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Patch 14.11 for League of Legends brings an array of exciting updates and features. Players can now report inappropriate Riot IDs directly from champion select. This patch also introduces the return of the Blue Essence Emporium and a new Middle East server, enhancing the game experience for players in that region. Fist bump interactions have also been added to the Arena mode for a more dynamic gameplay.

Further adjustments aim to balance the champions and items, addressing the frequent lane swaps that have been a hot topic in the community. The developers are also set to tweak the game state to improve overall playability and address specific champion performances seen in the recent MSI 2024. These changes will likely impact the strategies and meta, prompting players to reassess their gameplay tactics.

With these updates, Patch 14.11 aims to make the gaming experience more enjoyable and fair for all players. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned pro, these changes offer something new to look forward to in your next match.

A Rift Refresh: League of Legends Patch 14.11 Rundown

Patch 14.11 brings a mix of buffs, nerfs, and a brand-new feature to Summoner’s Rift. Whether you’re maining a rising champion or trying to figure out why your favorite just got nerfed, here’s what’s important in this patch.

Champion Changes: The Winners and Losers

Some champions are getting a power boost, while others are being toned down. Here’s a quick look:

CorkiIncreased base ability haste, making his abilities come off cooldown faster.
EzrealDamage increased to 100%.
Yasuo & YoneBoth brothers get a slight attack speed boost.
Miss FortuneNerfed – now takes slightly less damage.
PantheonReworked Shield Vault ability, damage changed to a percentage of health, new minimum and maximum damage against monsters and minions.
DravenNerfed – decreased damage to Spinning Axe, less Adoration lost on death, but more gold per kill.

New Feature: The Rotating Game Mode Shop

Patch 14.11 also introduces a new Rotating Game Mode Shop for Teamfight Tactics. Now you can snag exclusive cosmetics and Little Legends while you strategize your way to victory.

Additional Updates:

  • Bug Fixes: Several bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements were implemented.
  • Gameplay Changes: Some minor adjustments to items and jungle camps were made to balance the game.
  • Chibi Ezreal: The adorable Chibi Ezreal skin is now available!

This patch offers a mix of balance changes and fresh content to keep the game exciting. Whether you’re climbing the ranked ladder or just having fun with friends, there’s something for everyone in Patch 14.11.

Key Takeaways

  • Reporting Riot IDs from champion select is now possible.
  • The Blue Essence Emporium and a new Middle East server are introduced.
  • Patch 14.11 addresses lane swap issues and tweaks champion balance.

Patch 14.11 Summary

League of Legends’ Patch 14.11 introduces various champion tweaks, item changes, gameplay updates, and more. Below are the key updates segmented by champions, items, gameplay, and economy and skins.

Champion Updates


  • Attack Speed Ratio: Increased from 0.568 to 0.590.


  • Adoration Bonus Gold: Reduced.
  • Q – Spinning Axe: Damage lowered.


  • Passive – Darkness Rise: Adjusted damage per tick.
  • E – Death’s Grasp: Cooldown increased.


  • Q – Bladesurge: Healing reduced on minion kills.
  • R – Vanguard’s Edge: Adjusted Ultimate damage scaling.

These changes aim to balance power levels and ensure a fair competitive environment. Furthermore, users will notice nerfs and buffs to other champions like Ornn, Jinx, and Lulu.

Item Adjustments

Infinity Edge:

  • Passive: Enhanced Critical Strike damage.

Immortal Shieldbow:

  • Life Steal: Increased.

Statikk Shiv:

  • Magic Damage: Reduced.

Serrated Dirk:

  • AD Bonus: Adjusted.

These updates refine item effectiveness. Players will experience notable variances in damage, lifesteal, and passive effects, impacting gameplay strategy and champion synergy.

Gameplay Changes

Lane Swaps:

  • Measures taken to reduce lane swapping and its benefits.

Arena Balance:

  • Fist Bump system introduced.
  • Various Arena tweaks for better balance and gameplay experience.

Reporting System:

  • Ability to report Riot IDs in champion select for misconduct.

These updates aim to streamline gameplay, increase fairness, and improve player behaviours within the game. The new reporting system helps maintain a more positive community.

Economy and Skins

Blue Essence Emporium:

  • Returns for players to exchange Blue Essence for exclusive items.

New Skins:

  • Release of exclusive skins during the patch cycle.

New Server:

  • Introduction of the Middle East server to enhance connectivity and gameplay experience in that region.

These changes and additions improve the overall player experience, allowing more customization and better access to the game across different regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

LoL Patch 14.11 brings several important updates, including new champions, balance changes, item adjustments, and system updates. Players can find detailed discussions and explore how these changes impact gameplay.

What new champions and balance changes are introduced in LoL patch 14.11?

Patch 14.11 introduces a new champion and includes several balance changes. Caitlyn’s attack speed ratio has increased to make her a stronger pick. Other champions have also received various buffs and nerfs to improve game balance.

When is the official release date for LoL patch 14.11?

The official release date for LoL patch 14.11 was May 30, 2024. This update is now live, and players can experience all the new changes and features in the game.

How do the items and runes adjustments in patch 14.11 affect gameplay?

Patch 14.11 includes multiple item and rune adjustments that affect gameplay. Players may notice changes to their favorite items or runes, leading to shifts in the game meta. These adjustments are designed to ensure fair and competitive play.

Are there any major system updates in the latest League of Legends patch?

Yes, Patch 14.11 includes significant system updates. Among them is the introduction of the fistbump system in Arena. It also features the return of the Blue Essence Emporium, updated Solo/Duo Ranked restrictions, and the addition of a new Middle East server.

Which champions have received nerfs or buffs in the patch 14.11 update?

Various champions received buffs and nerfs in Patch 14.11. Caitlyn received a buff to her attack speed ratio. For detailed changes to other champions, players can review the official 14.11 patch notes on the League of Legends website or community forums.

Where can players find detailed discussions on the impacts of LoL patch 14.11?

Players can find detailed discussions on the impacts of Patch 14.11 in forums and community threads. The League of Legends subreddit and official Riot forums are good places for in-depth analysis and player experiences.

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