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Gaming Monitor

Gaming monitors have become a pivotal component of the modern gamer’s setup, delivering vivid visuals and fluid gameplay. The crispness of a high-resolution display paired with the smoothness provided by high refresh rates transforms gaming into a deeply immersive experience. Advances in display technology have resulted in a variety of monitors tailored to gaming, with features such as adaptive sync technology to reduce screen tearing and low response times to prevent input lag.

Top 10 Gaming Monitors For 2024

RankBrand & ModelScreen Size & TypeResolutionRefresh RateResponse TimeProsCons
1Sceptre 30-inch Curved30″ Curved Ultra-WideFull HD200 Hz5 msImmersive curved design, high refresh rate, built-in speakersLimited sharpness on large screen, fixed stand
2Samsung 49″ Odyssey OLED Curved49″ Curved Ultra-WideDual QHD240 Hz0.03 msVibrant OLED, immersive design, ultra-fast responsePremium price, heavy, may prefer flat screen
3Sceptre 24.5″ Curved 240Hz24.5″ CurvedFull HD240 Hz1 msHigh refresh rate, immersive curve, speakersFull HD resolution, potential ghosting
4AOC C27G2Z 27″27″ CurvedFull HD240 Hz0.5 msHigh refresh rate, fast response, curvedFull HD resolution, limited adjustability
5Sceptre 24-inch Curved24″ CurvedFull HD75 Hz8 msCurved display, connectivity options, speakersLimited stand adjustability, lower speaker volume
6ASUS VG248QG 24″24″ FlatFull HD165 Hz0.5 msHigh refresh rate, adjustable stand, Eye Care technologyTN panel color, weak speakers
7Samsung 32″ Odyssey G55A32″ FlatQHD165 Hz1 msSmooth gameplay, HDR10, rapid responseFreeSync Premium not for NVIDIA, large for some desks
8LG 27″ UltraGear Monitor27″ FlatFull HD165 Hz1 msHigh refresh rate, FreeSync Premium, borderless designStandard FHD, minor backlight issues, color contrast
9Sceptre 27-inch27″ FlatFull HD100 Hz1 msVibrant colors, connectivity, eye careBasic speakers, stand design, limited adjustability
10Alienware 27″27″ FlatQHD240 Hz1 msHigh refresh rates, accurate colors, adjustable standPremium price, potential backlight bleed

When choosing a gaming monitor, buyers should keep several key factors in mind. Resolution dictates the clarity of the on-screen content, with higher resolutions offering more detail. Refresh rate, measured in Hertz (Hz), affects how smooth motion appears on the screen, with higher rates leading to less motion blur. Additionally, panel technology affects color reproduction and viewing angles, where In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels are generally superior. Monitor size and aspect ratio also play a role in the display’s impact on gaming, with larger screens offering more immersive experiences and different aspect ratios potentially providing competitive advantages in certain game types.

S28AG700NL 004 Black1

Critical considerations for avid gamers also include the monitor’s compatibility with their graphics card, the presence of gaming-centric features like a gaming mode or crosshairs, and connectivity options which determine what devices can be connected to the monitor. Taking into account these aspects allows gamers to align their choice with both their gaming needs and their system’s capabilities.

Selecting the right gaming monitor can elevate the gaming experience significantly. It’s important to balance performance with price while considering the specific needs for the types of games one intends to play. Transitioning to reviews and recommendations, the next segment aims to cover various models that stand out in the gaming monitor market, offering options that meet different criteria and preferences to help gamers make an informed decision matching their desired gaming setup.

Best Gaming Monitors

Gamers seeking top performance know the right monitor can make all the difference. We’ve gathered a selection of the finest gaming monitors that promise to display every frame of the action with perfect clarity and stunning visuals. Our recommendations are based on display quality, response time, and overall gaming features to suit various budgets and gaming needs. Whether you play fast-paced first-person shooters or visually rich open-world games, you’ll find a monitor here that fits your playstyle.

Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor


Gamers in search of a large, immersive display may find the Sceptre 30-inch monitor a strong contender due to its curved ultra-wide screen and high refresh rate.


