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Water Filter Pitcher

People have been using water filters to ensure the quality of their tap water more and more recently. Water filter pitchers are a popular choice because they are convenient and portable, and do not require installation. These pitchers purify water in the fridge, making it easy to improve the taste and quality of drinking water. When choosing a water filter pitcher, it’s important to consider its effectiveness against contaminants like chlorine, heavy metals, and pesticides. The speed of filtration, water processing volume, and filter lifespan are also key factors. In addition to what the filter removes, consider the pitcher’s design, size, and how well it fits in your fridge. The material of the filter is crucial and should be free from toxins like BPA. Ease of use, cleaning, and filter replacement are also important. We have tested numerous models to find the right balance between filtration effectiveness, design, usability, and cost. Our comprehensive guide aims to make it easier for you to find the best water filter pitcher to suit your needs and keep your water tasting great.

Top Water Filter Pitchers

Below you’ll see a list of the best water pitchers available on Amazon. Our list highlights products that are effective, user-friendly, and offer great value for your money. Whether you’re looking to reduce contaminants in your tap water or simply improve its taste, our recommendations cater to a variety of needs and preferences. Keep reading to find the perfect water filter pitcher for your home.

RankWater PitcherProsCons
1ZeroWater 5-Stage DispenserEnsures water purity with a 5-stage filtration process
Built-in TDS meter
22-cup capacity
May require frequent filter changes
Slower filtration rate
Costly filters
2Brita Metro 6-CupImproves water taste by reducing chlorine
Sustainable choice
Handy filter indicator
Small capacity
Filter replacements are additional cost
May not fit all fridge doors
3Brita Black Smart Light PitcherEffortless to refill
Smart indicator
10-cup limit
Filters need regular replacement
May not fit all contaminants
4Waterdrop LucidCrisp, clean taste
Smart indicator
Fits most fridge doors
Initial setup takes time
Replacement filters add cost
5Brita UltraMax DispenserSaves money
Large capacity
Simple design with indicator
Takes up significant fridge space
Higher initial investment
May not fit under shallow sinks
6Brita 10-Cup PitcherEnhances taste
Slender design
Requires frequent filter replacements
Lid may become loose
May not filter all contaminants
7Brita Elite PitcherReplaces plastic bottles
SmartLight feature
Fits fridges and families
Six-month filter life may be short
Initial setup requires patience
Potential for small scratches
8Epic Nano PitcherRemoves numerous contaminants
High filter capacity
LED timer
Takes longer to filter
Issues finding replacement filters
Larger size
9ZeroWater 10-CupRemoves dissolved solids
Dispenses while filtering
Slower filtration process
Spigot flow unpredictable
Requires regular filter changes
10Waterdrop Sleek DispenserFits easily in fridge
Quick filtration
Substantial capacity
Doesn’t lower TDS
Replacement filters pricey
Lid might be difficult to open

ZeroWater 5-Stage Dispenser

image 1

If you’re hunting for a water filter that delivers pure-tasting water and boasts a sleek design, this might just be your match.


  • Ensures water purity with a 5-stage filtration process
  • Built-in TDS meter for instant water quality reading
  • Generous 22-cup capacity ideal for households


  • May require frequent filter changes depending on water quality
  • Slower filtration rate
  • Filters can be more costly over time

Using this filter feels like taking control of our water quality. As soon as you pour water into the top, the filtration magic starts. This isn’t just your regular pitcher; you can tell the difference with each sip. The TDS (total dissolved solids) meter gives peace of mind because you can check the water purity anytime.

The practicality of this dispenser strikes you right away. From the smooth pour to the ease of refilling, it slips easily into our routines. Its 22-cup capacity means we don’t have to refill it constantly, which is a time-saver during busy days. Plus, knowing it’s removing all those invisible contaminants is incredibly reassuring.

Cost is always a consideration, and we’ve noticed the filters might need more frequent changes based on the water quality in our area. This means more expenses in the long run. And if you’re in a hurry, keep in mind the filtration isn’t instant—it takes its time to ensure quality. That’s a trade-off we’re willing to accept for purer water, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Brita Metro 6-Cup


If you’re on the hunt for a compact, cost-effective way to improve your drinking water, the Brita Metro is a smart pick.


