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Apple Store Location

Nebraska is home to a single dedicated Apple Store, offering a wide range of Apple products, services, and hands-on experiences. Let’s find out more about this location and how residents can easily find Apple support.

Where To Find Apple Products and Support in Nebraska

The Apple Store at Village Pointe

Located in Omaha, the Apple Store at Village Pointe is a central hub for Apple enthusiasts in the state. Here’s what you’ll find there:

  • The latest Apple Products: Browse and shop for iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, AirPods, and other exciting Apple devices.
  • Expert Help: Apple Specialists are on hand to answer questions, help with setup, and guide you towards the best products for your needs.
  • Genius Bar Support: Get one-on-one technical support for all your Apple devices.
  • Today at Apple Sessions: Participate in engaging workshops and learn new creative skills using Apple products and software.

Apple Store Information

StoreAddressHours of OperationContact
Apple Village Pointe17170 Davenport Street, Omaha, NE 68118Monday – Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 11am – 6pm
(402) 970-4477

Other Options for Apple Product Purchases and Support

If you don’t live near the Omaha area, here are other ways to get your hands on Apple products or find support in Nebraska:

Authorized Apple Resellers

Apple has partners across the country, including many in Nebraska. These retailers carry Apple products and may offer some support as well. Use Apple’s store locator to find one near you:

Apple Online Store

Shop for all the latest Apple products from the comfort of your home. The Apple Online Store offers free shipping and returns:

Apple Support

Get help for all your Apple devices online or over the phone:

Apple Store Overview in Nebraska

Nebraska’s Apple Store presence centers around Omaha, with Village Pointe offering a prime retail spot for Apple enthusiasts.

Overview of Locations

Village Pointe, located at 17170 Davenport Street in Omaha, is currently the main destination for Apple users in Nebraska. This store provides customers access to the full range of Apple products including Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.

Store Services and Environment

The Village Pointe Apple Store not only sells products but also offers a variety of services. They provide personalized support at their Genius Bar, where experts can address technical problems and repair devices. In addition, the store hosts free Today at Apple educational sessions to help customers enhance their skills and get the most out of their devices. The environment is welcoming, with a layout designed for hands-on interaction with the latest Apple tech. As a brand, Apple is committed to becoming carbon neutral across all its business endeavors, including retail operations like those in Nebraska.

Specific Apple Store Locations

When talking about Apple Store locations in Nebraska, a focus is naturally drawn towards the city of Omaha. Known for its vibrant shopping scene, Omaha offers easy access to Apple’s innovative products and services.

Omaha Apple Store

The Omaha Apple Store provides residents with a central location to browse and purchase the latest Apple gadgets. Situated at:

  • Address: 17170 Davenport Street, Omaha, NE 68118
  • Phone: (402) 970-4477

Customers can find this store with ease, as it’s well-marked and accessible in the city.

Village Pointe Apple Store

Another key spot in Omaha for Apple enthusiasts is the Village Pointe Apple Store. Its details include:

  • Address: 17255 Davenport St, West Omaha, NE 68118
  • Customer Experience: Known for their welcoming staff, shoppers can enjoy personalized assistance and various Apple products.

Both locations offer a place for locals and visitors to see what’s new with Apple, get support, and shop for technology that fits their life.

Shopping Experience

Visiting an Apple Store, customers find a wide selection of devices like iPhones and the vibrant atmosphere brimming with technological discoveries.

Product Range and Demos

Apple Stores are known for their wide array of products, from the latest iPhones to various other phones and gadgets. Customers can experience these devices firsthand, trying out features, exploring camera capabilities, or simply seeing how the phone feels in their hand. The stores often set up demo stations where the newest devices are available to test, ensuring visitors can engage with the products in a meaningful way.

Expert Advice and Support

Walking into an Apple Store, one can expect to receive knowledgeable support from Apple Specialists. Whether it’s questions about your current iPhone, assistance with setting up a new device, or just exploring which phone might best suit your needs, the team is ready to offer their expert advice. They’re there to guide you through the Apple experience, making sure you get the help you need.

