Sell Your Phone
Sell Your Phone

There are several ways to sell your old cell phone and get cash, store credit, or even put money toward your next device. Let’s explore some of the safest and most efficient options:

Online Marketplaces

  • Swappa: A user-to-user marketplace emphasizing safety and getting fair prices. You directly list your phone for other buyers to see.
  • eBay: A tried-and-true auction site where you have more control over the final selling price. You can choose between auction and “Buy It Now” formats.
  • Facebook Marketplace: A good option for local, in-person sales. However, exercise caution and meet in safe, public spaces.

Trade-In Programs

  • Carrier Programs: Major cell phone carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile offer trade-in programs. Often you’ll receive the payout in the form of bill credits.
  • Retailer Programs: Best Buy, Amazon, and other retailers have trade-in programs as well, often providing gift cards as payment.
  • Device Manufacturers: Apple and Samsung offer trade-in options directly, sometimes offering the best values for their own handsets.

Specialized Buyback Sites

  • Decluttr: A dedicated online buyback site that accepts a wide range of electronics, not just phones.
  • Gazelle: Another well-established buyback site specializing in phones and other devices.


These kiosks let you drop off your phone for an instant evaluation and cash offer. Be aware that you might not get the highest possible price.

Where to Sell Your Phone

OptionProsConsThings to Consider
Online Marketplaces (Swappa, eBay, Facebook Marketplace)Potential for higher prices, more controlRequires more effort listing the phone, potential scams (especially on Facebook)Best for phones in good condition
Carrier/Retailer Trade-InConvenient, get credit towards new phone or billMay not offer the highest valueGood if you’re planning to upgrade
Device Manufacturers’ Trade-InOften the best deals for their own brandsMay restrict you to their specific devicesConsider if you want the latest model from the same brand
Specialized Buyback Sites (Decluttr, Gazelle)Fast valuation, easy processOffer may be lower than direct salesGood for quick, hassle-free experience
EcoATMsInstant cashTypically the lowest offersBest for very old or damaged phones when convenience is key

Important Factors Before Selling:

  • Backup Your Data: Wipe your personal data completely before selling.
  • Assess Your Phone’s Condition: Be honest about any scratches, dents, or malfunctions, as this impacts the value.
  • Compare Offers: Check multiple platforms to find the best price for your specific phone model.

Key Takeaways

  • SellCell: A top choice for comparing prices from various buyers.
  • PayMore Stores: Offers immediate cash and secure data wiping.
  • Swappa: Direct user-to-user sales with a focus on value and safety.

Where to Sell Your Phone Quickly and Safely

PlatformProsConsBest For
Apple Trade-In:– Quick and easy, immediate in-store credit or online estimate. – Guaranteed price, no haggling or meeting buyers.– Lower prices than some other options. – Only accepts recent iPhones in good condition.– Users prioritizing convenience and guaranteed value.
Buyback Websites:– Competitive prices, often higher than Apple trade-in. – Convenient online process, free shipping kits provided.– Less personal contact or control over sale. – Potential delays in receiving payment.– Users aiming for top dollar and comfortable with online transactions.
Carrier Trade-In:– Easy if upgrading to a new phone with your carrier. – May offer extra credits or discounts on new device.– Lower prices than most other options. – Often tied to new contract or service agreement.– Users upgrading and switching to same carrier, prioritizing convenience.
Local Marketplaces:– Potentially highest payouts with direct buyer negotiation. – Wider audience compared to carrier trade-in.– Requires time and effort to list, answer questions, and meet buyers. – Risk of scams or lowball offers.– Tech-savvy users comfortable with negotiation and potential higher returns.
Pawn Shops:– Immediate cash offer, usually faster than online options.– Very low prices, typically significantly below market value. – Potential security concerns depending on the shop.– Users needing immediate cash but willing to accept significant price reduction.

Additional Tips:

  • Back up your data before selling your Phone.
  • Factory reset your Phone and remove any personal information.
  • Compare prices from various platforms before deciding where to sell.
  • Be mindful of scams and meet buyers in safe, public places.
  • Always research and choose a reputable platform or buyer.

BONUS TIP: If you’re trading in an iPhone, use Apple’s Official Trade In Value calculator here

apple trade in

Top 10 Websites / Stores To Sell Your Cell Phone

Here are the top 10 websites to sell your cell phone, along with their pros and cons:

Top 5 for High Payouts:

  1. Gazelle: Known for offering top dollar for used phones, with instant quotes and free shipping. Pro: High prices, multiple payment options. Con: Can be slower processing time compared to some others.
  2. Swappa: A peer-to-peer marketplace with competitive pricing and transparent fees. Pro: Potential for highest payouts, good buyer protection. Con: Requires creating listings and dealing directly with buyers.
  3. Decluttr: Accepts a wide range of devices, including phones, tablets, and electronics, with free shipping and fast payouts. Pro: Convenient, multiple device types accepted, fast processing. Con: Prices might be slightly lower than top contenders.
  4. CellFlip: Offers hassle-free selling with instant quotes and guaranteed payouts. Pro: Easy to use, guaranteed prices, free shipping. Con: Prices might not be as high as top two options.
  5. BuyBackWorld: Provides quick and efficient service with free shipping and multiple payment options. Pro: Fast processing, good customer service, multiple payment methods. Con: Prices might be slightly lower than top three options.
Swappa T-Mobile Trade In Estimator
Swappa T-Mobile Trade In Estimator

