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The Ring app lets you integrate multiple devices and locations into one interface to streamline your home security system. However, you can only use one account at a time. To switch between accounts, you need to log out and log in again. To work around this, you can use the Shared User feature to grant access to other users. This feature is particularly helpful for families or teams who need to manage their Ring devices together without sharing the primary login credentials.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, you cannot have two separate Ring accounts linked to the same Ring app. Here’s why and what you can do:

Why The Limitation?

  • One Account Per Location: The Ring app is designed to manage devices at a specific location. Each Ring account is tied to a location, making it impossible to manage multiple locations from one account.
  • Security & Privacy: This keeps user data and location information separate.

What are Your Options?

  1. Shared User: If you just want to give someone else access to your Ring devices, add them as a “Shared User” on your Ring account. They can view videos and control certain settings without needing a separate account.
  2. Family Accounts: If you have Ring devices at multiple locations (e.g., home and vacation house), consider creating a main account for one location. Then add users from that main account as Shared Users for the other locations.

To add a “Shared User”

  1. Open your Ring app.
  2. Tap the three lines in the top left corner.
  3. Go to “Settings” and select “Shared Users.”
  4. Tap “Add Shared User” and enter their email address.

Key Takeaways

  • Ring app supports multiple devices and locations but restricts to one account at a time.
  • Switching between Ring accounts requires logging out and in, but Shared User access can simplify this process.
  • Using Shared User feature maintains security while providing access to multiple users.

Setting Up Multiple Ring Accounts

If you’re juggling personal and work-related Ring devices, it’s essential to understand how to manage multiple Ring accounts efficiently. With proper setup, you can switch between accounts hassle-free and keep your security streamlined.

Creating a New Ring Account

To start, you’ll need to create a new Ring account for your separate sets of devices. This is as simple as downloading the Ring app on your iOS or Android device, tapping ‘Create Account,’ and following the steps. Each account requires a unique email address to maintain separate login credentials.

Linking Ring Devices to Multiple Accounts

Once your accounts are ready, linking Ring devices like security cameras, smart locks, or the Ring Alarm to either account is your next step. Key devices can be added within the Ring app by entering the ‘Device Settings’ menu. However, to manage devices from multiple accounts, log out from one account and log in to the other as needed. Alternatively, utilize the Shared User feature to grant access to your devices without switching accounts. Shared Users can receive notifications and view loading cameras, but can’t alter device settings or account details. Remember, Ring Protect Plans are per device, not per account.

Managing Access and Security

Managing multiple Ring accounts on the same app revolves around understanding user roles and security settings. This section outlines how to navigate shared access effectively, addressing device configurations and subscription benefits.

Understanding Shared Users and Guest Users

Ring allows the Account Owner to give others access to view video recordings and receive alerts through the Shared User and Guest User features. Shared Users can arm or disarm the Ring Alarm system, while Guest Users have limited capabilities, designed mainly for temporary access. To add a user, the owner sends an invite via an invitation link or email notification.

Configuring Device Settings for Different Users

Different users can have tailored access rights to security settings like live video, motion sensors, and video history. Owners manage this through the Control Center in the Ring app. Here, device settings can be adjusted and user permissions can be toggled off or modified. For instance, while one user might view video recordings, another might have the right to delete them.

The Ring Protect Plan and Subscription Benefits

The Ring Protect Plan is a subscription service offering additional features such as professional monitoring service, which includes smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring. Subscriptions are applied per location and affect accessible features for all users. With a subscription, users can manage video management, save video recordings, and enhance overall security across all connected Ring devices at a particular location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the Ring app’s features can be smooth when you have the right information. Here, we address some common questions to help you manage multiple devices and accounts with ease.

How can I manage multiple Ring doorbells in different locations?

You can group multiple Ring doorbells under a single account using location-specific groupings. The app’s dropdown menu lets you select and manage devices at different locations individually.

Is it possible to set up two or more Ring devices on a single account?

Yes, you can add multiple Ring devices, such as doorbells or security cameras, to a single Ring account. The process includes setting up each device and connecting it to your WiFi network via the Ring app.

How can I configure multiple houses on my Ring app?

For each property, you can create a unique location within the Ring app. This allows you to view and control Ring devices by selecting the relevant property from the location dropdown.

Can multiple users be considered as owners for a single Ring device?

No, a Ring device can have only one owner. However, you can invite other users as Shared Users, granting them access to the device without owner privileges.

What are the steps to add a Ring device to another user’s account?

To add a Ring device to another user’s account, the owner must send an invite to the user’s email. The invited person can then access the devices shared by the owner through their own Ring app.

Can a single Ring app control devices from separate Ring accounts?

No, the Ring app does not support managing devices from separate accounts simultaneously. You would need to log out of one account and log into the other to control devices on different accounts.

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