Kia Key Fob Battery Replacement
Kia Key Fob Battery Replacement

If you have been experiencing issues with your Kia Telluride, Sportage, Sorento or Kia model key fob then it is likely that the battery is dead or fading. The good news is that replacing the battery is a quick and easy process that you can do yourself, without having to visit the dealer. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to help you replace the battery, along with some helpful tips to make the process even easier.

What You’ll Need

Small ScrewdriverFlathead or Phillips, depending on your key fob model
CoinAn alternative to a screwdriver for prying
Replacement BatteryCR2032 or CR2450 – Check your model year!
Kia Key Fob Unopened
Kia Key Fob Unopened

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Release the Mechanical Key:
    • Locate the release (small button or lever) on the side of the fob.
    • Press it and slide the key out.
IMG 0325
Eject Key from Key Fob
  1. Find the Fob Seam:
    • With the key removed, look for a gap where the fob halves join.
IMG 0328
Separating Key Fob 2
  1. Open the Fob:
    • Carefully insert your screwdriver/coin into the seam.
    • Gently twist to separate the halves – avoid excessive force.
IMG 0332
Prying Open Key Fob
  1. Access the Battery:
    • Locate the coin-shaped battery inside.
IMG 0333
Identifying Battery Type and Location
  1. Swap the Battery
    • Note the old battery’s orientation (+ side up).
    • Remove it and insert the new one the same way.
IMG 0337 1
Removing Old Battery to Put in Replacement
  1. Reassemble:
    • Align the fob halves and press firmly until they click.
    • Reinsert the mechanical key securely.
IMG 0334
Carefully Removing Old Battery from Location
  1. Test Time! Your fob should work like new.
  • Some models have key fobs with tiny screws instead of a snap design. Consult your owner’s manual to be sure. [Source: Kia Forums]

Expert Tip

“Wear gloves when handling the new battery. Skin oils can reduce its lifespan.” – Mike Allen, Automotive Technician

Important Reminders

  • Battery Type: Double-check your model year to get the right battery (usually CR2032 or CR2450). Your owner’s manual will confirm this.
  • Delicate Work: The fob’s internals are sensitive. Avoid rough handling.
  • Old Battery Disposal: Recycle your old battery responsibly.

And that’s it! Replacing your Kia Telluride key fob battery is a quick DIY fix that keeps your keyless entry system working smoothly.

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