How to remove robokiller
How to remove robokiller

If you’re looking to remove RoboKiller from your iPhone, you’re not alone. While RoboKiller is a popular app for blocking unwanted calls, there may come a time when you no longer need it or prefer to use different methods for managing calls. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to disable and completely remove RoboKiller from your iPhone.

Understanding the Removal Process

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to understand that simply deleting the RoboKiller app from your iPhone does not cancel your subscription or stop the call blocking service. To fully remove RoboKiller, you need to follow several steps​​.

1. Cancel the RoboKiller Subscription

Accessing Apple ID Settings

First, you need to cancel your RoboKiller subscription. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone and tap on your name at the top to access iCloud and Apple ID settings.

Navigating to Subscriptions

In the Apple ID settings, tap on “Subscriptions”. Here, you will find a list of all your active subscriptions.

Canceling the Subscription

Choose “RoboKiller” from the list and then select “Cancel Subscription”. Confirm your choice to cancel the subscription​​.

2. Deactivate RoboKiller’s Call Blocking

Using RoboKiller Settings

Open the RoboKiller app and go to “Settings”. From there, choose “Help & Support” and then select “Deactivate This Phone”. Follow the instructions provided in the app to deactivate the call blocking service​​.

3. Disable Call Forwarding on iPhone

Adjusting Phone Settings

Make sure to disable call forwarding on your iPhone, which might have been enabled by RoboKiller. In the “Settings” app, choose “Phone” and then “Call Forwarding”. Toggle it off to disable this feature​​.

4. Optional: Use ‘Deactivate My Phone’

Visiting the Deactivation Website

Although not always necessary, it’s recommended to visit to ensure full deactivation of the RoboKiller service on your iPhone​​.

5. Use a Deactivation Code for Your Cell Service

Dialing Deactivation Codes

Different cellular providers have specific codes to disable services like RoboKiller. Find the code for your carrier and dial it using the Phone app. For example, AT&T users can dial ##004#​​.

6. Delete the RoboKiller App

Removing the App

After deactivating the service and subscription, you can delete the RoboKiller app. Find the app on your Home Screen, tap and hold it, then choose “Remove App” and confirm your choice​​.

7. Contact Your Cellular Carrier for Additional Support

Seeking Further Help

If you encounter any issues or RoboKiller is still taking calls, contact your phone carrier directly for additional support. You can also visit for more help​​.


Removing RoboKiller from your iPhone involves more than just deleting the app. By following these steps, you can ensure that the subscription is canceled, call blocking is deactivated, and the app is fully removed. If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to contact your cellular carrier or the RoboKiller support for further assistance.


  1. Will deleting the RoboKiller app automatically cancel my subscription? No, you must cancel the subscription manually through the iPhone settings.
  2. Can I reactivate RoboKiller later if I change my mind? Yes, you can re-subscribe and reinstall the app if you decide to use RoboKiller again.
  3. Is there a fee for canceling the RoboKiller subscription? This depends on the terms of your subscription. Check the details in your Apple ID settings.
  4. Will disabling call forwarding affect my other call-related apps? It might, if those apps rely on call forwarding. Check each app’s settings individually.
  5. How do I ensure that RoboKiller is completely deactivated? Follow all the steps outlined above, including using the deactivation code for your cell service.
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