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The “Airplane Mode Glitch” was an exploit in the Monopoly Go game that allowed players to manipulate the dice rolls. This trick involved turning on the Airplane Mode on their device, rolling the dice, noting down the results, and then turning off the Airplane Mode. As the game was offline, it did not record the initial dice rolls, enabling players to reroll repeatedly until they obtained the desired outcome.

How People Do It

Step 1: Turn On Airplane Mode While In The Game

Step 2: Roll Dice repeatedly until you get your desired number

Step 3: Turn Off airplane mode

Method 1: Airplane Mode Cheat Post-Update

  1. Record Rolls in Airplane Mode: Activate airplane mode on your device, open Monopoly GO, and document the outcomes of your rolls at different multiplier levels. This step is crucial for predicting future rolls.
  2. Interpret the Data: Analyze the recorded roll outcomes to understand the pattern or sequence, which is crucial for predicting your next rolls when you reconnect to the game.
  3. Clear App Data or Reinstall: Depending on your device (Android or iOS), either clear the app data or uninstall and reinstall the game to reset its state without losing the analyzed data.
  4. Deactivate Airplane Mode: Turn off airplane mode to restore your internet connection. This action prepares you to reapply the recorded outcomes to your advantage.
  5. Apply Recorded Outcomes: Using your recorded data, play the game while predicting each roll outcome. Adjust your in-game decisions based on this foresight, like changing multipliers strategically to land on advantageous board positions.
  6. Repeat the Process: Continue this method to consistently benefit from your predicted dice outcomes, enhancing your in-game progress and resource accumulation.

Changes To Airplane Mode Hack

According to some users on Reddit, if you update your copy of Monopoly Go to the latest, these are the changes to the ‘Airplane Mode’ cheat:

  1. Start with the Max Multiplier: Begin by setting your game to the highest multiplier option available.
  2. Activate Airplane Mode (APM): Before making your next move, switch your device to Airplane Mode to use the APM cheat.
  3. Rapid Rolling: Roll as quickly as you can in succession, making sure to record the outcome of each roll. This step is crucial for gathering data on the predetermined outcomes of your rolls.
  4. Analyze Roll Patterns: After collecting enough data from your rapid rolling session, review the outcomes to understand the sequence of your next rolls at the max multiplier setting.
  5. Strategic Single Rolling: Switch to rolling with a single multiplier, proceeding one roll at a time. Continue this method until you predict that the next roll will land you on the desired tile or outcome based on your recorded patterns.
  6. Repeat the Process: Once you reach the end of your known roll outcomes (or “premonition”), start the process over from step 1. This involves going back to the max multiplier, entering APM, and recording the outcomes of your rapid rolls again.
  7. Persistence Pays Off: Although this method may seem more cumbersome than previous techniques due to the game’s update, it remains an effective strategy for those who enjoy the challenge of finding ways to “beat the system.”

Understanding Monopoly Go Airplane Mode

In Monopoly GO, using airplane mode to gain an unfair advantage has sparked debate among players. This section breaks down exactly what the glitch is, its effects on gameplay, and the reaction from Scopely, the game’s developer.

The Airplane Mode Glitch

Monopoly GO players discovered that activating airplane mode could interfere with the game’s normal function. The glitch was used to generate unlimited dice rolls, giving some players an edge in the game. Essentially, airplane mode severed the connection between the app and the servers, enabling players to reroll dice without depleting their limited number of rolls.

Impact on Gameplay

The airplane mode glitch fundamentally changed gameplay, shifting the balance from luck to manipulation. Players who used the glitch could drastically alter the outcome of events, undermining fairness. The strategic element of Monopoly GO was compromised, as dice rolls, the core aspect of the game reflecting luck, were no longer constrained by the intended rules.

Scopely’s Response

Scopely, the company behind Monopoly GO, took steps to address the glitch. By implementing a patch, they sought to disable the exploit, ensuring the game’s integrity. Furthermore, they took measures such as potentially banning users who were caught using cheats like the airplane mode glitch to maintain a level playing field for all players.

Troubleshooting and Technical Insights

Monopoly Go gamers may occasionally face technical setbacks, but fear not—many issues have solutions. Here’s how to tackle common problems and understand the safeguards against cheats.

