iPhone 15 Battery Sharing
iPhone 15 Battery Sharing

Sharing battery power on your iPhone 15 can be a crucial feature, especially when you’re running low on juice and need to keep your device alive. While the iPhone 15 doesn’t support physical battery sharing like some wireless reverse charging in other devices, there are ways to optimize and share battery life between your devices. Here’s how you can effectively manage and extend your battery life.

Understanding Battery Sharing

What is Battery Sharing?

Battery sharing typically refers to the ability to transfer power from one device to another. However, in the context of the iPhone 15, it’s more about managing and conserving battery life across your Apple devices.

Accessing Battery Settings

Navigating to Battery Settings

To start, open the Settings app on your iPhone 15 and tap on ‘Battery’. This section provides various options to manage your battery usage and health​​.

Activating Low Power Mode

Enabling Low Power Mode

Toggle on the ‘Low Power Mode’ option in the Battery settings. This mode reduces power consumption by limiting background activity and automatic downloads, among other things, helping to extend your battery life when it’s running low​​​​.

Impact of Low Power Mode

While Low Power Mode is effective in conserving battery, it may restrict some functionalities. For instance, mail fetch, background app refresh, and some visual effects are reduced or turned off​​.

Battery Health and Charging Optimization

Monitoring Battery Health

In ‘Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging’, you can keep an eye on your battery’s overall health. This is crucial for maintaining long-term battery performance.

Using Charging Optimization

The Charging Optimization feature in iPhone 15 helps maintain battery health by learning your charging habits. It prevents your iPhone from charging beyond 80% until it predicts you need to use it, reducing battery aging​​.

Sharing Across Devices

Enabling Device Sharing

In the Battery settings, you might find an option to ‘Share Across Devices’. This allows for better battery management across your connected Apple devices, though it’s more about balancing battery usage rather than directly sharing power​​.

Conserving Battery on a Daily Basis

Regular Battery Maintenance

Regularly monitor your battery usage to identify which apps consume the most power. Limit the use of high-consumption apps or update them to ensure they are running efficiently.

Adjusting Screen Brightness and Timeout

Reducing screen brightness and setting a shorter auto-lock time can significantly conserve battery life.

Using External Battery Packs

Portable Charging Solutions

For actual power sharing, consider using external battery packs or power banks. They are a practical solution for charging your iPhone 15 on the go.

Wireless Charging Options

Invest in a wireless charger if your iPhone 15 supports it. This can provide a convenient way to charge without the hassle of cables.


While the iPhone 15 doesn’t support direct battery sharing like some Android devices, managing your battery smartly can help extend its life. Use Low Power Mode, monitor battery health, and consider external battery packs for those times when you need extra power.


  1. Can I wirelessly charge my iPhone 15 from another phone? No, the iPhone 15 doesn’t support reverse wireless charging to receive or share power with other devices.
  2. How do I know if my battery health is degrading? Check the Battery Health section in Settings to view your battery’s maximum capacity and peak performance capability.
  3. Will Low Power Mode significantly affect my iPhone’s performance? Low Power Mode might slow down certain functions, but it’s optimized to have minimal impact on everyday usage.
  4. Can I share my iPhone’s battery with my iPad? While you can’t directly share battery power, using the same Apple ID and iCloud account can help manage battery usage more efficiently across devices.
  5. Is it bad to charge my iPhone 15 overnight? With Charging Optimization, it’s generally safe to charge your iPhone overnight as it manages the charging process to reduce battery aging.
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