Top 5 for Convenience and Speed:

  1. Apple Trade-In: Get immediate credit in-store or online quotes for recent iPhones in good condition. Pro: Fastest option, secure and convenient, guaranteed value. Con: Lower prices compared to some other options, only accepts recent iPhones.
  2. Amazon Trade-In: Get Amazon gift cards for various cell phone models. Pro: Easy to use, familiar platform, quick processing. Con: Prices might be lower than top contenders, limited payment options.
  3. Best Buy Trade-In: Receive in-store credit or gift cards for used phones through Best Buy. Pro: Convenient if you shop at Best Buy, quick in-store option. Con: Prices might be lower than online options, limited payment methods.
  4. Walmart Trade-In: Get Walmart gift cards for a variety of used phones. Pro: Easy and accessible, familiar platform. Con: Prices might be lower than top contenders, limited payment options.
  5. Your Carrier Trade-In: May offer extra credits or discounts when upgrading to a new phone with your carrier. Pro: Convenient if upgrading, potential additional benefits. Con: Lower prices than most other options, often tied to new contract or service agreement.

Remember: Always compare prices, research the platform’s reputation, and prioritize secure transactions when selling your cell phone. Consider your priorities of price, convenience, and speed when choosing the best option for you.

SellCell: The Price Comparison Champion

SellCell stands out as a leading platform for selling Phones. It compares prices from over 40 buyers, ensuring you get the best deal for your device. Here’s what makes SellCell a preferred choice:

  • Best Price Guarantee: They promise the highest price or double the difference.
  • User-Friendly Process: Just select your Phone model and get instant price comparisons.
  • Trusted and Impartial: With verified customer reviews, SellCell offers a reliable and unbiased service.

PayMore Stores: Instant Cash and Data Security

PayMore Stores provide a straightforward and secure way to sell your Phone. Their services include:

  • Immediate Payment: Get top dollar in cash for your Phone.
  • Professional Data Wiping: Ensures your personal data is securely erased.
  • Wide Acceptance: They buy Phones in various conditions, even broken ones.

Swappa: Direct Selling with Assurance

Swappa is a unique marketplace where you can sell your Phone directly to buyers. Key features include:

  • No Middleman: Direct interaction with buyers for better value.
  • Verified Listings: Each listing is checked for compliance with strict requirements.
  • Fair Fees: Only a 3% fee per party, making it more economical than other platforms.

eBay: Auctions Or Fixed Price Listing

Selling phones on eBay is always an option. Auctions are usually not the best way to maximize your revenue, but they can be used to quickly sell your phone. Fixed price listings let you set your price and wait to see if a buyer comes around.

If you’re a tech-savvy seller with some free time and want to maximize your phone’s potential value, eBay could be a rewarding option. Just be prepared for the extra work and the risk of unsold listings. For those prioritizing speed, convenience, or guaranteed payouts, other options might be more suitable. Always document everything you ship off on Ebay in case the recipient says something that isn’t true about the condition of the phone, etc.


  • Potentially Highest Payouts: With careful listing and targeted marketing, you can potentially fetch the highest price for your phone compared to other options.
  • Reach a Wider Audience: Access a global pool of potential buyers, increasing the chance of finding the perfect match for your phone.
  • Flexibility and Control: Set your own price, customize your listing, and choose various shipping and payment methods.
  • Second Chance Offers: Unsold listings receive second chance offers from interested buyers, giving you another shot at a sale.


  • Time & Effort: Creating a compelling listing, answering questions, and managing shipping requires more time and effort than instant buyback options.
  • Buyer Risks: Scams and chargebacks are a possibility, requiring caution and secure transaction practices.
  • Fees & Competition: eBay fees and competing listings can eat into your profit margin.
  • Unpredictable Sales: Unlike guaranteed payouts, you might not sell your phone right away, and the final price is always dependent on buyer interest.

Practical Tips from Reddit Users

Reddit discussions reveal practical tips for selling your Phone:

  • Avoid eBay: Several users reported scams and issues with eBay sales.
  • Swappa Praised: Many users recommended Swappa for its reliability and ease of use.
  • Local Sales: Consider selling locally for a safer transaction.

Selling Options: A Comparative Table

PlatformKey BenefitUser FeedbackPrice Range
SellCellPrice comparisonHighly recommendedVaries
PayMore StoresInstant cashPositive experiencesVaries
SwappaDirect sellingTrusted by usersVaries
eBaySet Your PriceMixed. Beware Of ScamsYou Choose


What’s the best platform to sell an Phone quickly?

SellCell and Swappa are highly recommended for their efficient processes and reliable platforms.

Can I sell a broken Cell Phone?

Yes, platforms like PayMore Stores and Swappa accept iPhones in various conditions, including broken ones.

How do I ensure my data is safe when selling my Phone?

Choose platforms like PayMore Stores that offer professional data wiping services.

Is it safe to sell an SmartPhone online?

Yes, if you use reputable platforms like SellCell and Swappa, which have measures in place to ensure safe transactions.

Can I get cash immediately when selling my Phone?

PayMore Stores offer instant cash for Phones, making it a great option for quick sales.

Remember, selling your Phone doesn’t have to be complicated. By choosing the right platform and following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and profitable sale.

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