Samsung S90C TV
Samsung S90C TV

When it comes to choosing between the LG C3 and Samsung S90C OLED TVs, it’s a tough call. Both models offer exceptional features, but they cater to different preferences and needs.


OLED TV Showdown: Which Reigns Supreme?

Both the LG C3 and Samsung S90C are top-tier OLED TVs, each boasting impressive features and performance. Let’s delve into the key differences to help you determine which is the right fit for your needs.

Picture Quality

The Samsung S90C utilizes QD-OLED technology, resulting in a brighter and more vibrant picture compared to the LG C3’s traditional OLED panel. However, the LG C3 still offers deep blacks and excellent contrast, making it a strong contender in terms of overall picture quality.


In terms of brightness, the Samsung S90C takes the lead, particularly in HDR content. This makes it a great choice for bright rooms or those who prefer a more vibrant viewing experience.

Color Accuracy

Both TVs offer excellent color accuracy, but the Samsung S90C’s wider color gamut and QD-OLED technology give it a slight edge in terms of color vibrancy.

Gaming Features

Both TVs are equipped with HDMI 2.1 ports, 120Hz refresh rates, VRR, and ALLM, making them ideal for gaming. However, the Samsung S90C supports 4K gaming at 144Hz, giving it a slight advantage for PC gamers.

Smart TV Platform

The LG C3 runs on webOS, known for its intuitive interface and smooth performance. The Samsung S90C uses Tizen, which is also user-friendly but may not be as polished as webOS.

Sound Quality

Both TVs offer decent sound quality for built-in speakers, but neither will replace a dedicated sound system. If audio is a priority, consider pairing your TV with a soundbar or home theater system.

Design and Build Quality

Both TVs sport a sleek and modern design, with slim bezels and minimalist stands. The LG C3 has a slightly thinner profile, but both are well-built and visually appealing.

Price and Value

The LG C3 and Samsung S90C are priced similarly, with slight variations depending on the size and retailer. Both TVs offer excellent value for their respective features and performance.

Comparison Table

FeatureLG C3Samsung S90C
Peak BrightnessLowerHigher
Color GamutExcellentWider
Gaming FeaturesHDMI 2.1, 120Hz, VRR, ALLMHDMI 2.1, 144Hz (PC), VRR, ALLM
Smart TV PlatformwebOSTizen
Sound QualityDecentDecent
DesignSlim, modernSlim, modern

H3: Which One Should You Buy?

The LG C3 and Samsung S90C are both excellent OLED TVs, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The best choice for you will depend on your individual preferences and priorities. Consider the following:

  • Brightness: If you prioritize a bright and vibrant picture, the Samsung S90C is the way to go.
  • Gaming: For PC gamers seeking the highest refresh rate, the Samsung S90C’s 144Hz support is a plus.
  • Smart TV Platform: If you prefer a more intuitive and polished interface, webOS on the LG C3 may be a better fit.
  • Budget: While both TVs are similarly priced, slight variations may exist depending on the size and retailer.

Ultimately, the best way to decide is to see both TVs in person and compare their picture quality and features side-by-side.

Key Takeaways

  • LG C3 Advantages: Supports Dolby Vision, better motion interpolation, superior prevention of burn-ins, and enhanced low-resolution upscaling.
  • LG C3 Disadvantages: Lower panel uniformity, less brightness than the S90C, and inferior color saturation.
  • Samsung S90C Advantages: Higher brightness, better uniformity, and an effective anti-reflection filter.
  • Samsung S90C Disadvantages: No Dolby Vision support, weaker motion interpolation, and less protection against burn-ins.

