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Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover

In Helldivers 2, strategy and equipment selection are as crucial as bravery on the battlefield. Among the game’s arsenal, the Expendable Anti-Tank (EAT-17) is a noteworthy weapon due to its ability to cripple vehicles with its firepower. This weapon is single-use, but it delivers a potent punch against armored threats. While it may not be the go-to for rampant destruction due to its one-shot limitation, its effectiveness in a tight spot is undisputed. Unlike a traditional rocket launcher, it comes in a pod with two disposable launch tubes. As a result, two Helldivers can grab an EAT-17 each and coordinate for maximum impact.

The EAT-17 shines when used in conjunction with other armaments, allowing players to balance their loadout with reusable items and this high-powered, consumable asset. Players can obtain the Expendable Anti-Tank as a Stratagem, calling it into action with a specific input sequence. Its 70-second cooldown restrains overuse, prompting strategic deployment. Understanding how to integrate the EAT-17 into various combat scenarios becomes a pivotal skill for any Helldivers operative keen on tipping the scales in favor of their squad.

Key Features:

  • High Damage: The EAT-17 packs a serious punch, capable of one-shotting weaker armored enemies and dealing significant damage to larger targets.
  • Armor Piercing: Ideal for bypassing the heavy defenses of tanks, titans, and other armored threats.
  • Limited Ammo: Since each launcher is discarded after firing, ammo management is crucial.
  • Teamwork Potential: EAT-17s shine brightest with coordination. Two Helldivers can quickly eliminate tough targets.

Best Targets for the EAT-17

TankMediumPrioritize the glowing orange weak spot
Annihilator TankHardTakes multiple shots, aim for weak spots
Bile TitanHardEffective DPS tool with a coordinated team
Behemoth BugVery HardNot ideal as the primary damage source


  • Weak Spot Targeting: Learn the hitboxes of your targets; precise shots inflict the most damage.
  • Callouts and Timing: Communicating with your team about firing your EAT-17 maximizes the impact.
  • Don’t Waste Shots: Avoid using these on regular infantry or light vehicles.
  • Secondary Weapons: Pair the EAT-17 with a good secondary for dealing with other threats while the cooldown is active.

The Expendable Anti-Tank is a valuable asset in a Helldiver’s arsenal. With practice and coordination, it can turn desperate situations into victories against heavily armored threats.

Key Takeaways

  • The EAT-17 is a powerful, one-time use weapon against armored enemies in Helldivers 2.
  • Strategic use of the Expendable Anti-Tank complements balance within a player’s arsenal.
  • Mastery of the EAT-17’s deployment is essential for effective team-based combat.

Essentials of Helldivers 2 Armaments

In Helldivers 2, selecting the right weapons and support gear can make the difference between mission success and failure. Knowledge of weapon options and their specific use is crucial.

Understanding Expendable Anti-Tank Options

The Expendable Anti-Tank is a potent tool against armored threats. Unlocking at Level 3, this single-use Stratagem comes with a cooldown of 70 seconds. Players call it in with a sequence: Down, Down, Left, Up, Right taking a brief 2 seconds. It provides heavy firepower quickly, especially when your squad needs to penetrate tough armor.

Optimizing Loadouts for Mission Success

Players must balance their loadout with a mix of offensive and support weapons. Besides the Expendable Anti-Tank, incorporating versatile weapons like the recoilless rifle and machine gun caters to varied combat scenarios. Grenade launchers and railguns also offer flexibility. It’s key to manage supplies for these weapons, as running out can leave a team vulnerable.

Strategic Use of Stratagems in Combat

Stratagems define combat tactics in Helldivers 2. Effective use of cooldown times and understanding the best Stratagems for the mission is critical. Support weapons like the Expendable Anti-Tank demand strategic timing. Planning with your team on when to call in supplies or heavy ordinance ensures consistent firepower and survival.

Advanced Combat and Support Tactics

Effective gameplay in Helldivers 2 requires a mastery of combat and support mechanics. This section delves into strategies that leverage the game’s arsenal to enhance your battlefield control.

Support Weapons and Automated Defense

Anti-Materiel Rifle: This rifle packs a significant punch with its high power against tough targets like the Hulk. It is particularly useful at range and can turn the tide when positioned correctly.

Guard Dog Rover: Deploy this for automated defense. The guard dog not only offers firepower but also enhances your defensive setup, especially when you are focused on offense.

Machine Gun and Mortar Sentry: Use these automated defenses in areas where you expect heavy enemy traffic. Station these near choke points, such as bug holes, for maximum efficiency.

Supply Strategies and Resource Management

Ammo and Resupply: Managing ammunition is crucial. Coordinate with your team to call down Supply Packs strategically. Use Requisition Slips to refuel mid-game without backtracking.

Reloads and Recharge: Remember the importance of cooldown times. For quick battlefield support, the Expendable Anti-Tank’s short cooldown grants you a steady flow of firepower.

Solo and Squad Synergy for Effective Gameplay

Solo Play: When playing alone, balance your loadout with automated defenses and support weapons. Without the backup of a squad, select gear that has a smaller cooldown window to maintain a consistent rate of attack and defense.

Squad Cooperation: In team scenarios, play to each member’s strengths. One might focus on heavy armor and frontline engagement, while another handles strategic support strikes or healing with Stims. Work together to manage resources and cover weak points.

Loadout Synergy: Combine your tools for best results. A Breaker Shotgun with its wide spread is effective up close, while a backup Jump Pack can help in evasive maneuvers. Support each other and plan around reloading and resupply to maintain continuous pressure on the enemy.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Helldivers 2, standoffs against tanks require tactical prowess and the right gear. This section addresses common queries about anti-tank strategies, suitable classes, strong anti-tank weaponry, mech use, anti-tank mines, and armor upgrades.

What are the most effective anti-tank strategies in Helldivers 2?

Employing a blend of direct firepower and strategic positioning is key. Single-use rocket launchers like the Expendable Anti-Tank can dispatch tanks effectively due to their short cooldowns, enabling steady fire.

Which class in Helldivers 2 is best suited for anti-tank missions?

Classes outfitted with heavy weaponry excel in anti-tank roles. However, any class can adapt by equipping powerful weapons like the Expendable Anti-Tank, ensuring versatility across missions.

What are the strongest anti-tank weapons in Helldivers 2?

Rocket launchers and specialized stratagems shine as formidable weapons. The Expendable Anti-Tank rocket launcher, notable for its quick resupply, is a top choice for its destructive potential and ease of use.

Can you use mechs to combat tanks in Helldivers 2, and if so, how?

Yes, mechs provide substantial firepower and shielding against tanks. To counter tanks, pilots should maintain distance and use the mech’s armaments to take down enemy armor efficiently.

What is the role of anti-tank mines in Helldivers 2 gameplay?

Anti-tank mines serve defensive strategies, allowing players to secure areas against oncoming tank threats. Clever positioning can lead to successful area control and enemy deterrence.

How can I upgrade my armor in Helldivers 2 to survive against tank attacks?

Upgrading armor enhances survivability. Players can invest in armor upgrades via Requisitions, improving their resilience against the brute force of tank assaults.

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