

  • Control Apple TV, iTunes, and smart home devices directly from your Apple Watch.
  • Use Siri and HomeKit to manage your smart home with voice commands.
  • Unlock cars and computers for seamless access and security.
  • Customize your Apple Watch with third-party apps for every aspect of your life.


How do I set up my Apple Watch to control my Apple TV?

  1. Open the Remote app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Choose your Apple TV from the list and follow the on-screen instructions to pair.
  3. Enter the four-digit code displayed on your Apple TV to connect.

Can I use my Apple Watch to control non-Apple smart home devices?

Yes, through HomeKit and third-party apps like, you can control a wide range of smart home devices, regardless of the manufacturer.

What are some must-have remote control apps for Apple Watch?

Some highly recommended apps include:

  • Philips Hue for lighting.
  • for home security.
  • Tile to help find lost items.
  • Remote S for Tesla for controlling your Tesla vehicle.

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