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While you can’t directly gift a YouTube Premium subscription to someone else, there are a few ways to get around this and give them the gift of ad-free viewing:

What Are Your Options for Gifting YouTube Premium?

Google Play Gift Cards

A Google Play gift card is the most versatile option. Your friend or family member can use it to:

  • Subscribe to YouTube Premium.
  • Buy movies and TV Shows on YouTube.
  • Purchase apps, games, and other content on the Google Play Store.

YouTube Gift Cards

YouTube gift cards are more specific than standard Google Play gift cards. They can only be used for specific YouTube-related services, including:

  • YouTube Premium subscriptions
  • YouTube Music Premium subscriptions
  • YouTube TV subscriptions
  • Movies and TV show purchases

Share a Family Plan

If you already have a YouTube Premium family plan, you can add up to five additional family members. This is a great way to share the benefits of YouTube Premium with the people closest to you.

How to choose the best option:

Google Play gift cardMost flexible, can be used for other Google servicesLess targeted than YouTube gift card
YouTube gift cardSpecifically for YouTube related purchasesCan’t use for anything else on Google Play
Share your family planCost-effective for multiple peopleRequires that you have a family plan already

Let your loved one enjoy an ad-free YouTube experience and explore the other benefits that go along with YouTube Premium!

Understanding YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium elevates the standard streaming experience by offering several enhanced features.

Benefits of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium offers an uninterrupted viewing experience with ad-free videos. Users can also download videos for offline viewing, ensuring entertainment is always accessible, regardless of internet availability. Background play allows music or videos to continue playing even when the app is not in focus. Additionally, subscribers get access to YouTube Music Premium and exclusive YouTube Originals.

YouTube Premium vs YouTube Music Premium

YouTube Premium provides a comprehensive package, including ad-free access to all video content, music, offline downloads, and background play across the entire YouTube and YouTube Music platforms.

YouTube Music Premium focuses on the music side, offering ad-free music streaming, the ability to download music for offline listening, and background play, but only within the YouTube Music app.

With these features in mind, YouTube Premium stands out as a versatile and comprehensive subscription for those keen on enjoying a wide variety of entertainment without interruption.

Purchasing YouTube Premium as a Gift

Gifting YouTube Premium lets someone enjoy an ad-free and enhanced viewing experience. Perfect for holidays or birthdays, this present is a sign of thoughtfulness and creativity.

Gift Purchase Process

To send YouTube Premium as a gift, one would start by visiting the YouTube Premium website. Once there, one can find options to purchase a gift card. This card can be sent directly to the recipient’s email address. During purchase, the buyer will specify the recipient’s email address and choose a delivery date. The design of the gift card is also customizable, making the gift more personal.

  • Go to the YouTube Premium site
  • Select the gift card option
  • Enter the recipient’s email address
  • Customize the card design
  • Set the delivery date

Selecting a Subscription Plan

Before finalizing the purchase, it is important to select the right subscription plan. YouTube Premium offers different plans, and the buyer must choose one that fits the length of time they’d like to gift the subscription for. Payment for the gift is easy and can be made through various payment methods.

  • Choose a subscription plan:
    • 1 month
    • 3 months
    • 6 months
    • 12 months
  • Complete the purchase with a payment method

Managing and Redeeming YouTube Premium Gifts

Giving the gift of YouTube Premium can add ad-free entertainment and music to someone’s daily routine. This section breaks down how to redeem the gift and manage the benefits that come with it.

Redeeming a YouTube Premium Gift

To redeem a YouTube Premium gift, the recipient needs to use a web browser. They should sign into their Google account where they want YouTube Premium activated. Once logged in, they go to the redemption page listed on the gift card or they could visit YouTube’s official redeem web page. Here, they input the code from the gift card and click Save to apply it to their account.

It’s important to note that if the YouTube Premium gift was purchased via third parties like Amazon, and issues arise, getting in touch with Amazon customer support might help resolve any concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the perfect gift can be challenging, but YouTube Premium poses a unique option that pleases music and video enthusiasts alike.

How can I purchase YouTube Premium as a gift for someone else?

To gift YouTube Premium, simply buy a gift card or digital code from an online retailer and deliver it to the recipient. They can then redeem it for a Premium subscription.

Are there gift cards available specifically for YouTube Premium?

Yes, YouTube Premium gift cards are available. You can find these digital codes on various online shops such as Amazon.

Is it possible to gift a YouTube Premium membership for a full year?

While direct gifting from YouTube doesn’t offer a year-long subscription, buying a gift card equivalent to the annual cost allows someone to use it for a year-long membership.

Can I use a Google Play gift card to buy someone YouTube Premium?

Certainly, Google Play gift cards can be used by the recipient to subscribe to YouTube Premium since it is part of Google’s offerings.

Can YouTube purchases be gifted to another user?

As of now, specific YouTube purchases like movies cannot be directly gifted, but with gift codes for overall services like YouTube Premium, you can indirectly gift access to such content.

Does YouTube Premium have a family plan option that can be given as a gift?

While you cannot directly gift a family plan, you can give a gift card that covers the cost of a family plan subscription for YouTube Premium.

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