Common Issues and Fixes

Airplane Mode Glitch: Players have reported that toggling airplane mode could interrupt the game, halting the loading bar or causing issues with dice rolls. A straightforward fix is outlined below:

  • If stuck on the loading screen, disable airplane mode and reconnect to Wi-Fi or cellular data.
  • For disrupted dice rolls, close and reopen the game with a stable internet connection.

App Crashing: Should the game crash or freeze, one can try these steps:

  1. Restart the phone to clear any temporary glitches.
  2. Check for updates; if any are available, install them immediately.
  3. If problems persist, uninstall and reinstall the app, but be aware that this might reset some in-game progress.

Token and Points Syncing Issues: Sometimes, the tokens or points do not sync correctly between sessions. This often requires a simple fix:

  • Log out and then log back in, ensuring all rewards are claimed.
  • If issues continue, clearing the app’s cache (for Android) or offloading the app (for iOS) might offer a second chance at syncing.

Preventing Cheats and Hacks

High Roller Exploit Prevention: The infamous airplane mode hack that gave users unlimited rolls has been thwarted by a recent patch. Developers continuously work on updates to stop such exploits. Here’s what happens now:

  • Detecting Cheats: The game identifies when a player activates airplane mode during play and negates any unearned rewards.
  • System Integrity Checks: Regular integrity checks are in place to prevent points or token gains through illegitimate means.

Step-by-Step Guide for Developers: Game creators use a detailed approach to maintain a fair environment. Their tactics include:

  • Monitoring the app performance across various phone models and operating systems (iOS and Android).
  • Implementing automatic updates that address both the bug fixes and security vulnerabilities.

Strategies for Competitive Play

In Monopoly Go, success hinges on smart strategies focused on dice management, board tactics, and navigating the game’s competitive elements effectively.

Maximizing Dice Rolls

Dice rolls in Monopoly Go are the engine of movement. Players should aim for the best use of rolls to land on valuable spaces. Using multipliers strategically can bolster the number of properties or railroads acquired. Additionally, judicious use of free dice saves tokens and can extend a player’s turn, providing more opportunities to collect puzzle pieces and rewards. Maintaining a steady flow of resources by managing dice rolls effectively is crucial.

Beyond the Board

Astute players must look beyond the mere movement on the board. The mobile application offers various events that might change the rules slightly, providing chances to secure unique rewards. Being adaptive and taking advantage of these events could mean the difference between winning or losing. Mastering the board game also involves collecting tokens and puzzle pieces, which could unlock special bonuses and benefits, enhancing one’s overall strategy.

Tackling Tournaments and Servers

Monopoly Go tournaments reveal who’s the best of the best. Preparing through practice matches sharpens skills and strategies. Playing against others online exposes players to different styles, which is valuable for growth. On the servers, players will meet others who use mods or have unique approaches, and understanding these can offer insights into new ways of playing. Being competitive in tournaments means staying updated on game changes, adapting quickly, practicing regularly, and knowing the player community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the rules of Monopoly GO can be tricky, especially when trying to figure out the limits of using airplane mode. Here’s a breakdown of some common queries players have.

Why isn’t airplane mode working in Monopoly GO?

Players previously used airplane mode to gain an edge in Monopoly GO. However, the cheat was addressed in a patch as of February 2024, and as a result, this trick may no longer work as it once did.

How to perform the airplane mode trick on Android for Monopoly GO?

For Android users wanting to try the airplane mode trick, you’d typically need to disconnect from any network, open the game, and take whatever steps desired without an internet connection. Remember, though, that recent changes to the game might prevent this trick from functioning now.

What discussions are there on Reddit about Monopoly GO airplane mode?

On Reddit, you’ll find in-depth discussions about Monopoly GO and the use of airplane mode. Users share experiences, with some detailing steps for certain strategies that worked before recent updates.

Can you use airplane mode to your advantage in Monopoly GO on an iPhone?

iPhone players have attempted to use airplane mode in a similar manner, to no internet-dependent game actions. However, the effectiveness of this trick on an iPhone may vary due to recent game updates designed to address such exploits.

Is it possible to get banned for using airplane mode in Monopoly GO?

Using airplane mode to exploit the game can violate Monopoly GO’s terms of service. If detected, this action could potentially lead to a ban, as developers often take steps to maintain fair play.

What hacks are available for Monopoly GO on iOS involving airplane mode?

Be cautious of so-called hacks involving airplane mode on iOS for Monopoly GO, particularly those suggested after the February 2024 patch. Many may no longer work, and using such tricks could risk your account’s standing with the game’s creators.

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