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Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover

Understanding the weaknesses of enemies in “Helldivers 2” is crucial for players to progress efficiently. Each enemy type has specific vulnerabilities that, when targeted, can change the course of battle in favor of the Helldivers. Recognizing these weak spots helps players optimize their strategy, conserve ammunition, and enhance their combat effectiveness. The game features various enemy types, each with distinct vulnerabilities. Some enemies have glowing areas as weak points, while others require a more tactical approach, such as targeting specific body parts.

Understanding these details not only aids in defeating foes but also plays a crucial role in strategic planning and resource management during missions. Navigating through “Helldivers 2” means encountering formidable foes that demand knowledge and skill to overcome. Successfully identifying these weaknesses and adapting to evolving challenges is key to a player’s success. Understanding enemy weak points is vital for successful missions in Helldivers 2, where exploiting specific vulnerabilities can maximize the squad’s combat efficiency. Here’s a breakdown of common enemies, their weaknesses, and effective strategies:


  • Grotesque: Target the glowing head and the sacs on its back for maximum damage. They are vulnerable to anti-armor weapons and explosives.
  • Obelisk: Focus your fire on the exposed brain-like core and shield generators. Use armor-piercing weaponry for best results.
  • Council Member: Prioritize taking out its shield, then target the glowing core. Incendiary and anti-vehicle weapons are effective against them.


  • Butcher: Aim for the glowing sections on the head and midriff. Run and gun tactics while shooting weak points are important here. Any heavy weapons or explosives will do serious damage.
  • Warlord: Take out the legs to immobilize them, then target the vulnerable head. Armor penetration and precise shooting are key to defeating these behemoths.
  • Impaler: Target the unarmored chest area for maximum damage – anti-materiel rifles and explosives are exceptionally effective.


  • Tank Bug: Aim for the head and the green sacs on the abdomen. These are slow, so focus on the weak points and you’ll easily dispatch them.
  • Brood Commander: Target the head and legs. Their tough exterior calls for armor-piercing rounds and explosives.
  • Behemoth: These are a huge challenge! Target the head, but prioritize destroying support swarms surrounding it. You’ll need heavy weapons and plenty of ammo for this one.

Table Summary

Enemy TypeWeak Point(s)Recommended Weapons/Strategies
GrotesqueHead, Back SacsAnti-armor, Explosives
ObeliskCore, Shield GeneratorsArmor-piercing
Council MemberShield, CoreIncendiary, Anti-vehicle
ButcherHead, MidriffHeavy Weapons, Explosives
WarlordLegs, HeadArmor Penetration, Precise Shooting
ImpalerChestAnti-materiel, Explosives
Tank BugHead, Abdomen SacsArmor-Piercing, Explosives
Brood CommanderHead, LegsArmor-piercing, Explosives
BehemothHead, Destroy Support SwarmsHeavy Weapons, High Ammo Capacity


  • Explosive damage can be incredibly effective against armored foes.
  • Weak points may change depending on difficulty levels.
  • Coordinate with your squad to concentrate fire on weak spots for faster kills.

Key Takeaways

  • Recognizing enemy weak points is crucial for player success in “Helldivers 2.”
  • Each enemy type has specific vulnerabilities that can be exploited for efficient combat.
  • Knowledge of enemy types and weaknesses informs strategic planning and resource management.

Understanding Enemy Weakness

The key to success in Helldivers 2 is recognizing and targeting enemy vulnerabilities. Each foe comes with unique weak points, which players can exploit for a tactical advantage. In the heat of battle, identifying these weak spots quickly is critical.

Enemies belong to two primary factions: the insect-like Terminids and the mechanical Automatons. For Terminids, players should look for glowing areas, as these often signal a weak point. Firing at these highlighted zones deals more damage, making it a smart strategy to target them first.

Automatons present a different challenge. These enemies often reveal their weak points during certain behaviors or after taking damage. Scout Strider, for instance, has a robot on its back that, when hit, can significantly impact its ability to fight.

Here’s a basic rundown:

  • Terminids: Aim for glowing parts to inflict maximum damage.
  • Automatons: Observe behavior and damage reactions to uncover weak points.

Knowing these weaknesses allows players to choose suitable weapons and adjust their tactics. It paves the way for efficiency in combat, preserving ammo, and increasing the chances of survival. Remember, intelligence and quick reflexes turn the tide in Helldivers 2 battles. Stay sharp and focus fire on those critical spots for a victorious campaign.


Knowing where to shoot can turn the tide in Helldivers 2. Every enemy has spots where attacks do more damage. Players should look for visual signs like glowing areas to hit these weak points.

Terminid Faction Weaknesses

  • Ground Units: Aim for glowing parts to quickly disable these enemies.
  • Flying Units: The underbelly is often less armored. Shoot there for best results.

Automaton Faction Weaknesses

  • Scouts: Hit the robot’s backpack to stop it from calling reinforcements.
  • Heavy Units: Focus on heat radiators on their backs or any brightly illuminated eyes.
  • Turrets and Tanks: Their arms and weapon pods are vulnerable. Shoot these areas to disarm them.

By targeting these specific areas on enemies from both factions, players enhance their chances of survival and mission success. Keep switching tactics depending on the foe faced to maintain the upper hand.

Use these insights to strategize effectively in battle. With practice and precision, overcoming even the toughest of enemies becomes a manageable task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the weak points of enemies in Helldivers 2 is key to your success on the battlefield. This section addresses common questions with clear, concise answers to improve your combat efficiency.

What are the vulnerable spots of the new Bug enemies in Helldivers 2?

The new Bug enemies exhibit weak spots that glow, making them easily noticeable. Concentrate your fire on these glowing areas to exploit their vulnerabilities.

How can I effectively take down the Cyborg tanks in Helldivers 2?

For Cyborg tanks, aim at their rear where their armor is weakest. A well-placed shot can deal significant damage and take them down efficiently.

Are there any particular strategies to defeat the Illuminates’ shields in Helldivers 2?

To defeat the Illuminates’ shields, use weapons that can bypass or disrupt shields. Focusing on shield generators or using EMP effects can provide an opening to attack.

Can you identify the weak points for the Helldivers 2’s boss units?

Boss units in Helldivers 2 have specific weak points that are often protected. Observing and targeting these areas, such as underbelly or exposed sections during attack patterns, is crucial.

What are the critical hit locations for Helldivers 2’s elite units?

Elite units in the game may have armor plating covering most of their body. Look for exposed areas or parts of the body that move differently, indicating a weak spot.

Which weapons are best suited for exploiting enemy weak points in Helldivers 2?

Select weapons that offer precision, such as sniper rifles, or explosives that can target and disrupt weak points in an enemy’s armor. Adjust your arsenal based on the enemies you’re facing.

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