  • Improves water taste by reducing chlorine
  • Sustainable choice that diminishes plastic bottle use
  • Handy filter indicator for timely replacements


  • Small capacity requires more frequent refills
  • Filter replacements are an additional ongoing cost
  • May not fit all refrigerator doors due to height

After using the Brita Metro, it’s clear why it’s a fan favorite. Its slim design fits comfortably in the fridge, and it’s effortless to refill, even directly from the tap. The water tastes distinctly better; a crisp, clean flavor you can notice immediately. The eco-friendly aspect can’t be ignored either, as it really cuts down on plastic waste.

However, its 6-cup volume can be limiting for larger households or those who consume lots of water throughout the day. You may find yourself filling it more often than you’d prefer. Additionally, keeping track of when to get new filters is essential; while the indicator light is convenient, buying filters is a recurring expense.

We appreciate the sustainability factor of the Brita Metro. Our use of single-use plastics has noticeably dropped. The locking lid design also means there’s no worrying about spills when we’re pouring or refilling, which is a relief. With each sip, we’re reminded that this small lifestyle change not only provides better-tasting water but also contributes to a healthier planet.

Brita Black Smart Light Pitcher

image 3

If you’re eyeing a practical way to improve your tap water taste and quality, this Brita pitcher is worth considering.


  • Effortless to refill and slots into most fridge doors
  • Comes with a smart indicator for timely filter changes
  • Significantly reduces plastic bottle use which is eco-friendly


  • Has a 10-cup limit which may not be enough for larger households
  • Filters need regular replacement every 2 months
  • May not fit all types of contaminants as specialized systems do

Having just filled my glass with water from the Brita Black Smart Light Pitcher, I can immediately taste the difference. The water is crisp and without any hint of chlorine, a common issue with municipal supplies. It’s reassuring to know I’m cutting down on plastic waste; imagining the sea of bottles I’ve avoided puts things in perspective.

The pitcher’s smart indicator is a nifty reminder to swap filters. No need to mark calendars or second-guess; it tells us precisely when it’s time. The design is sleek, with a black finish that looks good on our counter and tucks neatly into the fridge.

On the flip side, we sometimes wish it held more water. Refilling during a dinner party can interrupt the flow of conversation. Moreover, having to remember to purchase filters bi-monthly adds an extra item to our shopping list.

Overall, this pitcher is a solid choice for anyone looking to improve their drinking water. The taste speaks for itself – each sip feels like a vote for our health and the planet.

Waterdrop Lucid

image 9

If you’re in the market for water that tastes crisp and clean straight from your fridge, the Waterdrop Lucid is a choice we stand behind.


  • The filter gives us water that’s free from bad taste and odors for months.
  • Its smart indicator informs us when it’s time for a filter change; no guesswork.
  • Fits snugly in most fridge doors, making it easily accessible.


  • The initial setup might take us a bit longer to navigate.
  • It’s a bit pricier compared to some basic models out there.
  • Replacement filters can be an additional cost we need to consider.

Slipping the Waterdrop Lucid filter into place, the crisp taste of purified water was noticeable right away. It’s a fresh taste that gives us confidence in what we’re drinking. The blue hue of the pitcher adds a pop of color to the kitchen without overpowering it. When it’s time for a drink, the water flows smoothly into the cup with no splashing or spilling.

Monitoring the water quality couldn’t be simpler. The intelligent indicator is like a trusty companion, giving us a heads-up on filter health, taking the guesswork out of maintenance. Knowing we can enjoy pure water for up to 200 gallons is a huge plus. We appreciate that peace of mind and the fewer trips to the store for replacements.

Refilling is a breeze, thanks to the design. We don’t need to remove the entire lid, which saves time and effort. Moreover, the water’s purity makes our morning coffee taste better and our cooking water cleaner. It’s like treating ourselves to a little luxury every day.

Overall, the functionality and thoughtful design of the Waterdrop Lucid blend together for our convenience and health. Sure, the investment upfront and the future cost of filter replacements might make us pause, but the quality of the water we’re drinking and the ease of use make it worthwhile. It’s an item we’ve come to rely on daily, integrating seamlessly into our routines.

