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Current Cheats

Method 1: Airplane Mode Cheat Post-Update

  1. Record Rolls in Airplane Mode: Activate airplane mode on your device, open Monopoly GO, and document the outcomes of your rolls at different multiplier levels. This step is crucial for predicting future rolls.
  2. Interpret the Data: Analyze the recorded roll outcomes to understand the pattern or sequence, which is crucial for predicting your next rolls when you reconnect to the game.
  3. Clear App Data or Reinstall: Depending on your device (Android or iOS), either clear the app data or uninstall and reinstall the game to reset its state without losing the analyzed data.
  4. Deactivate Airplane Mode: Turn off airplane mode to restore your internet connection. This action prepares you to reapply the recorded outcomes to your advantage.
  5. Apply Recorded Outcomes: Using your recorded data, play the game while predicting each roll outcome. Adjust your in-game decisions based on this foresight, like changing multipliers strategically to land on advantageous board positions.
  6. Repeat the Process: Continue this method to consistently benefit from your predicted dice outcomes, enhancing your in-game progress and resource accumulation.

Changes To Airplane Mode Cheat

According to some users on Reddit if you update your copy of Monopoly Go to the latest, these are the changes to the ‘Airplane Mode’ cheat:

  1. Start with the Max Multiplier: Begin by setting your game to the highest multiplier option available.
  2. Activate Airplane Mode (APM): Before making your next move, switch your device to Airplane Mode to use the APM cheat.
  3. Rapid Rolling: Roll as quickly as you can in succession, making sure to record the outcome of each roll. This step is crucial for gathering data on the predetermined outcomes of your rolls.
  4. Analyze Roll Patterns: After collecting enough data from your rapid rolling session, review the outcomes to understand the sequence of your next rolls at the max multiplier setting.
  5. Strategic Single Rolling: Switch to rolling with a single multiplier, proceeding one roll at a time. Continue this method until you predict that the next roll will land you on the desired tile or outcome based on your recorded patterns.
  6. Repeat the Process: Once you reach the end of your known roll outcomes (or “premonition”), start the process over from step 1. This involves going back to the max multiplier, entering APM, and recording the outcomes of your rapid rolls again.
  7. Persistence Pays Off: Although this method may seem more cumbersome than previous techniques due to the game’s update, it remains an effective strategy for those who enjoy the challenge of finding ways to “beat the system.”

Method 2: Using Cheat Websites

  1. Visit the Cheat Website: Open a web browser and navigate to a specified cheat website, such as “” or “”.
  2. Enter User Details: On the website, enter your Monopoly GO username to ensure that the hacks apply to your account.
  3. Select Resources: Choose the amount of money and dice rolls you want to add to your Monopoly GO account. These sites often allow you to select maximum available quantities.
  4. Initiate the Hack: After selecting your desired resources, proceed with the operation on the website, which may require you to click a “Generate” or “Apply” button.
  5. Complete Verification: To finalize the hack, you might be asked to verify your identity by downloading apps or completing surveys. This step is common as it supposedly distinguishes human users from bots.
  6. Check Your Account: Once you’ve completed all necessary steps, log into your Monopoly GO account to see if the resources have been added successfully.

Monopoly Go Strategies

In Monopoly Go, effective strategies revolve around building efficiently, optimizing token usage, and navigating tournaments and events to maximize gains.

Building Mechanisms

To thrive in Monopoly Go, players should aim to build as quickly as possible to begin collecting rent. Prioritize acquiring a complete set of properties to enable construction. Once you get a full set, building is your next move. Erect landmarks strategically; a Landmark Boost can be a game-changer by skyrocketing your income from a property. Also, be aware of the Board Rush option which allows for quicker advancement around the board, leading to faster building opportunities.

Utilizing Tokens

Tokens in Monopoly Go are more than mere game pieces; they amplify your game with special abilities. For instance, certain tokens multiply cash earned or increase the chances to trigger a bank heist, letting you steal a chunk of change from the bank. Always pick the token that complements your current strategy. If you’re aiming to gather more cash, a token with a wheel boost might just do the trick, giving your finances a notable uplift every time you pass Free Parking.

Tournaments and Events

High Roller events and tournaments are your ticket to raking in substantial rewards. They require a solid grasp of the game’s deeper mechanics, so here’s the scoop: enter these with a more aggressive approach. In tournaments, focus on completing sets quickly to gain early advantages, and engage in trades with other players to do so. Use the landmark boost during events for financial leverage. Keep an eye out for High Roller events, which can be a windfall with their lucrative rewards for skilled players.

