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When choosing armor in Helldivers 2, it’s important to think strategically. Your choice of armor significantly affects your chances of survival and performance during missions. Light armor gives you mobility and stamina, while heavy armor provides superior protection, making it ideal for tough firefights. However, heavy armor reduces mobility, which can be a disadvantage when evading enemy fire or quickly moving across the battlefield. To balance this out, players use support options called stratagems, which provide additional offensive capabilities or field assistance. Heavy armor has had a turbulent history during the Super Earth wars, but recent improvements have made it worth considering.


  • Increased Survivability: Heavy armor’s primary benefit is increased durability. With thicker plating, Helldivers can sustain more hits from enemy attacks. This is particularly useful against the armored Bug and Cyborg threats.
  • Explosive Resistance: Heavy armor can offer a degree of protection against explosive weapons and hazards, reducing the risk of being downed in chaotic battles.
  • Stability: The added weight of heavy armor helps ground Helldivers, improving weapon stability and recoil reduction, particularly beneficial for heavy weaponry.


  • Reduced Mobility: Helldivers sacrifice agility while wearing heavy armor. They move and turn slower, making quick evasive maneuvers more challenging.
  • Overheating: Sustained use of Stratagems and weapons can rapidly increase a Helldiver’s internal suit temperature in heavy armor, requiring careful heat management.

Strategic Considerations

Here’s a quick table summarizing when to choose heavy armor:

Facing CyborgsYes
Armored Bug swarmsYes
Environments with explosive hazardsYes
Missions requiring fast movementNo
Missions utilizing heavy weapons for sustained fireYes

The decision to utilize heavy armor is always situational. Consider the enemies you will face, the layout of the mission, and your team composition before equipping this gear. Effective use often requires Helldivers to adapt their playstyle, prioritizing strategic positioning and coordinated fire over rapid movement.

Key Takeaways

  • Armor type selection is crucial for player survival and mission success.
  • Heavy armor provides high protection with the cost of reduced mobility.
  • Using stratagems can balance heavy armor’s drawbacks and strengthen combat performance.

Understanding Armor in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 offers a range of armor options, each with its own stats and effects on player performance. Selecting the right armor is crucial for surviving the game’s challenging missions.

Variations and Properties

In Helldivers 2, players can choose between light, medium, and heavy armor sets. Each type has distinct stats that affect gameplay. Light armor enhances speed and stamina regeneration while providing minimal damage resistance. Medium armor offers a balanced approach, with moderate protection and impact on mobility. Heavy armor comes with the highest armor rating, significantly increasing damage resistance, especially to lethal and explosive damage, but reduces movement speed.

  • Stats to consider:
    • Armor rating: determines how much damage can be absorbed
    • Recoil: affects weapon control
    • Resistance: level of protection against specific damage types
    • Stamina regeneration: influences the recovery rate of stamina for actions

Comparative Analysis of Armor Types

Light Armor is ideal for scouts needing quick repositioning. It offers:

  • Significantly increased stamina regen
  • Enhanced mobility

With Medium Armor, players get a compromise between protection and speed, suitable for a variety of roles.

Heavy Armor suits a tankier build, optimized for players who can sacrifice speed for higher survivability, displaying:

  • Increased damage resistance
  • Extra padding for absorbing more hits

Strategic Deployment of Armor

Choosing the correct armor in Helldivers 2 aligns with the mission requirements and player’s role in the team. Fast-moving scouts should opt for lighter sets to dodge enemy fire, while front-line soldiers could benefit from the durability of heavy armor. The passive abilities such as damage resistance or increased throwing range further tailor the armor sets to specific strategies.

Strategically, armor passives like explosive damage reduction can be critical for surviving ambushes or while handling objectives susceptible to collateral damage.

Unlocking and Upgrading Armor

Players start with basic armor but can unlock more advanced sets as they progress. Unlocking new armor involves earning Warbonds and Super Credits through successful mission completion or through pre-order bonuses. To access the best armor, players may have to meet specific in-game achievements or purchase using the accumulated in-game currency.

  • How to unlock:
    • Complete missions to earn currency
    • Meet specific achievement milestones
    • Use Warbonds or Super Credits for purchase

Optimal loadout customization includes upgrading armor to enhance its properties. Enhanced armor ratings and passive stats give players the edge they need to tackle tough enemies and complex scenarios.

Offensive Capabilities and Support Options

In Helldivers 2, heavy armor not only provides superior defense but also support options to bolster your offense. Strategically choosing your gear can greatly enhance your effectiveness in various missions.

Choosing the Right Weapons

Heavy armor users need to balance their loadout with weapons that complement their slower movement. Primary weapons like the AR-23P Liberator Penetrator excel in piercing through enemy defenses. For close-quarter combat, the CM-09 Bonesnapper offers ample stopping power.

  • Primary Weapons:
    • Deep impact against armored foes: AR-23P Liberator Penetrator
    • Short-range efficiency: CM-09 Bonesnapper

Enhancements and Power-Ups

Upgrading your heavy armor with enhancements can significantly increase your battlefield sustain. Power-ups such as the Servo-Assisted exoskeleton boost mobility, while the Fortified Plates add extra layers of protection.

  • Enhancements:
    • Mobility boost: Servo-Assisted Exoskeleton
    • Added protection: Fortified Plates

Supplementary Gear and Customization

In addition to weapons and armor, gear like grenades and stims can enhance your offensive capabilities. Customizing your inventory with a mix of offensive and defensive items will prepare you for any situation.

  • Gear:
    • Explosive options: Grenades
    • Quick boosts: Stims

Special Equipment and its Uses

The right special equipment further extends your operational capacity. The Engineering Kit, for example, enables you to swiftly set up defensive structures. Med Kits are essential for enduring prolonged engagements.

  • Special Equipment:
    • For defense setup: Engineering Kit
    • For survival: Med Kit

Optimal Loadouts for Specific Missions

Each mission in Helldivers 2 may require a different approach. A loadout featuring the SC-34 Infiltrator armor excels in missions needing stealth, while the FS-23 Battle Master is ideal when facing a heavy onslaught.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Helldivers 2, heavy armor choices significantly affect a player’s survival and combat effectiveness. Each armor set comes with unique benefits that can shift the tide of battle.

Which Heavy Armor tier is considered the best in Helldivers 2?

The Fortified Commando armor is highly regarded due to its balance of damage protection and movement capabilities. It provides substantial resistance against enemy attacks.

Is investing in Heavy Armor in Helldivers 2 beneficial for gameplay?

Yes, equipping heavy armor is beneficial, especially in high-threat missions. It grants improved survivability by reducing damage taken from enemy fire and melee strikes.

Can you recommend a good Heavy Armor build for Helldivers 2?

A popular build includes the FS-55 Devastator Heavy Armor which is tailored for defense while maintaining agility. Pairing this armor with appropriate weapons enhances combat effectiveness.

What is the most effective weapon to use in Helldivers 2?

Weapon effectiveness depends on the scenario. However, a versatile choice is the RX-1 Rail Gun for its ability to pierce through multiple targets and its utility in diverse situations.

Are boosters in Helldivers 2 permanent enhancements or temporary?

Boosters in Helldivers 2 serve as temporary enhancements. They provide a time-limited boost to a player’s abilities or equipment performance during missions.

Which weapon offers the best performance against the Bug enemies in Helldivers 2?

The FLAM-40 Incinerator is especially effective against Bug enemies. Its fire-based attacks excel at clearing groups of Bugs due to their vulnerability to fire damage.

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