Brita UltraMax Dispenser

image 2

If you’re looking to cut down on bottled water and enjoy clean, filtered tap water, this Brita UltraMax is a great pick.


  • Saves money by eliminating the need for bottled water
  • Large capacity ideal for families or shared living spaces
  • Simple design and indicator for filter replacement


  • Takes up significant space in the fridge
  • Initial investment higher than simple water pitchers
  • May not fit under shallow sinks for refilling

After using this Brita dispenser, it became clear that it’s perfect for our family’s needs. With its generously sized tank, we’re able to keep plenty of chilled, filtered water ready to go. The water’s taste is noticeably pure, devoid of any unpleasant chlorine odor or flavor. We’ve managed to say goodbye to the endless stream of plastic water bottles too—our recycling bin has never been lighter!

Its size, while an asset, does make it slightly bulky for our fridge. However, we shuffled some shelves around, and now it’s a snug fit. While refilling, we need to take it out of the fridge, as our faucet is a bit low. This isn’t a deal-breaker since the benefits far outweigh this minor inconvenience.

When it comes time to switch out the filter, the sticker indicator is straightforward and takes the guesswork out of maintenance. We used to have reminders set on our phone for the old pitcher, so this is a neat improvement.

Remember, it’s wise to have extra filters on hand to ensure there’s no lapse in water quality. The initial cost was a bit of a step up from our old jug, but considering the use we get out of it, it’s definitely worth it in the long run.

Brita 10-Cup Pitcher

image 5

If you’re seeking a convenient way to improve your drinking water, this Brita Water Pitcher is a smart choice.


  • Enhances taste by reducing chlorine and odors
  • Eco-friendly choice, curbing plastic bottle use
  • Slender design fits nicely in the fridge


  • Requires frequent filter replacements
  • Lid may become loose with use
  • May not filter certain contaminants as thoroughly as higher-end models

We’ve been trying out the Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher, and it’s been a real eye-opener. The water clarity and flavor are noticeably better than straight from the tap. While some pitchers can be bulky, taking up too much fridge space, this one slides right in. It’s also a breeze to fill, thanks to the top lid that locks in place—a small detail that makes everyday use just that bit more hassle-free.

There’s a lot to love about how it reduces waste. Think about it, by switching to this pitcher, we’ve said goodbye to piles of plastic bottles. And not only is that good for our planet, but let’s be real, it cuts down on trips to the recycling bin too.

It’s not perfect, though. After some time using it daily, we’ve noticed that the lid isn’t as secure as we’d like. When pouring, we have to hold it down, which is manageable but could be improved. And while it’s great at tackling common impurities, searching for something that can handle more specific contaminants might be your next step.

All in all, after giving the Brita a thorough run for its money, we think it’s a top contender for those wanting a simple, effective way to drink cleaner water.

Brita Elite Pitcher

image 7

If you’re looking to elevate your hydration game, the Brita Elite Pitcher is a solid choice that combines practicality with effective filtration.


  • Effortlessly replaces a mountain of plastic bottles
  • SmartLight feature makes filter change a no-brainer
  • Flawless fit for fridges and families alike


  • Six-month filter life might be short for heavy users
  • Initial setup requires patience and thorough flushing
  • Potential for small scratches on arrival, but purely cosmetic

Cracking open the lid of the Brita Elite Pitcher, we knew it was game time. With a simple refill process, it didn’t just streamline our kitchen routine; it brought a kind of simplicity to it. We didn’t need to crane our necks into the fridge to wrestle it into place—it nestled in like it was made for it.

The enthusiasm we had to test the SmartLight indicator wasn’t unwarranted; it was as promised. This nifty gadget took the guesswork out of our filter changes, something we quite enjoyed. Filter maintenance can be a bother for some, but for us, it was as straightforward as the light’s green glow.

Now, we’d be glossing over the truth if we didn’t mention the small wait we had during the first setup. Flushing out the filter required some patience—standard fare for such devices, but a point to be aware of nonetheless. And while there was talk of scratches, ours was blemish-free, ready to stand front and center on our kitchen counter.

