Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover
Helldivers 2 Logo Game Cover

Mastering the keyboard controls in Helldivers 2 will give you a huge bump up in play and performance. Being fast to react to changes in the game is a critical component of play because you never know what is going to sneak up on you and pounce at any moment. You need to be quick with your reactions need to be accurate – so practicing on the keyboard and learning / setting custom keybinds is going to help you out:

Essential Keyboard Controls

Default Keyboard Controls

Out of the box, Helldivers 2 offers a set of default keyboard controls that cater to most players. Let’s break down the basics:

MovementW, A, S, D
SprintHold Shift
Primary FireLeft Mouse Button
AimRight Mouse Button
Melee AttackV
StrategemsA (Left), D (Right)
Call for ReinforcementsZ
Mark TargetQ

Customizable Keybinds

Helldivers 2 understands that preferences vary. Head to the options menu, and you’ll find a “Mouse & Keyboard” section where you can remap keys to your liking. Some players find swapping “Sprint” to a toggle instead of a hold more comfortable.

Community-Recommended Changes

The Helldivers community has experimented with different keybinds. One common suggestion is setting “Strategems” to the Alt key for easier access. Additionally, reassigning “Jump/Mantle” to the spacebar can improve responsiveness.

Master the Controls, Conquer the Battlefield

While the default controls offer a good starting point, customizing your keybinds can significantly enhance your Helldivers 2 experience. It’s about finding what feels intuitive and allows for quick, decisive action. Experiment with different setups, and before you know it, you’ll be leading the charge against alien hordes with unparalleled efficiency.

Keyboard Controls Overview

Mastering the keyboard controls in Helldivers 2 can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. This overview provides a concise guide to the default key bindings, highlighting ways to maneuver, engage in combat, communicate, and execute strategic moves with efficiency.

Movement and Navigation

Navigating the battlefield effectively is fundamental. Use W, A, S, D to move your character in respective directions. Shift enables you to sprint, while holding Ctrl lets you dive, which can be crucial to avoid enemy fire. The Spacebar is used to interact with objects and climb over obstacles, allowing you to traverse the terrain smoothly.

Combat and Interaction

Combat is at the heart of the Helldivers 2 experience. The primary weapon is fired using the left mouse button, with aiming done through the right mouse button. R reloads your weapon, and F allows you to throw grenades. When in close range, use V to perform a melee attack. To quickly use a support weapon, press G. For life-saving moments, the Quick Stim key is E. To change weapons, use Q for the primary weapon, E for the secondary weapon, and 3 to access the weapon wheel.

Communication and Visibility

Staying visible to your teammates and communicating effectively are keys to survival. To open the map, press Tab and to mark a location or object, press B. The Open Comms Wheel is accessible via C, and for voice chat, V is your go-to key. These facilitate quick and clear coordination during high-stress moments.

Strategic Maneuvers

Strategic gameplay calls for the use of the comprehensive Stratagem system. Open the stratagem list with Z, and then input the corresponding directional commands to deploy your chosen stratagem. Q is used to switch aim modes, enhancing precision. To dive and evade enemy attacks, strike Ctrl. Keeping a sharp eye on your backpack function is easy with X, ensuring all your gear is utilized effectively.

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