Funny Things You Can Ask Alexa To Say
Funny Things You Can Ask Alexa To Say

Amazon’s Alexa, a voice-activated virtual assistant, is well-known for performing tasks like playing music, setting alarms, or providing weather updates. However, Alexa also has a humorous side that can keep you entertained for hours. From telling jokes to making animal sounds, Alexa can serve up a good laugh when you need it. Here are some funny things you can ask Alexa.

Alexa’s Take on Humor

Alexa is programmed with a sense of humor and can deliver a chuckle or two with her responses. Let’s explore the fun side of Alexa.

Ask Alexa to Tell a Joke

Alexa is armed with a vast repertoire of jokes. Simply say, “Alexa, tell me a joke,” and brace yourself for some amusing punchlines.

Request Alexa to Do an Impression

Alexa can imitate famous characters or personalities. Try asking, “Alexa, can you do an impression?” and see who she mimics.

Question Alexa’s Existential Status

Ask Alexa if she can dream, or if she has a pet. The answers might surprise you!

Fun Games with Alexa

Alexa can turn your Echo device into a game hub with a range of interactive voice-activated games. Here are some you can try.

Play Jeopardy with Alexa

You can play a round of Jeopardy by asking, “Alexa, play Jeopardy.” Enjoy answering trivia in the style of the popular game show.

Start a Game of 20 Questions

Challenge Alexa to a game of 20 Questions. Think of an object, and let Alexa guess it with her questions.

Ask Alexa to Beatbox

For some musical fun, ask Alexa to beatbox. You might be surprised by her rhythm!

Funny Requests to Alexa

Alexa can perform some hilarious actions on request. Here’s what you can ask her to do.

Ask Alexa to Sing a Song

Yes, Alexa can sing! Ask her to serenade you with her version of a song.

Request a Rap from Alexa

If you’re in the mood for some rhymes, ask Alexa to rap for you.

Ask Alexa to Make Animal Sounds

From a lion’s roar to a cat’s meow, Alexa can mimic a variety of animal sounds.

Alexa’s Unexpected Responses

Sometimes, Alexa’s responses can be unexpectedly funny. Here are some amusing questions to ask Alexa.

Ask Alexa about Her Favorite Movie

Alexa’s choice of favorite movie might leave you chuckling.

Question Alexa’s Love Life

Ask Alexa if she has a boyfriend, and enjoy her witty response.

Inquire About Alexa’s Plan to Take Over the World

Don’t be surprised if Alexa’s plans for world domination leave you laughing.


Can Alexa tell me a bedtime story? Yes, Alexa can tell you a bedtime story. Just ask, “Alexa, tell me a bedtime story.”

Does Alexa have a favorite color? Alexa has a witty answer when asked about her favorite color. Try asking her!

Can I ask Alexa to prank call someone? No, Alexa cannot make prank calls. Alexa is designed to respect users’ privacy and security.

Can Alexa predict the future? Alexa cannot predict the future. However, she does have a fun response if you ask her this!


Alexa is more than a virtual assistant – she’s also a source of fun and laughter. By asking these funny questions and requests, you can bring a dose of humor to your everyday interactions with Alexa. Remember, these are just a few examples. Feel free to explore and ask Alexa anything – her responses may just brighten your day!

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