Having recently ditched our piles of plastic for the Brita Elite Pitcher, we’ve felt firsthand the shift in our daily water consumption. The taste is noticeably pure, lacking any hint of the usual tap water twang. And thinking of all the bottles we’re saving from waste makes us rest easier. Sure, in a hustle of a household, the six-month filter lifespan might seem too brief. But in terms of consistent, quality hydration, we reckon it’s a small price to pay.

Epic Nano Pitcher

image 4

If you value water purity and your family’s health, this pitcher is a smart buy with its impressive contaminant removal capabilities.


  • Remarkably removes numerous contaminants, bacteria, and viruses
  • High filter capacity of 150 gallons promotes fewer replacements
  • LED timer ensures timely filter change, enhancing convenience


  • Takes longer to filter water compared to some other pitchers
  • Some customers faced issues with finding replacement filters
  • Larger size may not be ideal for smaller refrigerators

Our experience with the Epic Nano Pitcher has been quite eye-opening. Its promise to remove alarming pollutants from our water has been a game-changer. You can really taste the difference; water comes out crisp and refreshing.

Our family is big on eco-friendliness, and we were thrilled to find out the longer-lasting filters mean less waste. It’s amazing that one filter can produce up to 150 gallons of clean water. Plus, it’s a relief not to keep track of filter life—there’s a handy LED reminder right in the lid.

We’ve noticed it’s a tad slower in filtration than some of the other pitchers we’ve used. But considering the level of purification, it seems a small price to pay. Be sure to plan ahead and start the filter well before you need a fresh glass of water.

One challenge we faced was finding replacement filters in stock. However, with patience and a bit of searching, they can be tracked down. Make sure to buy an extra filter when available to avoid any interruption.

While it’s larger and more robust than your average pitcher, we’ve managed to fit it in our fridge without much hassle. It’s a trade-off we’re willing to live with for the sake of better water quality.

There you have it, our honest take on the Epic Nano Pitcher. We’ve been using it daily, and it has genuinely uplifted our water-drinking experience. If you’re serious about contaminant removal and are okay with the minor drawbacks, this pitcher could be a valuable addition to your kitchen.

ZeroWater 10-Cup

image 8

If you’re looking for water that tastes pure and refreshing, we think this pitcher is a solid choice.


  • Effectively removes dissolved solids for top-notch water taste
  • Dispenses while filtering, matching our busy lives
  • Certified eco-friendly, greatly cuts down plastic bottle use


  • Slower filtration process than some other brands
  • The spigot’s flow can be a bit unpredictable
  • Requires regular filter changes, which could get pricey

When we got our hands on the ZeroWater 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher, the first thing we noticed was its sleek design which comfortably fits in the fridge. The comfort-grip handle made it a breeze to use daily, and the convenience of pouring a glass while it was still filtering was a timesaver during our hectic mornings.

After using the pitcher for a few weeks, the water quality was noticeably better than tap, with a crisp taste that’s hard to beat. We found ourselves drinking more water which, let’s face it, we could all do a bit more of. It’s nice knowing we’re avoiding potentially harmful contaminants that might lurk in our water supply.

Now, while we relished the taste, we did need to arm ourselves with some patience. It takes its time to filter, more so than our old pitcher. We also learned to handle the quick-fill spigot carefully to avoid splashes or dribbles. On the financial side, the cost of replacing filters is something to consider, but for the quality of water we’re getting, we see it as a worthwhile investment.

Overall, we’ve found that the ZeroWater Pitcher is a great addition to our kitchen gadgets. Sure, it’s not perfect, but the pros far outweigh the cons, especially when you think about the purity and peace of mind with every sip. If you’re eager to upgrade your water game, going for a ZeroWater pitcher could be the right move.

Waterdrop Sleek Dispenser

image 6

We think this Waterdrop dispenser should be on your shopping list because it provides clean water with hassle-free use and a chic design.


  • Fits easily in the fridge and elevates our kitchen’s look.
  • Quick filtration process, no waiting around for clean water.
  • Substantial capacity lessens the need for frequent refills.


  • It doesn’t lower TDS, if that is your goal.
  • Replacement filters can be a bit pricey.
  • Opening the lid might be a tad difficult for some.