  • Immersive curved design enhances viewing experience
  • High 200Hz refresh rate for fluid visuals
  • Built-in speakers for convenient audio output


  • Full HD on a 30-inch screen may affect sharpness
  • Fixed stand limits adjustability
  • Not ideal for color-critical work

Gamers will appreciate the expansive 21:9 aspect ratio that offers ample room for multitasking and a more immersive gaming experience. The curved display aims to provide a panoramic view, keeping the entire screen within the user’s field of vision. This feature is often appreciated by those who spend long hours in front of their monitors as it can create a more natural viewing experience.

With a significant boost to the refresh rate, up to 200Hz, users will notice less motion blur and smoother transitions in fast-paced games. Stutter and tearing can pull you out of the game, but with AMD FreeSync compatibility, the display’s refresh rate syncs with the graphics card’s frame rate to help reduce these issues. Such smoothness is especially beneficial in competitive gaming, where every millisecond can make a difference.

Keep in mind the trade-offs of having a large screen with Full HD resolution. At 30 inches, you may notice a decrease in pixel density, meaning some may perceive the image to be less sharp compared to smaller screens with the same resolution. For those needing a monitor that stays put, the included stand will do; however, those who desire movement might miss having the option to adjust height or swivel the screen to their liking. Also, if your activities require precise color representation, like photo editing, this monitor may not satisfy those needs due to its focus on gaming over color accuracy.

Despite these considerations, the Sceptre 30-inch curved monitor manages to bring together features that cater to a seamless gaming session. The inclusion of built-in speakers contributes to a cleaner desk setup, with less clutter from external audio devices, though dedicated speakers or headphones are recommended for a more robust sound experience. Overall, this gaming monitor is worthy of consideration for anyone looking to upgrade their visual setup for gaming and general use.

Samsung 49″ Odyssey OLED Curved Monitor


Gamers seeking an immersive experience will find this monitor’s curved design and rapid response time highly compelling.


  • Vibrant OLED display with deep blacks
  • Immersive 1800R curvature and super ultrawide format
  • Ultra-fast 0.03ms response time and 240Hz refresh rate


  • Premium price point
  • Some users may prefer a flat screen
  • Heavy weight could challenge some mounting setups

Choosing a gaming monitor is a critical decision for anyone looking to enhance their gaming setup. Samsung’s Odyssey OLED Curved Monitor stands out with its impressive display capabilities. The 49-inch Dual QHD screen delivers an expansive field of view, ideal for gamers who want to lose themselves in virtual worlds. The curvature of the monitor is designed to match the natural curvature of the human eye, offering a more comfortable viewing experience during extended gaming sessions.

An OLED display is known for its superior color contrast, showing true blacks and vibrant colors. This feature is especially noticeable in games with dark scenes, where details could be missed on other screens. Fast-paced games benefit greatly from both the 240Hz refresh rate and the rapid response time, ensuring seamless gameplay without motion blur. This monitor can give competitive players an edge, reacting as quickly as they do to in-game events.

It is important to consider the practicalities of integrating such a monitor into one’s setup. Its substantial weight and size call for a sturdy desk and may not be suitable for those with limited space. Despite the price being on the higher end, gamers who are serious about their experience will find the investment worthwhile for the visual quality and performance enhancements this monitor provides.

The Samsung Odyssey OLED Curved Monitor is curated for an audience that values fluid gameplay and cinematic visuals. It makes a significant statement both in terms of aesthetics and gaming prowess, providing an experience that traditional monitors cannot match.

Sceptre 24.5″ Curved 240Hz Monitor


For gamers seeking smooth visuals and immersion, this monitor offers a solid balance between performance and features.


  • High refresh rate for seamless gameplay
  • Curved screen for an immersive experience
  • Includes built-in speakers to save desk space


  • Full HD resolution may not satisfy all users
  • Some may experience ghosting during high-paced games
  • Requires compatible hardware to utilize full refresh rate benefits

Gamers will find the 240Hz refresh rate instrumental in keeping visuals fluid, reducing motion blur and input lag. This paves the way for a more enjoyable gaming experience, especially during fast-paced action. Curvature of the display pulls you into the game, creating an encompassing field of view. This model comes with speakers, which is convenient for those who prefer a clutter-free workspace.

Despite its many strengths, the monitor’s resolution, while sharp, is not the highest available. Enthusiasts in pursuit of ultra-detailed visuals may look for higher resolutions. In certain games, some users might notice slight ghosting—a momentary trail left on the screen by moving objects. This can be a distraction, though many may not find it significant.

