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In “Helldivers 2,” using stratagems is an important part of the game. These are tools that players can use to get support items like weapons, vehicles, and defensive gear during missions. Mastering these tools is crucial for success, especially when playing with others. The stratagems are designed to be flexible, allowing players to adapt to different situations. Players can access these tools using unique input codes during missions. As players progress, they unlock more stratagems, so it’s important to understand how they work and when they can be used.

Your Arsenal for Spreading Democracy

In Helldivers 2, stratagems are crucial support tools that you call in during missions. They provide firepower, tactical advantages, and can often turn the tide of battle. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of stratagems:

  • Offensive: These stratagems are designed to eliminate threats, ranging from concentrated firepower to area-of-effect attacks. Examples include airstrikes, missile barrages, and orbital lasers.
  • Defensive: Protect yourself and your team with shields, deployable turrets, or create chokepoints using mines and flamethrowers.
  • Support: Gain tactical advantages with tools like resupply drops, jump packs for increased mobility, and smoke screens to obscure the enemy’s vision.
  • Utility: Some stratagems are highly specialized, like the distraction beacon for luring enemies away or the recoilless rifle for long-range precision shots.

Stratagem Table

Stratagem NameTypeBrief Description
Railcannon StrikeOffensivePowerful, precision strike from space.
Missile BarrageOffensiveDevastating bombardment of rockets.
AirstrikeOffensiveCalls in jets for bombing runs.
Guard DogSupportDeploys a robotic dog for protection.
Shield GeneratorDefensiveProjects a temporary energy shield.
ResupplySupportDrops ammo and equipment pods.
Smoke ScreenSupportCreates an obscuring smokescreen.

Important Notes

  • You can only equip up to four stratagems per mission.
  • Stratagems are unlocked by leveling up and can be upgraded for improved effectiveness.
  • Choose stratagems that complement your team’s loadout and the mission objectives.

Helldivers 2: Stratagem Codes

Stratagem NameInput Code
FlamethrowerDown, Left, Up, Down, Up
AutocannonDown, Left, Down, Up, Up, Right
RailgunDown, Right, Left, Down, Up, Left, Right
SpearDown, Down, Up, Down, Down
ResupplyDown, Left, Down, Up, Up, Down
Missile BarrageDown, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up
Smoke ScreenDown, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right
Shield GeneratorDown, Left, Right, Down, Left, Right

Additional Notes:

  • You can find a more extensive list of Stratagems and codes on resources like the Helldivers Wiki or dedicated fan sites.
  • Some Stratagems have variations with slightly different input codes.
  • Practice makes perfect! The timing of your directional button presses is important for successful Stratagem use.

Key Takeaways

  • Stratagems are vital for gameplay success and provide a wide range of tactical options.
  • Accessing and mastering stratagems requires familiarity with their input codes and functions.
  • Advancement in the game unlocks additional stratagems, offering increased strategic depth.

Comprehensive Guide to Stratagems

Stratagems in Helldivers 2 are core to achieving victory and vary from powerful offensive options to essential defensive and support tools. They deeply influence how a player engages in combat and contributes to the team’s success.

Unlocking and Management

Players unlock new Stratagems by progressing through the game and completing different missions. Each Stratagem comes with a unique code that players input during gameplay to deploy them. Managing and memorizing these codes is crucial as it impacts the speed and efficiency of their usage in high-pressure combat situations. Cooldown times vary between Stratagems, so strategic timing is important.

To unlock Stratagems:

  • Complete missions to earn them.
  • Input unlock codes when required.

Offensive Stratagems

Offensive Stratagems deliver substantial firepower and can turn the tide of battle. From the heavy-hitting Orbital Railcannon Strike to the widespread destruction of the Eagle Strafing Run, players have a range of powerful options.

Key Offensive Stratagems:

  • Orbital 120mm HE Barrage: Effective for clearing large groups.
  • Eagle Airstrike: Targets large areas with precision.
  • Mortar Sentry: A deployable turret providing consistent support.

