PS5 and Controller
PS5 and Controller

When it comes to the PlayStation 5, the excitement around its gaming capabilities has been palpable since its release. The console’s impressive hardware offers a new level of interactive entertainment with rapid loading times, heightened immersion with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in the controllers, and strikingly vivid graphics. It’s not just about the hardware, though; what truly brings a gaming console to life is its library of games. The PS5 has amassed a strong lineup, ranging from gripping action adventures to whimsical platformers that promise to enchant both seasoned gamers and newcomers.

Choosing the best PS5 games is an adventure in itself, with considerations that go beyond mere visual appeal. It’s vital to look at narrative depth, gameplay mechanics, replay value, and how well each game incorporates the unique features of the PS5. For instance, a game that effectively utilizes the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback can significantly enhance the gaming experience, making it an aspect we cannot overlook.

Moreover, exclusivity plays a role; games that are only available on the PS5 might offer experiences you can’t find elsewhere. We also consider community and critics’ reviews which help in gauging the overall reception of the game. Whether you crave an expansive open world to explore or a tightly-scripted narrative, there’s something in the PS5’s growing library for you. We’ve invested our time into researching and playing a wide array of games to craft a list of titles that truly stand out in the current landscape of gaming.

Top Picks for PS5 Games

We’ve carefully selected the very best games available for the PlayStation 5, offering thrilling adventures, strategic challenges, and immersive experiences. Our guide highlights titles that shine with outstanding graphics, engaging gameplay, and narratives that pull you right into the heart of the action. Whether you favor solo quests or competitive multiplayer, we’ve got you covered with a variety of options to elevate your gaming sessions.



If you’re looking for a fresh gaming experience through the eyes of a feline in a cyber city, Stray is a gem you shouldn’t pass up.


  • Unique perspective as a cat
  • Engaging environment exploration
  • Graphical detail creates an immersive experience


  • Shorter gameplay length
  • Limited replay value
  • Some emotional scenes may be tough for sensitive players

Exploring the neon-soaked alleys of Stray’s cybercity proved to be a delight. Each corner of this high-tech, decaying environment brims with detail, compelling us to climb and leap across rooftops, just like a real cat. Interaction with the world around us is intuitive; from little playful actions to clever puzzle-solving, the game consistently keeps us engaged.

The atmosphere in Stray is enchanting. We often found ourselves enraptured by the dystopian world, the mysterious story of the city unfurling as we pad, stealthy and silent, through its maze-like streets. The droid inhabitants add an eerie sense of life to the deserted city, and protecting ourselves from cybercity’s dangers offers a mix of tense and exciting moments.

However, this adventure did not last as long as we hoped. The game can be completed in a relatively short time, which does diminish the potential for a lengthy gaming experience. Although the journey is memorable, the desire to dive back in for another round does simmer down once you know all the nooks and crannies of the game. While some moments tugged at our heartstrings, offering an emotionally rich storyline, they can be a little heavy and possibly upsetting for players who get quickly attached to their furry protagonist.

Transporting ourselves into the paws of a cat within Stray’s intricate world was as enjoyable as it was novel. It’s a title that invites you to leap into an adventure that’s as unexpected as it is appealing, despite its fleeting nature.

CoD: Black Ops Cold War


If you’re after an action-packed, spy-centric thriller that oozes ’80s nostalgia, this game is your ticket.


  • Immersive single-player campaign
  • Iconic characters return with engaging storyline
  • Exciting multiplayer and Zombies gameplay


  • Campaign is relatively short
  • Requires substantial download for full content
  • Some features require online subscription

The weight of the controller in our hands, the tension – we’re planted firmly in the Cold War era. As the narrative unfolds, it’s clear this isn’t just another shooter game; it’s a cinematic experience. The campaign mode threw us back into familiar territory with characters like Mason, who’ve become like old friends. Each mission is more than a set of objectives; it’s a dive into history, albeit with a twist.

Swapping from the tight, dramatic storytelling to multiplayer, we found the transition seamless. The arsenal at our disposal felt well-tuned for the era, and the maps kept us on our toes strategically. Challenging friends has rarely been this fun. Playing Zombies at night? Even better – or worse, depending on how brave you feel in the dark.

Our time with CoD: Black Ops Cold War has been thrilling, though not without hitches. After the cinematic ride of the campaign, it felt brief – a weekend’s worth of intrigue and then some multiplayer mayhem. The hefty download required a thirsty bite out of our internet cap, which was a drag. Plus, to fully enjoy the online features, we’re nudged towards a subscription.