LG C3 vs Samsung S90C OLED TVs: Side-by-Side Comparison

FeatureLG C3Samsung S90CWinner
Display TechnologyOLED EvoOLEDDraw
Screen Sizes42″, 48″, 55″, 65″, 77″, 83″43″, 51″, 55″, 65″, 77″, 89″Samsung (wider size range)
Peak Brightness (HDR)1200 nits1500 nitsSamsung
Color Gamut99% DCI-P399.9% DCI-P3Samsung
Gaming FeaturesVRR, G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium, 4K @ 120HzVRR, G-Sync, AMD FreeSync Premium, 4K @ 144Hz (120Hz on 83″ model)Samsung (higher refresh rate)
AudioDolby Atmos, 2.2 channel speakersDolby Atmos, 2.2.2 channel speakersSamsung (additional up-firing speakers)
Smart TV PlatformwebOS 23Tizen 6.5Draw (personal preference)
Remote ControlMagic Remote (voice control, air mouse)Standard remote (voice control)LG (Magic Remote offers more functionality)
PriceSlightly lowerSlightly higherLG (better value for price)
Movie WatchingExcellent picture quality, accurate colors, Dolby Vision supportExcellent picture quality, brighter HDR, wider color gamutDraw (depends on preferences)
GamingGreat performance, low input lag, VRR supportExceptional performance, higher refresh rate, VRR supportSamsung

Overall: Both TVs are top-of-the-line OLEDs with stunning picture quality. The choice between them comes down to individual preferences:

  • Choose LG C3 for:
    • More affordable price
    • Dolby Vision support
    • Better value for money
    • Excellent for movie watching
    • Magic Remote functionality
  • Choose Samsung S90C for:
    • Brighter HDR performance
    • Wider color gamut
    • Higher refresh rate for gaming
    • Additional up-firing speakers for audio

LG C3: A Closer Look

The LG C3 is renowned for its Dolby Vision support, offering a cinematic experience with vibrant colors and deep contrasts. Users appreciate its motion interpolation capabilities, making fast-moving scenes smoother. It’s also a strong contender for those concerned about burn-ins, thanks to its advanced prevention technology. However, some users note its lower brightness and color saturation compared to the Samsung S90C, which might be a downside for brightly lit rooms.

LG C3 tv dimensions

User Experience

One Reddit user, who upgraded from a Samsung KS8000, highlighted the LG C3’s superior handling of low-quality content, making 1080p and lower resolutions look impressive. This feature is particularly beneficial for streaming content, which often varies in quality.

Samsung S90C: A Detailed Examination

Samsung S90C

The Samsung S90C stands out with its high brightness levels, making it ideal for rooms with a lot of natural light. Its uniformity and anti-reflection capabilities are also highly praised. However, the lack of Dolby Vision and weaker motion interpolation could be deal-breakers for some. A Reddit user who recently upgraded to the S90C from a KS8000 praised its performance, indicating satisfaction with the overall quality.

Practical Considerations

For those with rooms that receive direct sunlight, the Samsung S90C’s higher brightness and better anti-reflection filter might be more appealing. However, for movie enthusiasts and gamers, the LG C3’s Dolby Vision and motion handling could be more enticing.

Samsung S90C thin

Price Comparison

The LG C3 and Samsung S90C are similarly priced, hovering around €1900 and €2000, respectively. This close pricing makes the decision more about features and personal preferences rather than cost.

Samsung S90C ports

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LG C3 processor

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FAQ Section

What are the main differences between the LG C3 and Samsung S90C?

The LG C3 excels in Dolby Vision support and motion interpolation, while the Samsung S90C offers higher brightness and better screen uniformity.

Is the LG C3 or Samsung S90C better for gaming?

Both are great for gaming, but the LG C3’s better motion interpolation might provide a smoother experience.

Which TV is better for a brightly lit room?

The Samsung S90C’s higher brightness and anti-reflection filter make it more suitable for brightly lit environments.

Does the Samsung S90C support Dolby Vision?

No, the Samsung S90C does not support Dolby Vision, which is a notable advantage of the LG C3.

How do the LG C3 and Samsung S90C handle low-resolution content?

The LG C3 is known for better low-resolution upscaling, making it a better choice for watching standard-definition content.

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