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In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, there’s a quest called “Firing the Arrow” that challenges players to uncover a hidden member of the Order of the Ancients in Lunden. This guide provides tips for completing the quest and exposing The Arrow, a key suspect in the storyline. The quest takes place in Lunden’s West Market, where Eivor must work with Stowe to track down The Arrow.

Players need to hit targets within a time limit using hunter bows, which requires accuracy and speed. Stealth and strategy are essential for success, and following the objectives carefully will lead to advancement in the game. Completing the quest involves a mix of excitement and difficulty as players navigate the events in Lunden.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Unveiling the Order of the Ancients

The Arrow’s Invitation

In the heart of Lunden, Eivor receives a mysterious invitation to an archery contest. This event, seemingly a test of skill, is orchestrated by a member of the Order of the Ancients known only as “The Arrow.” The path to unmasking this enigmatic figure begins with proving Eivor’s archery prowess.

The Archery Contest at Londinium Amphitheatre

The Londinium Amphitheatre sets the stage for the contest. Eivor must demonstrate exceptional accuracy, hitting all targets within a limited time. Success not only proves Eivor’s skill but also unlocks the next phase of the quest.

The Unmasking of The Arrow

After the contest, Eivor tracks down a character named Hussa, who leads them to The Arrow’s true identity. This revelation unfolds during a dramatic speech, exposing The Arrow as a manipulative figure seeking to control Lunden’s populace.

Confrontation and Assassination

Eivor confronts The Arrow, leading to a tense assassination sequence. Eliminating this member of the Order of the Ancients brings Eivor one step closer to dismantling their insidious network.

Rewards and Implications

Completing the Firing the Arrow quest yields valuable rewards, including a unique weapon and Order of the Ancients medallions. More importantly, it uncovers the Order’s influence in Lunden and advances Eivor’s overarching mission.

Tips for Success

Archery ContestUse a hunter bow for increased accuracy and damage.
Target PrioritizationFocus on hitting the moving targets first, as they are the most challenging.
AssassinationApproach The Arrow stealthily and utilize special abilities for a swift and silent takedown.

Unmasking The Arrow is a pivotal quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It blends thrilling action, strategic challenges, and narrative revelations, showcasing the Order of the Ancients’ insidious influence while propelling Eivor’s journey forward.

Key Takeaways

  • “Firing the Arrow” involves hitting targets quickly in Lunden.
  • The quest requires using hunter bows for precise aiming.
  • Stealth and strategy are essential to completing the quest.

Exploring the Mechanics of ‘Firing the Arrow’ Quest

The ‘Firing the Arrow’ quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla involves strategic planning, precise shooting, and intricate interactions with key characters. Players must complete several objectives while navigating the bustling city of Lunden.

Diving Into the Lunden Arc

In this quest, players are immersed in the Lunden Arc. Here, they receive various missions. Important missions include Walls and Shadows, Bleeding the Leech, and Smashing the Compass. These missions need the player’s attention in order to progress in the story.

Lunden, a vibrant location in the game, plays a critical role. It is packed with hidden corners and bustling markets that require thorough exploration. Players need to adapt to the environment and uncover secrets to successfully complete their tasks.

Meeting Key Characters

Players interact with notable characters like Stowe and Hussa. Stowe is first found in the West Market of Lunden. Engaging with him initiates a cutscene that progresses the mission. Meanwhile, Hussa provides crucial information and support, making their roles essential to the quest.

Each character contributes to the storyline. Stowe, being a guard, offers insights while Hussa adds depth to the narrative. Their presence makes the mission more engaging and dynamic for the player.

Understanding the Challenges and Objectives

A significant challenge in this quest is acquiring a special coin to enter the Arrow’s Challenge. Players can obtain it through different methods, adding variety to the experience. The Arrow’s Challenge itself is a timed competition where players need to hit 10 targets within 30 seconds.

The targets are spaced strategically: two on the left, six in the center, and two on the right. Accuracy and quick reflexes are needed. These challenges test the player’s skills and ensure that only the most precise succeed.

The Art of Assassination

The ultimate goal is to find and assassinate The Arrow, a member of the Order of Ancients. This requires stealth and strategy. Players often use the Advanced Assassination skill to execute the mission efficiently.

Finding The Arrow involves careful planning and execution. Players must avoid detection by guards and use the environment to their advantage. The assassination is a critical part of the mission and requires precision and agility.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will answer common questions about the “Firing the Arrow” quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. These answers can help players progress through the mission smoothly and efficiently.

How do you fix the glitch during the ‘Firing the Arrow’ quest in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Players may encounter a glitch during the “Firing the Arrow” quest. To address this, try restarting the game or loading a previous save. If the problem continues, check for game updates or try verifying the game files through the platform from which the game was purchased.

Where can one acquire a coin to progress in the ‘Firing the Arrow’ mission?

To acquire a coin, go to the West Market in Lunden and talk to Stowe. After the cutscene, there are two ways to get a coin: purchase it from a nearby vendor or complete a side task offered by another character in the area.

At what point in the game should players attempt to kill the Arrow?

Players should attempt to kill the Arrow after they have gathered enough clues about his identity. This usually comes after progressing through multiple story missions in Lunden. Paying attention to the story helps in knowing when the right moment is.

What is the common friend’s name in the ‘Firing the Arrow’ quest in AC Valhalla?

In the “Firing the Arrow” quest, the common friend mentioned is Stowe. Stowe helps Eivor by providing essential information and aiding in the mission’s progression.

How can players find the Arrow character in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

The Arrow can be found by following the quest markers and interacting with characters who provide clues. Once you gather enough information, a cutscene will lead you to the encounter with the Arrow, who can then be assassinated.

Where can players find the Fire Arrow ability in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

The Fire Arrow ability is not directly related to the “Firing the Arrow” quest. However, players can find this ability in the game by exploring regions and completing specific quests that grant new skills. Look for books of knowledge scattered throughout the game’s world.

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