Having recently got our hands on the Waterdrop Slim Water Filter Dispenser, we’ve been impressed by its stylishness and the ease with which it slots into our fridge. It’s not just a pretty face; this sleek black dispenser has a substantial capacity, ensuring that we’re not constantly refilling it throughout the day.

The smart design is more than welcome. There’s a neat little handle that makes lifting it a breeze, and the sliding lid negates the hassle of uncovering the whole thing just to add water. It also keeps out any fridge smells—quite thoughtful.

As for functionality, the quick filtration rate had us taking note. We don’t have to plan our water usage ahead since it purifies water within minutes. Now, while it won’t reduce Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), which some may find important, we found the quality and taste of the water to be noticeably better.

We also appreciated the eco-friendly aspect. With the filter lasting longer compared to others, there’s less waste and fewer replacements to buy, although when we do need a new one, the cost does make us wince slightly. It’s a small price to pay for convenience and quality, in our opinion.

A minor gripe is about the lid, which can be a bit stubborn at times. It requires a bit of finesse to open, but it’s something we got used to.

In summary, the Waterdrop Slim Water Filter Dispenser has found its place in our home, not just for its size and speed, but also for its promise of healthier, better-tasting water. It strikes the right balance between form and function.

Buying Guide

Purpose of Use

Before we choose a water filter pitcher, we need to consider what we are using it for. Are we looking to improve taste, remove contaminants, or both? This will guide us in selecting a pitcher with the appropriate filtering capabilities.

Filter Lifespan

It’s important to look at how long the filters last before they need to be replaced. This impacts ongoing cost and convenience.

Filter LifeDescription
Short-termFrequent replacement, higher cost
Long-termLess frequent, more cost-effective

Jug Capacity

Think about how much water we drink daily. Larger families or those who consume a lot of water might want a pitcher with a larger capacity to reduce refill frequency.

SmallIndividuals or small families
LargeLarger families or high usage

Filtration Speed

Some pitchers filter water quickly, while others take longer. Faster may be more convenient, but slower filters can sometimes provide a more thorough clean.

Material and Durability

We should also consider the pitcher’s material. BPA-free plastic is common and safe, but some may prefer glass or stainless steel for durability and environmental reasons.

Ease of Use

We’ll want to pick a pitcher that’s easy to fill and pour. A well-designed spout and comfortable handle make a difference.

When we’re well-informed, we can confidently select a water filter pitcher tailored to our needs, balancing cost, convenience, and effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about water filter pitchers, and we’re here to provide some clear answers. When searching for the ideal pitcher, the variety of options can be overwhelming. Check out these common queries to guide your decision.

What factors should I consider when choosing a water filter pitcher?

Think about what’s most important to you. Do you want a pitcher that removes a large number of contaminants, or is the speed of filtration your main concern? Jug capacity, filter life, and ease of use are also critical factors to weigh.

How do I compare water filter pitchers based on contaminant removal efficiency?

Look at each pitcher’s certified list of contaminants that it can reduce or remove. This information is often found in the product specifications. Review and compare the testing standards and results to ensure they meet your requirements.

What are the benefits of using a glass water filter pitcher over plastic?

Glass pitchers are durable and don’t retain odors or stains as plastic ones might. They’re also free from chemicals like BPA, which can be found in some plastics, ensuring that your water is as pure as possible.

Can water filter pitchers also be effective for well water purification?

Yes, they can. However, wells have different contamination concerns than municipal water sources, so opt for a pitcher designed to tackle well water issues, such as heavy metal reduction and microbiological contaminants.

How do distinct brands of water filter pitchers, like Brita, Pur, and ZeroWater, differ in performance?

Brita and Pur are known for improving taste and removing common contaminants, while ZeroWater is celebrated for removing virtually all dissolved solids from your water. Study each brand’s specific filter technology to determine which suits your needs.

Are there specific water filter pitchers that are recommended by Consumer Reports or frequently discussed on forums like Reddit?

Certainly, some models stand out. Pitchers like the Brita Longlast and the Pur Lead Reduction are often favored in Consumer Reports for their effective filtration. On forums like Reddit, active discussions may highlight real-world experiences, providing a wealth of user-based insights.

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