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The Nintendo Switch has been a game-changer in the world of gaming, offering versatility and a rich gaming library. However, with rumors of a new Nintendo Switch (potentially called the Switch 2) circulating, many gamers are in a dilemma: should they buy a Switch or the Switch OLED model now, or hold out for the new release?

Making the Switch: OLED Now or Wait for Next-Gen?

The Nintendo Switch OLED is a tempting upgrade with its vibrant screen and improved features. However, rumors of a Switch successor loom large, making the decision tricky. Let’s weigh the pros and cons to help you choose.

Reasons to Buy the Switch OLED Now

  • Enhanced Visuals: The OLED screen offers richer colors and deeper blacks, significantly improving the handheld experience.
  • Improved Stand: The wider kickstand provides a more stable base for tabletop mode.
  • Doubled Storage: The 64GB internal storage is double that of the original model.
  • Available Now: You can enjoy the latest Nintendo games like “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” right away.

Reasons to Wait for the Switch 2 (or “Switch Pro”)

  • Potential for More Powerful Hardware: The next Switch could have a faster processor, more RAM, and better graphics, potentially leading to smoother gameplay and higher resolutions.
  • New Features: Nintendo might introduce new features like 4K output, improved Joy-Cons, or a larger screen.
  • Backwards Compatibility: It’s likely that the Switch 2 will be backwards compatible, allowing you to play your existing Switch games.

Decision Factors

FactorBuy OLED NowWait for Switch 2
UrgencyIf you’re eager to play the latest games and want the best handheld experience, get the OLED now.If you can wait and want the latest technology, waiting might be worth it.
BudgetThe OLED is a significant investment, but it’s a tangible upgrade.The Switch 2 will likely be more expensive than the OLED, but could offer greater value in the long run.
Handheld vs. Docked ModeIf you primarily play in handheld mode, the OLED’s vibrant screen is a major advantage.If you mostly play docked, the OLED’s benefits are less significant.

The best decision depends on your individual priorities and needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Current Switch Models: The Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED offer a robust gaming experience with a vast library of games.
  • Switch 2 Rumors: Speculation about the Switch 2, including potential features and release dates, is widespread but unconfirmed.
  • User Perspectives: Opinions vary, with some advocating for the current models’ value and others suggesting waiting for the new release.

Nintendo Switch Comparison Table

FeatureNintendo Switch 2*Nintendo Switch OLEDOriginal Switch
Potential Release DateLate 2024October 2021March 2017
Price$399.99 USD$349.99 USD$299.99 USD
Screen7″ – 8″ OLED7.0″ OLED6.2″ LCD
ResolutionUp to 4K1280×7201280×720
Processing PowerSignificantly improvedSame as Original SwitchSame as Original Switch
Storage128GB+ base64GB32GB
Battery LifeImproved4.5 – 9 hours4.5 – 9 hours
Docking StationUnknownNew design with LAN portSame as Original Switch
Joy-ConsUnknownImproved model with adjustable kickstandOriginal model
Backward CompatibilityFull backward compatibility expectedFull backward compatibilityFull backward compatibility
GamesNew generation and existing Switch gamesAll existing Switch gamesAll existing Switch games

*Please note: All information about the Switch 2 is based on rumors and speculation. The actual specifications and features may differ significantly.

Insights from Reddit Discussions

Reddit forums like r/Switch and r/IndianGaming are abuzz with this topic. Users share varied opinions, reflecting the uncertainty surrounding the Switch 2’s release. Some suggest buying the current models, especially the OLED version, for its enhanced display and immediate gaming gratification. Others advise waiting, especially if rumors about the Switch 2’s advanced features, like DLSS technology, turn out to be true.

The Switch OLED: A Worthy Purchase?

The Switch OLED model, with its vibrant display and improved audio, offers an immediate upgrade for gaming enthusiasts. Users like Gloomy_Objective and HotTamaleOllie on Reddit highlight its current gaming experience quality, suggesting that it’s a worthwhile purchase, especially for those who don’t already own a Switch.

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The Anticipation for Switch 2

The Switch 2 remains shrouded in mystery, with no official announcements from Nintendo. This uncertainty is a significant factor in the decision-making process. While some users, like PrashanthDoshi on Reddit, are excited about rumored features like DLSS, others, like GamerKratos-45, suggest that the current Switch’s age makes a successor likely.

The Financial Aspect

Budget considerations play a crucial role. The Switch OLED is a more expensive option compared to the standard model, but it offers an immediate upgrade. The potential cost of the Switch 2 is unknown, but it’s expected to be a significant investment.

User Experiences and Recommendations

Reddit users share personal experiences and recommendations. Some, like Johntrampoline-, suggest buying the current model and trading it in later. This approach offers immediate access to the Switch’s game library with a path to upgrade in the future.

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The Waiting Game

Waiting for the Switch 2 could mean missing out on current gaming experiences. As user ohmzar points out, the delay in the new console’s release could extend beyond expectations, leading to prolonged waiting periods without gaming.

The Verdict

The decision ultimately depends on individual preferences and circumstances. If immediate gaming is a priority and the current Switch models meet your needs, they offer a great experience. However, if you’re excited about potential new features and willing to wait, holding out for the Switch 2 could be the right choice.

The reality is, if you’ve waited this long to get a Switch it would be a shame to jump into the OLED/Original versions and then have Nintendo turn around and make your console largely obsolete. We would hold out for the Switch 2 if you can.

Practical Considerations

  • Current Games Library: The Switch and Switch OLED have an extensive range of games available now.
  • Potential Switch 2 Features: Rumors suggest advanced features, but these are unconfirmed.
  • Budget: Consider the cost of the current models versus potential pricing for the Switch 2.


The choice between buying a Nintendo Switch now or waiting for the rumored Switch 2 is a personal one, influenced by factors like budget, desire for the latest technology, and immediate gaming needs. Both options have their merits, and the best decision varies based on individual preferences.


Q: Is the Nintendo Switch OLED worth buying now? A: Yes, if you’re looking for an immediate upgrade in gaming experience and don’t already own a Switch, the OLED model is a great choice.

Q: When is the Nintendo Switch 2 expected to be released? A: There is no official release date for the Switch 2. Rumors suggest a potential release in the near future, but nothing is confirmed.

Q: Will the Switch 2 have backward compatibility with current Switch games? A: This detail is not confirmed. However, backward compatibility is a common feature in new console releases, so it’s a possibility.

Q: Should I wait for the Switch 2 if I already own a Switch? A: It depends on your desire for the latest technology and gaming experience. If you’re satisfied with your current Switch, you might wait. However, if you’re looking for an immediate upgrade, the Switch OLED is a good option.

Q: Are there significant differences between the Switch and Switch OLED? A: The main differences are in the display and audio quality, with the OLED model offering a more vibrant screen and enhanced audio.

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