Customer Services

When visiting an Apple Store in Nebraska, customers have access to a suite of services designed to enhance their shopping and product usage experience. Whether it’s for product assistance or exploring payment options, dedicated services are available to meet these needs.

Genius Bar Appointments

Apple Stores feature the Genius Bar, where customers can schedule appointments for expert tech support and repairs. To secure a spot at the Genius Bar, one should book an appointment online or via the Apple Store app before their visit. They review your device issues and provide solutions or necessary repairs, ensuring your Apple products are in top-notch condition.

Trade-In and Financing Options

For those looking to upgrade their Apple devices, the trade-in program is quite straightforward. Customers can bring their eligible Apple devices to the store for an assessment. If accepted, they’ll receive instant credit toward a new purchase or an Apple Store Gift Card. Additionally, the Apple Card Monthly Installments program offers an easy way to pay over time, with the convenience of no interest if paid in full. It’s a great way to manage finances while taking home the latest Apple gear.

Business and Educational Offerings

Apple stores in Nebraska provide unique opportunities for both business professionals and learners. They cater to the needs of companies and schools through specialized programs and educational sessions.

Apple at Work

Apple supports businesses with a dedicated Small Business Team that assists in finding the right Apple products and setups for various work environments. They offer personalized help, which is a boon for companies aiming to integrate Apple technology into their daily operations.

Today at Apple Educational Sessions

Today at Apple hosts free sessions at Apple Store locations where individuals can learn about Apple products and how to use them effectively. The sessions cover a range of topics and are designed to be accessible, offering valuable knowledge for learners of all ages.

Practical Information

When planning a visit to Nebraska’s Apple Store, it helps to know the key details about store operations and getting there. This section provides essential practical information.

Store Hours and Contact Information

Nebraska’s lone Apple Store is situated in Omaha at Village Pointe Shopping Center. It stands ready to serve customers with a range of technology needs. The store operates during the following hours and can be reached for inquiries at:

  • Address: 17170 Davenport Street, Omaha, NE 68118
  • Phone: (402) 970-4477
  • Store Hours:
    • Monday – Saturday: Open 10 am – 8 pm
    • Sunday: Open 11 am – 6 pm

Customers are encouraged to contact the store or check the official Apple Store website for any updates or holiday hours.

Transportation and Accessibility

Getting to the Apple Store in Omaha is straightforward, whether you’re driving or using public transport. For those coming by bus, several routes service the area around Village Pointe. If you’re coming from Iowa (IA), Kansas (KS), or Missouri (MO), you’ll find that major highways lead into Omaha, making your drive relatively simple. Parking is plentiful and free-of-charge.

The store ensures that all customers, including those with disabilities, can navigate and experience the store comfortably. Wheelchair accessibility and accommodations for individuals with other disabilities are in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

When searching for Apple Store information in Nebraska, certain questions commonly come up. This section aims to answer those inquiries with accurate and useful information.

How can I find a list of all the Apple Stores in Nebraska?

You can find a list of Apple Stores in Nebraska by visiting Apple’s official website. They maintain an up-to-date directory of all their store locations, including those in Nebraska.

Are there any upcoming new Apple Store openings in Nebraska?

For the latest information on new Apple Store openings in Nebraska, it is best to check Apple’s official news releases or contact customer service directly.

What is the total count of Apple Stores operating in Nebraska?

Currently, there is at least one known Apple Store operating in Nebraska, located in Omaha at Village Pointe.

Where is the closest Apple Store to my location in Nebraska?

To find the nearest Apple Store, you can use the Apple Store locator feature on their website, entering your city or zip code to determine the closest location.

Is there an Apple Store available in every major city in Nebraska?

Not every major city in Nebraska has an Apple Store. For instance, Lincoln, the state’s capital, does not have an Apple Store. Residents can visit the store in Omaha or use online services.

How can I schedule an appointment at an Apple Store in Nebraska?

Appointments at the Nebraska Apple Store can be scheduled through the Apple Store website or the Apple Store app. Select the service you need, and choose a time that works for you.

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