Lian Li A4-H2O X4 BLACK ITX Case
Lian Li A4-H2O X4 BLACK ITX Case

The A4-H2O X4 Mini-ITX case is a popular choice for building powerful, small-form-factor PCs. It’s a product of a collaboration between Lian Li and DAN Cases. If you want to cram serious gaming hardware into a tiny space, this case might be perfect for you.

Is This the Ultimate Compact PC Case?

Key Features

Here’s a quick overview of the A4-H2O X4 Mini-ITX case’s primary features:

Dimensions11.2 L x 14″ H x 8.2″ W
Capacity11 liters
Motherboard CompatibilityMini-ITX motherboards
GPU CompatibilityUp to 3-slot GPUs
AIO CompatibilityUp to 240mm AIO liquid cooler


Here’s why you might want to choose the A4-H2O X4:

  • Very small size. This case is only 11 liters, making it ideal for tight spaces.
  • Support for powerful hardware. You can fit high-end components in this case, including a powerful graphics card.
  • AIO cooler support. Liquid cooling gives you the best performance option while packing a lot of computing power into a small space.
  • Sleek design. The case has a clean, minimal aesthetic.


There are some downsides to the A4-H2O X4 to consider:

  • Requires an SFX/SFX-L power supply. These can be more expensive than standard power supplies.
  • Limited hard drive space. There’s only room for a single 2.5″ drive.
  • Can be difficult to build in. Working in this case requires careful planning and some patience.

Overall Impression

The A4-H2O X4 Mini-ITX case is a great option for enthusiasts who want a powerful PC in a very small package. It’s a well-designed case, but the small size does present challenges. If you’re up for the challenge, however, it’s an excellent choice.

Overview and Design

The A4-H2O X4 Mini-ITX Case by Lian Li stands out in the SFF category with its compact size and efficient design that supports high-end hardware. Its balance of form and function makes it an appealing choice for enthusiasts.

Dimensions and Form Factor

The A4-H2O X4 distinguishes itself with its 11-liter form factor, making it one of the smaller cases that can still house significant computing power. Its dimensions are tightly packed to support a small footprint on your desk or in your living space.

Material and Color

Crafted with a blend of anodized black aluminum for the exterior and matte black SPCC steel for the interior, the case offers a premium look and feel. Its exterior combines durability with a sleek aesthetic.

Cooling Solution Compatibility

For cooling, the A4-H2O X4 is compatible with 240mm AIO water cooling systems, ensuring that even the most potent hardware stays cool. The case’s design also supports effective air flow and ventilation, which further aids in heat dissipation.

  • Radiator Support: 240mm
  • Fan Support: Compatible with various fan setups for optimized airflow

Expansion and Connectivity

The case accommodates robust hardware with triple-slot GPU support and a variety of expansion slots. It includes several I/O ports:

  • USB 3.0 Type-A
  • USB 3.1 Type-C
    Furthermore, it’s available in both PCIe 3.0 and PCIe 4.0 versions to keep up with the latest hardware.

Drive Bays and Motherboard Support

It offers ample room for drive support, specifically designed to house 2.5” SSDs. As a Mini-ITX case, the A4-H2O X4 is built for Mini-ITX motherboard support, maximizing space while still supporting high-performance components.

Hardware Installation and Compatibility

Building a PC in the A4-H2O X4 Mini-ITX Case from Lian Li means carefully considering the space for components, ensuring they not only fit but also perform well together without overheating. This section discusses the essentials of installing core hardware components like the PSU and GPU, managing cables, and understanding space constraints within the case.

PSU and GPU Considerations

The A4-H2O is compatible with SFX and SFX-L power supplies, which offers builders a compact and efficient power solution. It’s crucial to note that this case does not support standard ATX PSUs. In terms of graphics cards, the case can accommodate triple-slot GPUs, providing ample space for some of the most powerful options available. However, users must adhere to the GPU length clearance of up to 322 mm to ensure a proper fit. The case includes a PCI Express x16 riser cable, designed to support high-performance setups including PCIe 4.0 standards, ensuring that the case is up to speed with current technology.