Compatibility is key when it comes to harnessing the full potential of the 240Hz refresh rate. Users will need to ensure their graphics card can handle the output, otherwise, the monitor’s capabilities can’t be fully realized. Those with appropriate setups will likely appreciate the noticeable difference a higher refresh rate makes.

To conclude, this Sceptre monitor stands out as a strong candidate for gamers who prioritize fluid gameplay and an engaging visual experience. With its curved design and high refresh rate, the pros outweigh the cons, making it an attractive choice for many. The inclusion of speakers adds value and convenience, rounding out its appeal as a comprehensive gaming display.

AOC C27G2Z 27″ Monitor


For those serious about gaming speed and performance, the AOC C27G2Z monitor is a strong choice.


  • Exceptionally high refresh rate for fluid gameplay
  • Ultra-fast response time minimizes motion blur
  • Immersive 1500R curvature


  • Full HD resolution may not satisfy all users
  • Limited adjustability compared to some rivals
  • Only has basic speakers

Gamers looking for blistering speed in their gaming display might find the AOC C27G2Z an impressive option. Its 240Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response time are designed to reduce motion blur, providing a crisp image even in the most chaotic action scenes. This could give players a slight edge in competitive gaming scenarios where every millisecond counts.

The monitor’s 1500R curvature aims to provide a more engaging visual experience, wrapping the image around the gamer’s field of view. This curvature can contribute to an immersive gaming session, potentially allowing players to lose themselves in virtual worlds.

Featuring AMD FreeSync technology, screen tearing and stuttering are minimized, which translates into smoother visuals that sync well with compatible graphics cards. This synchronization is particularly valuable for gamers who demand seamless and uninterrupted visuals.

In terms of aesthetics, the monitor offers a frameless design on three sides, lending it a modern, almost floating appearance ideal for multi-monitor setups. Plus, with its height-adjustable stand, users can find a comfortable viewing angle that suits their seating position, reducing strain during long gaming sessions.

The 27″ display provides ample screen space, and while some may seek out higher resolutions, the Full HD (1920×1080) resolution maintains the focus on speed and a high frame rate, which is crucial for many gaming enthusiasts.

While the AOC C27G2Z monitor is designed with gamers in mind, the inclusion of merely functional built-in speakers means that for the best audio experience, external speakers or headphones are advisable.

Overall, the AOC C27G2Z monitor caters to those who value speed and performance in their gaming, offering features that could enhance gameplay substantially. It is a compelling option well worth considering for a gaming setup upgrade.

Sceptre 24-inch Curved Monitor


If clarity and immersion matter to you in gaming, this monitor could be a great match with its curved design and vibrant display.


  • Immersive curved display enhances visuals
  • Multiple ports for connectivity options
  • Built-in speakers for integrated audio


  • Limited adjustability in stand
  • Speaker volume may not satisfy all users
  • Curvature may not appeal to everyone

The Sceptre Curved 24-inch Monitor provides an encompassing viewing experience with its curved screen, drawing players into the heart of the action. This design creates a wider field of view and reduces eye strain during extended gaming sessions.

Inclusion of both HDMI and VGA ports gives users flexibility to connect various devices. This versatility ensures the monitor can easily integrate into most gaming setups, accommodating PCs, consoles, and other media devices without issue.

While the monitor comes with built-in speakers, those seeking a high-fidelity audio experience might find external speakers or headphones a beneficial addition. The onboard audio may suffice for basic use, but it cannot replace a dedicated sound system.

An aspect to consider is the monitor’s stand, which offers limited ergonomic adjustments. Some users might prefer a monitor with greater tilt, swivel, and height customization for optimal comfort and viewing angles.

Customers who prefer traditional flat screens should think carefully before opting for a curved monitor. The unique shape enhances immersion but differs from the flat screen experience some users may be accustomed to.

Overall, the Sceptre 24-inch Curved Monitor aligns well with gamers looking for an immersive visual experience backed by the convenience of multiple input options and acceptable color performance.

ASUS VG248QG 24″ Gaming Monitor


For gamers seeking smooth gameplay and comfort during long sessions, the ASUS VG248QG is a solid choice.