But hey, when we craved an adrenaline rush, this title delivered, and then some. It’s a solid addition to our PS5 collection, with many evenings lost to “just one more match.” If you’re keen on diving into an espionage-laden, trigger-happy escapade, give it a go.

Madden NFL 24 for PS5


Madden NFL 24 is a must-buy for fans who want the newest NFL experience with lifelike player models and advanced control on the pitch.


  • Enhanced realism with SAPIEN technology and new player skeletons
  • Intuitive and improved FieldSENSE controls for in-depth gameplay
  • Dual Entitlement for upgrading from PS4 to PS5 easily


  • Might feel too similar to Madden 23 for veteran players
  • AI improvements still don’t replace the unpredictability of human opponents
  • Requires an internet connection for some features

Throwing spirals in Madden NFL 24 felt incredibly precise, giving us the sensation of really being on the field. The updated FieldSENSE controls were noticeable, especially when executing complex plays. We found ourselves truly immersed, appreciating the adaptive AI that acted more lifelike than in previous iterations.

We noticed that the upgraded SAPIEN technology significantly enhanced the player animations. Diving catches and on-the-fly adjustments looked more realistic than ever. The impact was clear: each game we played felt fresh and dynamic, capturing the true spirit of an NFL match.

The Dual Entitlement was a pleasant bonus, making the transition from the older generation console to the PS5 seamless for us. However, we did find that the core gameplay hasn’t dramatically changed from last year, and the necessity of an internet connection for some features might not appeal to all fans. Despite these details, the overall gameplay experience was both thrilling and engaging.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage PS5

If you’re craving an adrenaline-fueled adventure through historical streets, this game is an absolute must-have.


  • Immersive storyline with compelling character development
  • Fluid parkour and assassination mechanics offer satisfying gameplay
  • Upgrade to PS5 digital version at no extra cost for PS4 owners


  • Some may find the story less engaging compared to other titles in the series
  • The game world might feel smaller to those used to expansive titles
  • Those without a PS5 disc drive will miss out on the free digital upgrade

The feeling of scaling walls and jumping across rooftops in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is truly unmatched. Ubisoft’s rendition of ninth-century Baghdad is lively, with a sense of realism that immerses you immediately. When we took control of Basim, the protagonist, we felt his journey from street thief to a master assassin unfold with each stealthy move we made.

Combat in this game is lean and focused, a return to the series’ roots. There’s a certain thrill to stalking targets and striking at the perfect moment that newer titles in the series sometimes overlooked. We found engagements to be intimate—every action we took had to be calculated, as the game punishes reckless behavior.

Graphics are not just window dressing; they create the world you’re eager to explore and inhabit. In our time with Assassin’s Creed Mirage, we were taken aback by how the light played off the structures of Baghdad, bringing the city to life. And when we were done playing, the details of the city and its people lingered in our minds, a testament to the game’s visual design.

For those of us who love a narrative-driven experience paired with systematic gameplay, Assassin’s Creed Mirage on the PS5 is a worthy addition to your collection. With detailed environments and a focus on the core mechanics that made the franchise stand out, it offers an intimate, action-packed experience that harks back to what fans loved about the original games.

The Crew Motorfest for PS5


The Crew Motorfest provides a rich experience that should captivate any racing enthusiast looking for a new challenge.


  • Mesmerizing Hawaiian landscapes offer a stunning backdrop for racing
  • Wide range of cars caters to various preferences and styles
  • Engaging event playlists keep the excitement high and fresh


  • Some players might find the open world less populated than expected
  • Limited quantities may restrict availability for interested gamers
  • Online-only aspect could be a downside for fans of single-player modes

Every time we grip the controller to play The Crew Motorfest, the adrenaline starts pumping as we speed through the island of O’ahu. Its vivid, scenic beauty acts as more than just eye candy; it’s our diverse and challenging racetrack. From the bustling streets of Honolulu to the treacherous volcano slopes, it feels like there’s no shortage of breathtaking spots for high-octane action.

We can’t help but appreciate the vast selection of legendary vehicles at our fingertips. Whether you’re a fan of sleek supercars or robust off-roaders, the game has your dream garage waiting for you. The joy of winning races, showing off your driving flair, and expanding your car collection has a special allure that’s hard to find in other titles.

It’s not just about the racing; it’s about how the game makes us part of the car culture. Each event feels like a celebration of automotive history and style, making us feel like a part of something larger than just a game. It keeps us coming back to dive into the next challenge, pushing our skills to the limit.

Staying true to our experience, we have to point out that the seeming sparseness of the open world could affect the sense of immersion for some. Additionally, the joy of securing a copy could be dampened by the limited availability. And, while the online community aspect is a big draw, it’s not ideal for racers who prefer a solitary cruise.