Cable Management and Support

Intelligent cable management is vital in a Mini-ITX case to maintain optimal airflow and aesthetics. The A4-H2O offers a sandwich layout which maintains a neat internal appearance while optimizing the route for various cables. PSlate Customs can provide custom length cables that can further help keep things tidy and well managed. Additionally, Gen 1 and Gen 2 header cables need proper routing to ensure the front panel connectors function without interference.

Clearances and Restrictions

Clearance plays a key role in planning which components will fit inside the A4-H2O. The case supports a maximum CPU cooler height of 56 mm, which is important for buyers to consider when selecting their CPU cooling solution. As mentioned earlier, the graphics card length is limited to 322 mm. It’s essential for users to measure their components and map out the build prior to installation to avoid issues related to insufficient clearance. Fans and radiators also have specific requirements, and the case offers space for up to a 240mm AIO cooler, lending itself well to high-performing yet compact builds.

Performance and Enhancements

The A4-H2O X4 Mini-ITX case is designed to meet the needs of serious PC builders who demand excellent performance. This case offers enhancements that help keep components cool and systems running smoothly, even during intense gaming sessions.

Airflow and Thermal Management

The A4-H2O X4 focuses on optimal airflow and thermal management to maintain a low temperature within the PC case. The case is compatible with high-performance closed-loop liquid coolers like the Corsair H60i and H100i, which are crucial for keeping CPUs like the Core i5-9600K at optimal operating temperatures. Its design supports natural airflow that works in tandem with PC case thermals, ensuring that hardware components such as the GeForce RTX 2070 stay cool during heavy use.

  • Cooling Support:
    • Top: Supports 2x 120mm fans for additional airflow
    • Accommodates various radiators for liquid cooling solutions

Audio and RGB Components

In terms of audio, the A4-H2O X4 is equipped to support HD Audio and mic capabilities, allowing users to enjoy clear sound for both gaming and general use. For those interested in customization, there is support available for RGB components. This gives PC builders the opportunity to personalize their rigs with a range of colors and lighting effects.

  • Audio & Lighting:
    • HD Audio and mic support for clear communication
    • Compatible with various RGB lighting components for an enhanced visual experience

Warranty and Support

When it comes to warranty and support, purchasers of the A4-H2O X4 are covered with a 1-year warranty. This is backed by reliable customer service, providing peace of mind and assistance when needed. Manufacturers like Corsair and FSP are known for their commitment to quality which extends to their cooling products that fit this case.

  • After-Purchase Support:
    • 1-Year Warranty for the case
    • Customer service teams are available to help with any issues or inquiries regarding the case and its compatibility with cooling solutions

The A4-H2O X4 Mini-ITX case is thoughtfully designed with the purpose of enhancing the user’s gaming and computing experience through excellent performance, both thermally and acoustically, while also providing solid after-sales support.

Frequently Asked Questions

The A4-H2O X4 Mini-ITX Case catches the eye with its compact design and versatile hardware support. Here are some common queries answered to help plan your build.

What are the GPU size limitations for building in the Lian Li A4-H2O case?

The A4-H2O case can fit GPUs up to 322 mm in length. This measurement ensures that even sizeable graphics cards can be accommodated.

How many fans can be installed in the A4-H2O case and what sizes are supported?

Up to two 120mm fans can be installed in the Lian Li A4-H2O case. These fans provide efficient airflow, helping to keep your components cool.

What is the maximum height for CPU coolers in the Lian Li A4-H2O?

The A4-H2O supports CPU coolers up to 56 mm in height. To keep your CPU under good temperatures, choose a cooler that fits these dimensions.

Can you detail the overall dimensions of the Lian Li A4-H2O case?

The A4-H2O case measures 340 mm in height, 134 mm in width, and 245 mm in depth. Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for space-saving PC builds.

What is the motherboard compatibility for the A4-H2O X4 Mini-ITX Case?

This case is designed specifically for Mini-ITX motherboards. These small form factor boards are perfect for a build that’s powerful yet does not take up much space.

What are some recommended PSUs for use in the DAN A4-H2O enclosure?

Compatible PSUs for the DAN A4-H2O should be SFX or SFX-L power supplies. Select a power supply that provides enough wattage for your components, ideally with a modular design to manage cables better.

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