  • High refresh rate for fluid visuals
  • Adjustable stand for ergonomic comfort
  • Eye Care technology for reduced eye strain


  • TN panel may not offer the best color accuracy
  • Built-in speakers lack power and clarity
  • Some users reported saturation issues

The ASUS VG248QG offers performance that can please any avid gamer, featuring a high refresh rate that makes gameplay silk-smooth and a rapid response time that virtually eliminates lag. This monitor aims to deliver a competitive edge in fast-paced environments.

Comfort is also key with this device. It boasts an ergonomically-designed stand, allowing for extensive adjustments, including height, swivel, and tilt. This ensures users can find the perfect viewing angle, reducing physical strain during those marathon gaming sessions.

Eye fatigue is a common concern for gamers, and that’s where ASUS Eye Care comes in. The technology in this monitor helps minimize strain, incorporating a flicker-free backlight and a blue light filter. This could mean longer, more comfortable gaming without the drawbacks of extended screen exposure.

Despite the upsides, the ASUS VG248QG isn’t without its drawbacks. Its TN panel does fall short when it comes to color depth and viewing angles in comparison to IPS panels. Users searching for vibrant colors might find this aspect lacking.

Audio might not be the strong suit of the VG248QG, as the speakers deliver less than impressive sound. For optimal audio, external speakers or a quality headset would be preferable.

To sum up, although some users have noticed the colors aren’t as saturated as they’d like them to be, the monitor generally strikes a good balance between performance and comfort. However, for those with a keen eye for accuracy in color, this might not be the top pick.

Samsung 32″ Odyssey G55A


For competitive gamers seeking performance and immersive visuals, the Samsung Odyssey G55A offers a significant edge.


  • Smooth gameplay with 165Hz refresh rate
  • Rapid 1ms response for timely actions
  • Striking details and colors with HDR10 support


  • FreeSync Premium may not suit NVIDIA graphics card users
  • 32-inch size could be large for small desks
  • Design might not appeal to all tastes due to its futuristic look

Gamers often search for monitors that can match the speed and intensity of their gameplay. The Odyssey G55A is well-equipped for such challenges with its high refresh rate capable of producing smooth images even in the most action-packed moments. Timing is crucial, and the quick response time means users see the action unfold almost instantly, potentially improving their in-game reactions.

The beauty of a game is integral to the enjoyment for many players. This monitor uses HDR10 to create a rich palette of colors, making the gaming worlds more vibrant and lifelike. The high pixel density sharpens images, which could lead to a more immersive experience as players spot details they might otherwise miss.

However, gamers who prefer NVIDIA’s graphics cards might be unable to utilize the AMD FreeSync Premium to its fullest extent. The large screen size is impressive but may be overwhelming for those with limited space, potentially affecting the setup of a gaming station. Also, the monitor’s avant-garde design, while modern, may not align with everyone’s aesthetic preferences.

Overall, the Samsung Odyssey G55A is a robust choice for gamers who prioritize rapid and responsive gameplay with beautiful graphics. The monitor’s features focus on enhancing gaming sessions, making it a worthy consideration for someone’s next gaming upgrade.

LG 27GQ50F-B 27″ UltraGear Monitor


This LG UltraGear monitor is a solid choice for gamers seeking smooth visuals and responsive gameplay.


  • High refresh rate for fluid gameplay
  • Compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium for reduced screen tearing
  • 3-side virtually borderless design for an immersive experience


  • Standard FHD resolution might not satisfy users looking for 4K
  • Some users may experience minor issues with the backlight
  • Color contrast could be improved according to some feedback

Gamers who prioritize performance will find the high refresh rate advantageous for fast-paced games. The monitor offers a smooth, tear-free gaming experience due to its compatibility with AMD FreeSync Premium, a technology that synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with the GPU’s output. This minimizes stutters and screen tearing. Moreover, its 3-side virtually borderless design draws players into the action, creating an engaging and immersive user experience.

However, a few downsides should be considered. Although ideal for many users, the 1920 x 1080 resolution doesn’t quite meet the demands of those desiring 4K quality. Certain feedback indicates there can be occasional issues with the backlight not turning off completely, requiring users to switch the monitor on and off again. Additionally, despite the monitor’s overall solid performance, there are remarks suggesting the color contrast may not be as vibrant as expected.

