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In “Helldivers 2” the Eagle Rearm feature is a game-changer. When it comes to managing weapons and abilities, it’s crucial to know how to use Eagle stratagems properly. These stratagems, which include various offensive and support capabilities, are essential for a Helldiver. They have a significant cooldown period, so timing and strategic use are crucial for survival on the battlefield. Understanding how to manually rearm your Eagle can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Rearming instructs the Eagle pilot to restock ammunition at the base, replenishing the player’s strategic resources, such as airstrikes and guided missiles. However, all Eagle-based stratagems become temporarily unavailable during this rearming process, so timing this action is essential. Knowing when to use this feature can prevent a player from running out of crucial options in the heat of combat. Helldivers 2’s Eagle Rearm is a crucial strategic tool, allowing players to replenish their Eagle-based stratagems mid-mission. Understanding how it works will significantly enhance your tactical flexibility on the battlefield.

How Eagle Rearm Functions

  • Cooldown: Calling the Eagle Rearm stratagem places all Eagle-related stratagems (like airstrikes or napalm) into a long cooldown while the Eagle returns to base, restocks, and then returns to the battlefield.
  • Replenishment: Once the cooldown ends, all your Eagle stratagems become available again with their full charges.
  • Timing is Key: The cooldown period can be several minutes, so using Eagle Rearm at the right time is crucial for maximizing its effectiveness.

Strategic Use Cases

  • Extended Missions: On longer missions with tough objectives, Eagle Rearm lets you repeatedly utilize powerful airstrikes.
  • Intense Firefights: Replenish bombing runs or napalm strikes to break a stalemate or clear a critical point.
  • Emergency Evacuation: If your squad is trapped, a carefully timed Eagle Rearm followed by an evacuation beacon can save the day.

Upgrade Path

The Eagle Rearm also has ship upgrades on the Helldivers HQ:

Upgrade NameEffect
Eagle Eye Surveillance: Package Ammo CapacityIncreases the ammunition capacity for Eagle-based stratagems
Eagle Eye Surveillance: Package Delivery DronesShortens Eagle Rearm cooldown time


  • Coordinate with your team to make the most of the Eagle Rearm window.
  • Anticipate upcoming challenges and use Eagle Rearm before the action gets too intense.

Key Takeaways

  • Eagle Rearm is vital for maintaining a player’s strategic capabilities in “Helldivers 2.”
  • Timing and strategic use of the rearm feature are critical due to its impact on availability of stratagems.
  • Properly utilizing Eagle Rearm improves overall combat efficiency and resource management.

Game Mechanics and Strategy

In Helldivers 2, mastering the strategic elements is essential. Utilizing Stratagems effectively, including the rearming process, directly impacts success in the field.

Understanding Stratagems

Stratagems are key tools in a Helldiver’s arsenal. They offer offensive, defensive, and support capabilities. Proper use requires understanding their cooldown times and charges.

Eagle Rearm and Combat Gear

The Eagle Rearm process is crucial for restocking Stratagems mid-mission. A default rearm time of 2:30 applies, but players can speed this up through upgrades. Combat gear like the Recoilless Rifle and Jump Packs rely on timely rearming.

Upgrades and Customization

Upgrades enhance Stratagems for missions. Players can unlock improved abilities and shorter cooldowns. Choices affect firepower, armor, and support weapon efficiency.

Tactical Deployment and Missions

Good tactics include anticipating when to use Stratagems. Knowing when to deploy a Resupply Stratagem or an Orbital Airburst Strike can define mission outcomes. Strategic use of limited-use weapons, like the Auto-Cannon, is vital.

Base Operations and Technologies

Base operations involve managing Stratagems and techs available for missions. Players must wisely choose which upgrades and equipment to take into orbit. The Robotics Workshop and the Armory are key areas for these decisions.

Support and Defense Systems

Support systems like the Shield Generator Pack or Anti-Personnel Minefield secure Helldivers against enemies. Using these systems correctly preserves precious Stratagem charges for critical moments.

Vehicles and Heavy Equipment

Vehicles and heavy equipment provide a significant advantage in battle. From the Expendable Anti-Tank to the Arc Thrower, the strategic deployment of these resources can turn the tide of an engagement.

Optimizing Your Helldivers 2 Experience

To master Helldivers 2, it’s essential to understand rearm times and how to efficiently manage resources. This section will explore advanced tactics, community interactions, and ways to enhance your equipment.

Advanced Gameplay Tactics

Strategic management of rearm times can greatly affect mission outcomes. It’s crucial to initiate your Eagle’s rearm before heavy combat approaches. Eagle Stratagems incur variable cooldown times; knowing these can allow for optimal use. Pairing Stratagems with powerful Support Weapons based on mission requirements can maximize your firepower. A well-timed Eagle Rearm ensures that limited-use items like Grenade Launchers and Rocket Sentries are replenished for when you urgently need them.

Community and Multiplayer Interactions

Working with others can significantly boost your effectiveness in-game. Sharing Stratagem Codes or SOS Beacons enhances team survival. Communities may offer Guides on the best use of Credits to Unlock or Upgrade equipment. Cooperative play encourages players to contribute different stratagems, from Machine Gun Sentries to Liquid-ventilated Cockpits, fostering a collaborative environment.

Enhancing Equipment Capabilities

Upgrades can fundamentally improve your capabilities. By investing Credits in the Engineering Bay, you enhance weapons and reduce Cooldowns. The Ship Module menu is key for managing these upgrades. Specific modules like the Reinforce Charger offer immediate mission impact, while the Donation Access License helps you progress your arsenal over time. Upgrading your Armor and Magazines can both improve your resilience and your sustained combat effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Eagle Rearm in Helldivers 2 is vital for strategic gameplay. Players seeking to optimize their in-game performance can find important details in this FAQ section.

What are the steps for completing the Eagle Rearm objective in Helldivers 2?

Players complete the Eagle Rearm by selecting the Rearm command. This triggers a supply drop that replenishes Eagle Stratagem strikes.

How can I find a community guide for the Eagle Rearm mission in Helldivers 2?

Community guides are available on gaming forums and Helldivers 2 dedicated community platforms. Players share strategies there.

What is the duration of the Eagle Rearm process in Helldivers 2?

The rearm process typically takes a short time during which players cannot access Eagle-based stratagems. Exact duration varies by mission.

Are the booster packs in Helldivers 2 a one-time use or do they have long-term effects?

Booster packs in Helldivers 2 offer benefits that last through the duration of a mission. They are not consumed upon a single use.

Can you explain how Eagle stratagems are utilized in Helldivers 2?

Eagle stratagems are deployed during missions to provide offensive or defensive support. Players must manage their use for maximum efficiency.

What methods are available to acquire additional stratagems in Helldivers 2?

Additional stratagems can be acquired by completing objectives, purchasing through the in-game store, or earning them in special events.

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