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The frustration of a stolen Amazon package is all too common these days. With porch pirate related theft on the rise, you hear stories of it happening every day. From Reddit forums to postings on apps like Nextdoor & Neighbors and official Amazon policies, the issue is widespread; affecting people from Vancouver to Dallas to all corners of the globe. Let’s explore practical steps and insights from various sources to tackle this problem.

Amazon Package Stolen: What To Do

Discovering a missing Amazon package can be frustrating, but don’t worry, you have options! Here’s a table to guide you through the process:

1Double-checkBefore jumping to conclusions, ensure you: * Checked all around your delivery location, including hidden spots like behind doors or bushes. * Verified the delivery address in your Amazon account is correct. * Asked any household members or neighbors if they received the package.
2Contact AmazonReport the missing package through your Amazon account: * Go to “Your Orders.” * Find the missing order. * Select “Problem with order.” * Choose “Missing package.” * Follow the on-screen instructions to report the issue.
3Contact the sellerEspecially if the item was sold by a third-party seller, reach out directly: * Go to “Your Orders.” * Find the missing order. * Click “Contact seller.” * Explain the situation and ask for assistance.
4Check tracking informationReview the delivery tracking details on your Amazon account or the carrier’s website. Look for any unusual updates or delivery attempts at an incorrect location.
5File a police reportIf your package contained high-value items or you suspect theft, consider filing a police report. This documentation can be helpful for insurance claims or future investigations.
6Monitor your credit cardKeep an eye on your credit card statements for any unauthorized charges related to the missing package. Report any suspicious activity immediately.

Additional Tips:

  • Take screenshots: Capture screenshots of your order details, tracking information, and communication with Amazon or the seller for future reference.
  • Be patient: Amazon or the seller may take some time to investigate the issue and provide a resolution.
  • Stay informed: Regularly check your email and Amazon account for updates on the missing package.

Remember, Amazon has a customer-friendly policy and often prioritizes resolving such issues. By following these steps and staying vigilant, you can maximize your chances of getting a replacement or refund for your missing package.

Key Takeaways

  • Check Delivery Status: Ensure the package was marked as delivered.
  • Verify Delivery Location: Sometimes packages are delivered to neighbors or hidden.
  • Wait 48 Hours: Packages might show up late.
  • Report Missing Package: Contact Amazon or the seller.
  • Consider Filing a Police Report: Useful for refunds or replacements.
  • Prevent Future Thefts: Use delivery instructions, Amazon Lockers, or home security systems.

Understanding Amazon’s Stolen Package Policy

Amazon’s approach to stolen packages is customer-centric. They generally issue refunds or replacements, especially for items sold directly by Amazon. For third-party sellers, the A-to-z Guarantee offers protection. However, prompt and accurate reporting is crucial for a successful claim.

Steps to Take When Your Package is Missing

  1. Check Your Order Status: Log into your Amazon account and confirm the delivery status.
  2. Verify the Delivery Location: Look around your property and check with neighbors.
  3. Inspect Any Video Footage: If you have security cameras, review the footage for any clues.
  4. Wait 48 Hours: Sometimes, packages are marked as delivered prematurely.
  5. Report The Package as Missing: Contact Amazon or the third-party seller to initiate the claim process.
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Reporting to Amazon

  • For items sold by Amazon, go to Your Orders and select “Report a problem.”
  • For third-party items, contact the seller directly through Your Orders.

Filing a Police Report

A police report can be helpful, especially for expensive items. It adds credibility to your claim and is sometimes required by Amazon for a refund or replacement.

Preventing Package Theft

  • Use Amazon Lockers: Secure and convenient for package retrieval.
  • Special Delivery Instructions: Specify a hidden spot for deliveries.
  • Home Security Systems: Visible cameras can deter thieves.
  • Delivery Alerts: Stay informed about your package’s arrival.
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Insights from Reddit Users

  • Varying Experiences: Some users report quick resolutions, while others face challenges.
  • Amazon’s Customer Service: Generally praised for handling stolen package issues effectively.
  • Neighborhood Watch: Engaging neighbors and using community forums can sometimes lead to package recovery.

Comparing Retailers

Amazon’s policy is more customer-friendly compared to other retailers like Walmart or Target. They often go beyond the standard response of filing a claim with the carrier.

The Growing Issue of Package Theft

  • Statistics: A significant percentage of Americans have experienced package theft.
  • Common Targets: Amazon packages are particularly vulnerable due to their visibility and volume.

Technological Solutions

  • Smart Doorbells: Capture footage of deliveries and potential thefts.
  • GPS Tracking: Monitors package location and can track thieves.
  • Blockchain Technology: For secure tracking and authentication.
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Personal Measures for Safety

  • Prompt Retrieval: The quicker you get your package, the less chance of theft.
  • Alternative Delivery Sites: Consider having packages delivered to a workplace or a neighbor’s house.
  • Parcel Locker Systems: Secure storage options for your deliveries.

Real Stories from Reddit

  • Successful Resolutions: Users share stories of refunds and replacements.
  • Delivery Mix-ups: Instances where packages were delivered to the wrong address but eventually recovered.
  • Community Support: Neighbors helping each other with package security.


While Amazon provides a supportive framework for dealing with stolen packages, individual vigilance and community cooperation play a crucial role. By understanding the process and taking proactive measures, you can significantly reduce the risk of package theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do immediately after realizing my Amazon package is stolen?

First, check the delivery status and location. Then, report the missing package to Amazon or the seller. Consider filing a police report if necessary.

How effective are home security systems in preventing package theft?

Home security systems, especially those with visible cameras, can be a strong deterrent against package theft. They provide real-time alerts and evidence in case of theft.

Can I get a refund for a stolen Amazon package?

Yes, Amazon typically issues refunds or replacements for stolen packages, especially if the item was sold directly by Amazon.

What are Amazon Lockers?

Amazon Lockers are secure, self-service kiosks where you can pick up Amazon packages at a time convenient for you, reducing the risk of theft.

Is it necessary to file a police report for a stolen package?

While not always necessary, a police report can be helpful, especially for expensive items or as required by Amazon for a refund or replacement.

How can I prevent my Amazon packages from being stolen?

Use Amazon Lockers, provide special delivery instructions, set up home security systems, and enable delivery confirmations to help cut down on your package being left unattended.

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