Overall, the LG UltraGear monitor is designed to meet the specific needs of gamers, with a focus on speed and responsiveness. While the visual performance fulfills the requirements of most users, those with a keen eye for detail may find the color and resolution less satisfactory. However, the affordability combined with the technical capabilities makes it a strong contender for anyone looking to enhance their gaming setup without breaking the bank.

Sceptre 27-inch E275W-FW100T Gaming Monitor


Purchasers looking for an affordable gaming monitor with essential features may consider this Sceptre model.


  • Vibrant color performance due to 100% sRGB coverage
  • Versatility with multiple ports including HDMI and DisplayPort
  • Eye care technology to minimize eye strain during extended use


  • Built-in speakers lack depth in sound quality
  • Stand design could be improved for better stability
  • Limited adjustability options for the screen

With an impressive color range, the Sceptre 27-inch monitor caters to those who value visual fidelity in games and creative projects. Offering a 100Hz refresh rate, it balances the needs of casual gamers and everyday use, providing a smooth viewing experience without the hefty price tag of high-end monitors.

Despite these benefits, the monitor reveals some areas of compromise, such as its sound system. Users may feel the need to invest in external speakers for a fuller audio experience. Additionally, the stand may leave some desiring more robust support and adjustment features to tailor their viewing angle.

Overall, customers show contentment with the monitor’s performance, especially considering its cost. Shoppers seeking a balance between price and capability may find this product a fitting choice. The full HD display renders sharp images, and with FreeSync support, it synchronizes well with compatible graphics cards to reduce image tearing. This monitor could serve as a strong contender for a multi-functional display solution in the market.

Alienware 27″ AW2723DF Gaming Monitor


For gamers seeking performance and visual quality, this monitor is a solid choice.


  • High refresh rates for fluid gameplay
  • Accurate and vivid colors with wide viewing angles
  • Fully adjustable stand for comfort and versatility


  • Premium price point
  • Potential for backlight bleed as reported by some users
  • Limited use beyond gaming due to specific design and features

People in search of a stellar gaming experience will find the Alienware AW2723DF offers performance-focused features. Its high refresh rates promise to keep action smooth, which is invaluable in fast-paced games. The monitor’s ability to produce a broad spectrum of colors enhances the immersion, making game worlds appear more lifelike and vibrant to the viewer. This display device also includes a stand featuring several adjustments to cater to different heights and viewing angles, ensuring comfort over extended play sessions.

Any significant investment comes with high expectations, and this monitor’s price tag means it’s not for those who are budget-conscious. While it excels in gaming scenarios, some buyers have reported issues with backlight bleed, which could detract from dark scenes in games or movies. Additionally, the monitor’s game-centric design and capabilities may not lend itself as well to non-gaming tasks, which could be a downside for users who wish to use the monitor for a variety of applications.

Designed for gaming enthusiasts, the Alienware monitor’s Nvidia G-Sync compatibility aims to eliminate annoying screen tearing, and with a rapid response time, it keeps gameplay sharp without motion blur. The practical design elements, such as the robust stand and minimalist bezel, contribute to a sleek setup that fits well into any modern gaming station. This product is well-suited for people who spend a lot of time gaming and are looking for a balance between high-speed performance and visual fidelity.

Buying Guide

Resolution and Panel Size

FeatureDescriptionWhy it Matters
ResolutionThe number of pixels that compose the display.Higher resolution offers clarity.
Panel SizeMeasured diagonally in inches.Larger screens provide immersion.

Refresh Rate and Response Time

FeatureDescriptionWhy it Matters
Refresh RateHow often the screen refreshes per second.Higher rates lead to smoother motion.
Response TimeSpeed at which pixels change from one color to another.Faster times reduce motion blur.

Connectivity Options

FeatureDescriptionWhy it Matters
Video InputsTypes of connections available (HDMI, DisplayPort, etc.).Compatibility with your devices.
Additional FeaturesUSB ports, integrated speakers, or headphone jacks.Enhanced functionality.

Panel Technology

FeatureDescriptionWhy it Matters
Panel TypesMain types include IPS, TN, and VA.Each offers different levels of color and viewing angles.

Color Accuracy and Gamut

FeatureDescriptionWhy it Matters
Color AccuracyHow closely the colors on the screen match reality.Essential for graphic design and video editing.
Color GamutRange of colors the monitor can display.Wider gamuts offer more vivid and diverse colors.