Monopoly Go Cheats and Tips

Unlocking the full potential of Monopoly Go demands strategic use of cheats and tips. Players can significantly enhance their gameplay and sustain a robust collection of dice rolls through clever tactics.

Maximizing Game Resources

Free Dice Rolls: Players should capitalize on the opportunity to collect free dice. Visiting the in-game store every 8 hours allows players to claim up to 25 free dice. Additionally, keeping an eye out for daily treats and free dice links shared through official game channels can bolster one’s dice reserves.

Facebook Friends: Adding friends from Facebook can be a game-changer. Invitations lead to rewards, and playing with friends who are less competitive can minimize losses. Free gifts may also be sent and received, multiplying the benefits.

Check Shop RegularlyEvery 8 hours for free dice rolls
Invite and Add FriendsFor gifts and less competitive play
Redeem Daily TreatsClaim any available daily bonuses

Circumventing Restrictions

Airplane Mode Glitch: Some players have discovered that turning on airplane mode can disrupt the game’s ability to track certain actions, potentially avoiding unwanted outcomes. However, this could lead to being banned, so use it with caution.

Third-Party Hacks: It’s crucial to mention but not endorse the use of any hacks or unauthorized cheats that promise unlimited resources. These can lead to a player’s account being banned, and often, they do not work as advertised.

It’s important to remember that responsible gameplay that respects the rules and fellow players not only enhances the experience for everyone but also ensures one’s account remains in good standing. Employing legitimate tips and tricks like maximizing free resources, engaging with friends, and making the most of authorized bonuses is a smart approach to progressing in Monopoly Go.

Enhancing Player Experience

Maximizing fun in Monopoly Go requires a mix of social connections and staying updated with the game’s latest features. Here’s how players can get the most out of their gaming experience.

Social and Community Features

Monopoly Go shines when players engage with friends and the broader gaming community. Adding friends in the app not only makes the game more enjoyable but can also lead to a strategic advantage. For example, players can Invite Friends to play and form alliances to protect their assets. They can share Sticker Packs, which may increase their chances of completing a Sticker Album faster. Moreover, being part of Trading Communities, possibly on platforms like Facebook, opens doors to swapping resources like Tokens or Event Currency, ensuring a more enriching experience and even securing Bonus Dice for more gameplay opportunities.

In-Game Updates and Support

Keeping tabs on In-Game Updates is crucial for a top-tier experience. The developer, Scopely, regularly rolls out patches and events, like the Mega Heist or the Sticker Boom, where players can earn rewards such as sticker packs with a x1000 Multiplier. Checking for updates and participating in events is vital since some Links or Event Points could become Expired. Having the latest information ensures that an account is not left behind, especially after significant changes like those seen in the February 2024 Update. Additionally, In-Game Support offers help and guidance on diverse issues, from technical glitches when players unexpectedly Go to Jail to clarifications on new app features for both mobile and PC users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the Monopoly Go game, players often have questions about improving their gameplay. The following subsections answer some common inquiries about gaining more dice rolls, winning strategies, quick money earning, legitimate free dice methods, the use of airplane mode, and the potential risks of modded APKs.

How can I get more dice rolls in Monopoly Go?

Players can increase their dice rolls by checking for daily free dice links and completing in-game events. Certain times of the day offer free dice as incentives for logging in or completing tasks.

What is the most effective strategy to win in Monopoly Go?

To win in Monopoly Go, it’s wise not to build immediately. Wait for Sticker Booms or Wheel Boosts that can amplify your building impact.

Are there ways to earn money quickly in Monopoly Go?

Yes, players can earn money quickly by inviting friends, playing strategically, and focusing on completing events that reward substantial monetary gains.

Is there a legitimate method for obtaining free dice in Monopoly Go?

Legitimate methods for obtaining free dice include participating in daily challenges and tapping on free dice roll links available through the game’s official channels.

Can you use airplane mode to gain advantages in Monopoly Go?

Utilizing airplane mode or similar tricks to exploit the game is not recommended. It could lead to unexpected errors or potential account penalties.

Are there any risks associated with using a Mod APK for Monopoly Go?

Using a modded APK for Monopoly Go can be risky. It might result in a banned account and often comes with security risks like malware. It’s best to stick to in-game methods for resources.

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