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The “Airplane Mode Glitch” was an exploit in the Monopoly Go game that allowed players to manipulate the dice rolls. This trick involved turning on the Airplane Mode on their device, rolling the dice, noting down the results, and then turning off the Airplane Mode. As the game was offline, it did not record the initial dice rolls, enabling players to reroll repeatedly until they obtained the desired outcome.

Does the Glitch Still Work?

It depends on your device, your Monopoly Go version, and a load of other factors. The game developers have been trying to patch and get rid of this exploit for a long time now and as of the latest reports they may have finally worked it out – but people are still reporting some levels of succes. You can try yourself to see how far it takes you. Let’s break down how the glitch worked and why it’s now less effective.

How the Monopoly Go Airplane Mode Glitch Worked

Here’s the basic process of how players used this glitch:

  1. Turn on Airplane Mode: This cut off the game’s connection to the internet.
  2. Roll Dice: Players could roll as many times as they wanted without the game registering on the server.
  3. Force Close the App: This was done before reconnecting to the internet.
  4. Clear App Data: This erased the local data of those dice rolls.
  5. Reopen the Game: Upon reconnecting, the game would only remember the player’s position before the glitch was performed, allowing them to essentially get a “do-over” on their dice rolls.

Why the Glitch Became Less Effective

Game developers actively work to prevent these kinds of exploits. Changes have been implemented that make this glitch much harder, if not impossible, to pull off successfully. Some possible updates include:

  • Frequent Server Checks: The game may now check in with the server more often, reducing the window where the glitch can be executed.
  • Improved Local Data Handling: The game may now save data differently, preventing it from being easily manipulated.

Here’s a summary of the key points in a table format:

How it workedTurning on Airplane Mode and manipulating local data.
Why less effectiveGame updates likely target the glitch mechanics.
Ethical concernsExploits may violate terms of service and harm the game.

Different Methods To Try

Step 1: Turn On Airplane Mode While In The Game

Step 2: Roll Dice repeatedly until you get your desired number

Step 3: Turn Off airplane mode

Method 1: Airplane Mode Cheat Post-Update

  1. Record Rolls in Airplane Mode: Activate airplane mode on your device, open Monopoly GO, and document the outcomes of your rolls at different multiplier levels. This step is crucial for predicting future rolls.
  2. Interpret the Data: Analyze the recorded roll outcomes to understand the pattern or sequence, which is crucial for predicting your next rolls when you reconnect to the game.
  3. Clear App Data or Reinstall: Depending on your device (Android or iOS), either clear the app data or uninstall and reinstall the game to reset its state without losing the analyzed data.
  4. Deactivate Airplane Mode: Turn off airplane mode to restore your internet connection. This action prepares you to reapply the recorded outcomes to your advantage.
  5. Apply Recorded Outcomes: Using your recorded data, play the game while predicting each roll outcome. Adjust your in-game decisions based on this foresight, like changing multipliers strategically to land on advantageous board positions.
  6. Repeat the Process: Continue this method to consistently benefit from your predicted dice outcomes, enhancing your in-game progress and resource accumulation.

Changes To Airplane Mode Hack

According to some users on Reddit, if you update your copy of Monopoly Go to the latest, these are the changes to the ‘Airplane Mode’ cheat:

  1. Start with the Max Multiplier: Begin by setting your game to the highest multiplier option available.
  2. Activate Airplane Mode (APM): Before making your next move, switch your device to Airplane Mode to use the APM cheat.
  3. Rapid Rolling: Roll as quickly as you can in succession, making sure to record the outcome of each roll. This step is crucial for gathering data on the predetermined outcomes of your rolls.
  4. Analyze Roll Patterns: After collecting enough data from your rapid rolling session, review the outcomes to understand the sequence of your next rolls at the max multiplier setting.
  5. Strategic Single Rolling: Switch to rolling with a single multiplier, proceeding one roll at a time. Continue this method until you predict that the next roll will land you on the desired tile or outcome based on your recorded patterns.
  6. Repeat the Process: Once you reach the end of your known roll outcomes (or “premonition”), start the process over from step 1. This involves going back to the max multiplier, entering APM, and recording the outcomes of your rapid rolls again.
  7. Persistence Pays Off: Although this method may seem more cumbersome than previous techniques due to the game’s update, it remains an effective strategy for those who enjoy the challenge of finding ways to “beat the system.”

Video Explaining The Airplane Mode Glitch

In Monopoly GO, using airplane mode to gain an unfair advantage has sparked debate among players. This section breaks down exactly what the glitch is, its effects on gameplay, and the reaction from Scopely, the game’s developer.

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