When choosing the best gaming monitor, you should consider several features that impact your gaming experience. Resolution and panel size play significant roles in how immersive and detailed your games will be. Refresh rate and response time are critical for fluid and blur-free action. Connectivity options will ensure the monitor works with your gaming setup while panel technology affects viewing angles and color reproduction. Lastly, color accuracy and color gamut are important for a vibrant and true-to-life display, especially in games with rich and complex visuals. Each feature contributes to the overall performance of the monitor, so consider what matters most for your gaming needs.

How To Pick The Ultimate Gaming Monitor

Screen Size & ResolutionHighBigger screens offer immersion, higher resolutions mean sharper details. Find the balance for your viewing distance and desired sharpness.24-32″ common; 1080p good for esports, 1440p for balance, 4K for stunning visuals.
Refresh RateHighHow often the screen updates per second. Higher refresh rates (Hz) mean smoother, tear-free gameplay, especially in fast-paced games.144Hz+ ideal for competitive gaming, 75Hz+ okay for casual play.
Response TimeHighHow fast the pixels change color. Lower response times (ms) reduce motion blur, crucial for fast-paced games.1ms-5ms ideal for competitive gaming, 5ms-8ms okay for casual play.
Panel TypeMediumIPS offers good color accuracy and viewing angles, VA offers better contrast but lower viewing angles, TN is fastest but has color limitations.IPS best for most, VA good for dark environments, TN for budget options.
FreeSync/G-SyncMediumTechnologies that eliminate screen tearing by synchronizing the refresh rate to the graphics card.Important for high frame rate gaming to avoid tearing.
Curved vs. FlatLowCurved screens offer a more immersive experience, but some find them distracting.Personal preference, try both if possible.
HDRLowHigh Dynamic Range offers deeper blacks and brighter whites, but not all games and monitors support it.Nice-to-have for immersive visuals, not essential.
Ports & FeaturesLowEnsure the monitor has the ports you need (HDMI, DisplayPort) and any desired features (speakers, USB hub).Check compatibility with your PC.

Bonus Tips:

  • Consider your budget and prioritize features that matter most to you.
  • Read reviews and watch comparisons before buying.
  • Adjust settings to optimize the monitor for your specific game and preferences.
  • Take breaks to avoid eye strain, even with a great monitor!

Remember, the “ultimate” monitor is subjective and depends on your needs and preferences. Use this table as a guide to find the perfect match for your gaming setup!

S49AG950NM 008 L Dynamic White1

Top Brands:

  • Acer
  • Asus
  • Dell / Alienware
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • BenQ
  • HP
  • Iiyama

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right gaming monitor can significantly enhance your gaming experience. These FAQs will touch upon key aspects such as features to look for, the impact of refresh rate, the gains of a 4K monitor, budget-friendly options for competitive gaming, the benefits of OLED technology, and how to select the ideal monitor size for your space.

What features should I look for in a gaming monitor?

A good gaming monitor should have a high refresh rate and low response time. Look for monitors with adaptive sync technologies like NVIDIA G-Sync or AMD FreeSync to reduce screen tearing.

How does monitor refresh rate affect gaming performance?

The refresh rate, measured in hertz (Hz), refers to how many times the monitor updates with new images each second. Higher refresh rates lead to smoother gameplay, and are particularly beneficial in fast-paced games.

What are the benefits of a 4K gaming monitor?

A 4K monitor provides incredibly clear and detailed images thanks to its high resolution. This makes games look more lifelike and can improve your immersion in the game world.

Are budget gaming monitors good for competitive gaming?

Certain budget gaming monitors offer high refresh rates and low response times, which are crucial for competitive gaming. However, they may lack some premium features such as wider color gamuts or high dynamic range (HDR).

What is the advantage of OLED in gaming monitors?

OLED technology delivers fantastic contrast with true blacks and a wide color spectrum. This creates a vibrant, dynamic picture that can improve the visual experience in games, making dark areas and shadows more pronounced and colors more vivid.

How do I choose the right size gaming monitor for my setup?

Consider your desk space and how close you sit to the screen. Larger monitors can provide a more immersive experience, but they also require you to move your head and eyes more to see the entire screen. Monitors around 24 to 27 inches are often preferred for their balance between size and usability.

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