Defensive and Support Stratagems

Defensive and Support Stratagems ensure a team’s longevity on the battlefield. The Shield Generator Pack protects against enemy fire, and the Tesla Tower offers area denial capabilities. Players must also consider support items like the Jump Pack for increased mobility and the Supply Pack, which resupplies ammunition.

Crucial Defensive and Support Items:

  • Shield Generator Relay: Provides an area of protection.
  • Guard Dog Rover: A personal defense drone to watch your back.
  • Supply Stratagems: Essential for replenishing team resources.

Gameplay Tactics and Enemy Engagement

Effective gameplay in Helldivers 2 hinges on strategic utilization of your squad, precise use of weapons, and the proper employment of stratagems. Coordinated efforts lead to success against diverse enemy types and challenging combat scenarios.

Combat Strategies

Helldivers 2 demands a proactive approach to combat. Offensively, the use of airstrikes and gunships can subdue targets swiftly. Defensively, setting up turrets and mines fortifies positions against incoming attacks. A balanced mix of offensive and defensive stratagems ensures control over the battlefield.

  • Offensive Stratagems:

    • Air strikes for large groups
    • Anti-materiel rifle for heavily armored foes
  • Defensive Stratagems:

    • Deploy automated turrets cautiously
    • Flame throwers create barriers

Navigating Enemy Types and Weapons

Each enemy type requires a specific counter-strategy. Automatons call for heavy firepower, while Terminids might succumb to swifter, area-of-effect attacks. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy is critical. The Spear weapon provides versatility, striking a balance between power and speed, ideal for handling multiple enemy types.

  • Automatons: Use heavy weapons like the anti-materiel rifle
  • Terminids: Deploy area-of-effect weapons like flame throwers

Teamwork and Squad Management

Teamwork is the core of the Helldivers 2 experience. A well-managed squad can mean the difference between success and failure. Solo players must rely on stratagems for support, while squads benefit from diverse abilities. Reinforcement stratagems such as the SOS beacon or Shield Generator Relay ensure squad longevity. Effective ship management includes timely reinforcement calls and strategic supply drops.

  • Solo Play: Reinforce positions using support stratagems
  • Squad Dynamics: Use diverse abilities and stratagems to reinforce each other’s strengths

Coordination and communication in squads increase the chance of a successful mission. Whether fending off larger enemies or managing squad resources, every team member’s contribution is vital to the mission’s outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stratagems in Helldivers 2 are vital tools that can dictate the success of a mission. This section addresses common inquiries to maximize their use.

How can I effectively deploy Stratagems during a Helldivers 2 mission?

To deploy Stratagems effectively, players need to assess the battlefield and choose a safe location for activation. Timing is crucial; deploy them during lulls in combat or from a covered position to ensure they can provide support without interruption.

What command inputs are needed to activate Stratagems in Helldivers 2?

Players activate Stratagems by entering a specific sequence of directional inputs. Each Stratagem has a unique code that ranges from three to seven button presses, which must be entered correctly to call down the support.

Is there permanency to the boosters obtained in Helldivers 2?

Boosters and upgrades in Helldivers 2 generally provide temporary benefits for a single mission. Players must re-select them for each new mission based on their strategy and the challenges they expect to face.

Which guard dog variant provides the most tactical advantage in Helldivers 2?

The choice of guard dog variant depends on the scenario. Each has different strengths, so players should consider the mission objectives and enemy types when selecting the most advantageous variant.

Can Stratagems be upgraded, and if so, how does this affect their performance in Helldivers 2?

Stratagems can be upgraded through progression and successful missions. Upgrades enhance their capabilities, such as reducing cooldown times or increasing their effectiveness, thus improving mission performance.

What is the cooldown period for Stratagems, and how can it be managed in Helldivers 2?

The cooldown period for Stratagems varies, but players can manage it by selecting upgrades that reduce cooldown time or by using them strategically to maximize their impact while they recharge.

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