Overall, The Crew Motorfest is a ticket to an exhilarating, car-centric party that we find utterly compelling. Racing fanatics looking for a new adventure should definitely consider adding it to their collection.

Marvel’s Avengers


If you’re a fan looking to assemble with your favorite heroes, this game is a thrilling adventure not to be missed.


  • Joining forces with friends in co-op is a blast
  • Upgrades for PS5 enhance visuals and reduce load times significantly
  • Free additional content keeps the game fresh and exciting


  • Single-player campaign requires one-time online access
  • Online subscription might be necessary for multiplayer
  • Lacks local co-op play

Having recently experienced the high-octane thrills of Marvel’s Avengers on PS5, the improvements over the previous generation are immediately noticeable. Diving into the game, the cinematic quality of the story meshes well with the engaging gameplay. Each of the iconic characters feels unique, charging into battle with distinct abilities that are a joy to unleash against your foes.

The option to play cooperatively with friends elevates the fun, creating memories of shared heroics that are hard to beat. The camaraderie of strategizing and overcoming challenges together makes each session a rewarding experience. Plus, the promise of new characters and missions without additional cost adds considerable value, ensuring the adventure continues to evolve.

While the necessity for online access for the single-player might deter some, once you’re past that hurdle, the game doesn’t disappoint. It’s worth noting that despite the game’s many positives, some may find the lack of local co-op a missed opportunity for couch collaborations.

Overall, Marvel’s Avengers takes its rightful place as a shining gem in the PS5’s lineup. The game delivers a powerhouse of super-heroic action and a rich story that we thoroughly enjoyed. The free upgrade from PS4 to PS5 and the ability to play across both consoles ensures no Avenger gets left behind, making it a worthy addition to any gaming library.

Sonic Frontiers


Sonic Frontiers is a must-have for fans and newcomers alike, offering a fresh and exhilarating take on the classic Sonic formula.


  • Innovative open-world design
  • Engaging combat and platforming
  • Gorgeous graphics and environments


  • Occasional performance dips
  • Some repetitive gameplay elements
  • A learning curve for new mechanics

Sonic’s latest adventure blew us away with its vast open-world and the freedom to explore at breakneck speeds. The shift from linear levels to the expansive Starfall Islands is a game-changer, inviting us to blaze our own trail and uncover secrets at our leisure.

The fresh combat system and skill upgrades add depth to encounters, ensuring that battles are more than just a quick dash. The incorporation of dodges, parries, and the new Cyloop ability means we’re getting a much richer experience than just run-and-jump.

The visuals are a feast for the eyes, capturing the essence of Sonic’s world in high definition. Racing through the lush environments feels exhilarating, and the Cyber Space levels introduce traditional platforming that adds a nice variety to the overall gameplay.

However, we noticed some occasional slowdown when the action got intense, and at times the gameplay loop felt a bit repetitive. Moreover, mastering new skills and mechanics might take some time for newcomers, but we found that the learning phase is worth the effort for the payoff in gameplay fluidity.

Overall, Sonic Frontiers stands out as a bold and successful evolution of the franchise. It’s clear that SEGA has polished this gem with great care, delivering a Sonic experience that feels both familiar and fresh. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just looking for a thrilling new game to play on your PS5, this is one title worth picking up.

LEGO Brawls – PS5


If you’re looking for a family-friendly brawler that sparks creativity, LEGO Brawls is a solid pick.


  • Highly customizable characters give this game a personal touch
  • Power-up strategies can adapt to your unique playstyle
  • Beloved LEGO themes keep the scenes interesting and fun


  • May not be challenging enough for hardcore gamers
  • Gameplay can get repetitive over time
  • Could use more depth in level design

When we fired up LEGO Brawls on our PS5, the colorful LEGO universe immediately grabbed our attention. It’s not every day you find a game that lets you immerse yourself in iconic sets from your favorite LEGO themes. From pirates to spacemen, the variety was impressive.

We spent quite a bit of time crafting the perfect minifigure brawler. The customization options felt nearly unlimited, allowing us to mix and match parts to our hearts’ content. When you settle into a character you’ve built yourself, it’s a different kind of satisfaction.

The family was over the other day, and we had a blast playing together. Whether it was cooperation or competition, the game modes offered something for everyone. That said, though we all loved the experience, the older gamers among us noticed it lacked the depth typically found in genre mainstays, craving just a bit more complexity.

We’ve been keeping up with the community events, which helps keep the game feeling fresh. However, we noticed after extended play sessions, the stages could feel a bit too familiar. But it’s a minor hiccup in what has been mostly a fun addition to our gaming library. The joy on kids’ faces when they’re bashing blocks and collecting power-ups is undeniable.

Overall, LEGO Brawls doesn’t redefine the genre, but it’s certainly carved out its own niche. It’s straightforward, accessible, and offers tons of fun, particularly for younger gamers or family game nights.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PS5)

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If you’re seeking an epic adventure filled with immersive combat and a compelling story, this game is an essential addition to your PS5 library.


  • Engaging lightsaber combat feels authentic and exciting.
  • The narrative hooks you from the start, unraveling a rich Star Wars tale.
  • Each biome is distinct and fully realized, enhancing exploration.


  • A veteran of the series might crave more innovation in gameplay.
  • Occasional graphical hiccups can momentarily break immersion.
  • Limited replayability once the core story is complete.

Stepping into the worn boots of Cal Kestis, we’ve just evaded the grasp of the Empire, and now it’s our job to piece together the remnants of the Jedi Order. With our trusty lightsaber at our side—and let’s be honest, who hasn’t fantasized about wielding one—we slash, parry, and weave our way through breathtaking landscapes. The Force is strong with the duel mechanics, gradually scaling in complexity as we progress.

Let’s talk visuals. The leap to PS5 isn’t just about faster loading times, although not having to twiddle our thumbs waiting for action is a plus. Higher resolution textures and lighting effects make the Star Wars universe pop on our screen; it’s like stepping right into the movies. Reliving iconic moments, we’re reminded why the franchise has captivated audiences for decades.

But the game isn’t without its flaws. Occasionally, a pesky glitch will remind us this isn’t reality, bringing us back to our couch with a bump. And while it’s a thrilling ride, once it’s over, there’s not much incentive to return. Some of us could use a few more secrets to uncover or side missions to tackle. Yet, the journey itself is gripping enough to see through to its climactic end.

All in all, with the surge of excitement each battle brings and the emotional heft of the narrative, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on PS5 is a must-play. Flaws aside, we are swept up in a well-crafted tale that is sure to delight any fan of the saga or newcomers looking for a solid action-adventure game.

Buying Guide

What to Look For

When hunting for the best PS5 games, there are a few key factors to consider to get your money’s worth. We’ve broken these down to help make your decision easier.

Genre Alignment: Ensure the game matches your interests. Whether you love action, puzzles, sports, or adventure, the genre should align with what gets you excited.

Graphics and Performance: Look for games that boast impressive visuals and fluid performance on your console. The quality of graphics can greatly enhance your gaming experience.

Storyline Quality: A captivating plot can make a huge difference. If a strong narrative appeals to you, seek out games known for their storytelling.

Game Length: Determine how much time you want to invest. Some prefer quick, action-packed experiences, while others enjoy lengthier quests.

Replay Value: Consider if the game offers reasons to play again. Multiple endings, unlockable content, and new challenges can all add to the game’s longevity.

Critical Features

While personal preferences vary, certain features stand out.

Feature Importance Details
Control Mechanisms High Smooth and responsive controls are essential for an immersive experience.
Audio Quality Medium Good sound design can greatly enhance the gameplay atmosphere.
Multiplayer Options Variable If you enjoy playing with others, check if the game supports online or local multiplayer.

Budget Considerations

Don’t overlook your budget. Prices can range significantly, and sales happen often. Keep an eye out for deals or consider waiting for price drops on newer titles.

Our advice: take your time, research, and pick games that offer the best mix of the elements above. Good luck and happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some of the most common questions about PS5 games to help you stay informed on what’s hot and happening in the world of PlayStation 5.

What are the most anticipated upcoming titles for the PS5?

We’re excited to see a lineup of awaited titles like “Final Fantasy XVI” and “Hogwarts Legacy”. Gamers are buzzing with anticipation for these releases.

Which PS5 titles have topped the sales charts recently?

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” and “FIFA 23” have recently dominated the sales, with fans rushing to experience these blockbuster games.

What are the highest-rated PS5 games according to critics?

“Cyberpunk 2077”, post-updates, and “Demon’s Souls” have received critical acclaim for their immersive gameplay and stunning visuals.

Which free-to-play PS5 games are most recommended by players?

“Fortnite” and “Apex Legends” continue to be favorites for their engaging battle royale modes and continuous updates that keep the content fresh.

What are considered must-play games for new PS5 owners?

Every new PS5 owner should try “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” and “Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart” for their top-notch storytelling and visuals.

Which PS5 games have the gaming community talking the most?

The community can’t stop discussing “Elden Ring” for its challenging gameplay and “God of War Ragnarok” for its epic narrative.

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