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Stardew Valley Fair is a vibrant and much-anticipated event that captivates the inhabitants of Stardew Valley every fall. Taking place on the 16th of Fall, it invites players to step into Pelican Town between 9 AM and 3 PM to join in the festivities. The excitement brims as farmers showcase their best produce and crafted items in hopes of winning the prestigious Grange Display contest. The atmosphere buzzes with anticipation, as success in the contest promises valuable rewards and community recognition.

Stardew Valley Fair Guide

SectionTipsPoints to Consider
Grange DisplayQuality Matters: Choose your highest quality items (gold or iridium star). * Variety: Include items from at least 6 of the 8 categories (Animal Products, Artisan Goods, Cooking, Fish, Foraging, Fruits, Minerals, Vegetables). * Presentation: Arrange neatly for potential bonus points.* Max 9 items can be displayed. * 30 Points needed from categories alone for 1st place.
GamesFishing Game: Focus on the green bar, practice makes perfect! Aim for the treasure chests. * Slingshot Game: Target the moving ducks for higher points. * Fortune Teller: Mostly luck-based, but provides a temporary buff.* Games are fun but less critical for winning big.
BettingWheel Spin: Risky! Bet small amounts, odds change as the day progresses. * Grange Display Judging: Bet on yourself if you have a high-quality display.* Betting can supplement token earnings.
Other ActivitiesTalk to Villagers: Boost friendships, unique dialogue. * Watch the Strength Tester: It’s hilarious! * Purchase Unique Items: Some items are only available at the fair.Adds to the overall festive experience!

General Tips

  • Plan Ahead: Save high-quality items of various types throughout the year.
  • Arrive Early: Allows time to enjoy all the fair activities.
  • Mayor Lewis’ Shorts: Bring them for a fun (and strange) secret quest.


  • Star Tokens: Used to buy unique items from the shop like the Rarecrow and Stardrop.
  • 1st Place Grange Display: The biggest prize! 1000 Star Tokens.

Aside from the competition, the fair offers an array of games and activities that promise fun for everyone. The fair’s grounds become a lively hub where players can interact with townsfolk, play engaging mini-games, and earn star tokens for prizes. As the day unwinds, participants can savor Gus’s grilled specialties or explore various booths, making the most of their time until the event concludes. When players eventually leave, they find themselves back at their farms, pockets potentially filled with prizes and hearts with fond memories of the fair’s joyful camaraderie.

Key Takeaways

  • The Stardew Valley Fair is a festive highlight that occurs on Fall 16, centered around the Grange Display contest.
  • An abundance of games and interactive booths provide ample entertainment for players attending the fair.
  • Winning contests and participating in activities rewards players with tokens that can be exchanged for prizes.

Planning and Preparing for the Fair

Successfully participating in the Stardew Valley Fair requires careful planning. Participants need to understand the event and select ideal items for display.

Understanding the Stardew Valley Fair

Stardew Valley Fair is a beloved event that occurs on the 16th of fall each year in Pelican Town. This event allows players to exhibit their farming achievements. Attending the fair is simple. Players enter Pelican Town between 9 AM and 3 PM on the day of the fair. Upon leaving the event, the game’s clock will jump to 10 PM.

What to Bring: Grange Display Items

Choosing the right items for the Grange Display is key to winning. Players should bring a variety of high-quality items from different categories.

The following is a suggested list of items to include in your Grange Display:

  • Vegetables: Gold-quality crops score better. Include a variety of colors and types.
  • Fruits: Again, gold-quality fruits boost your score.
  • Flowers: A beautiful flower adds appeal to your display.
  • Artisan Goods: Cheeses, wines, and jellies represent your crafting skills.
  • Animal Products: Large eggs or milk can impress the judges.
  • Minerals: Unique gems or minerals add a wow factor.

Each grange display will benefit from having nine items that showcase a farmer’s hard work. It’s also important to note that including items from different categories can increase the overall point score, as diversity is valued by the judges. Quality matters; higher quality items contribute to a higher score.

Participants should gather their best items ahead of time, focusing on variety and quality, to stand out in the competition.

Activities and Games at the Fair

The Stardew Valley Fair offers a variety of games and activities where players can earn and spend Star Tokens. These tokens are the fair’s currency and can be used to purchase exclusive items.

Earning and Spending Star Tokens

Star Tokens are vital for enjoying the fair to its fullest. Players can earn these tokens by taking part in various activities and games throughout the event. Once you have tokens, head over to the shop where you can exchange them for prizes like a rarecrow or a stardrop. One way to earn tokens is by placing bets on the spinning wheel with the chance to double your wagered amount.

Fishing Mini-Game

The Fishing Mini-Game is a popular event at the fair where players can demonstrate their fishing skills. Cast your line, hook, and reel in fish to score points. After the round, the accumulated points convert to Star Tokens. This activity tests both your timing and your ability to catch a variety of fish.

Slingshot Mini-Game

Another fun challenge is the Slingshot Mini-Game. Players use their slingshot to hit targets and earn points. Steady aim and a good sense of timing are key to winning this game. Upon completion, you’ll receive Star Tokens in proportion to your accuracy and points scored.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Stardew Valley Fair is an event full of activities and chances to earn prizes. These answers will help you make the most of your fair experience.

What are the best items to showcase at Stardew Valley Fair?

For an impressive showcase, include items with high rarity and quality. Iridium-quality crops and artisan goods score well. Incorporate a variety of categories like fish, minerals, foraged items, and farming products to boost your display’s points.

How can I win at the spinning wheel in the Stardew Valley Fair?

The spinning wheel is a game of chance. Betting on green gives a slightly higher chance of winning. It’s not a guarantee, but green wins more often than orange.

How can you accumulate Star tokens during the Stardew Valley Fair?

Earn Star tokens by winning at festival games like the fishing contest and the slingshot game. Submitting a winning grange display also grants a large number of tokens. You can also purchase them for gold.

Is there an optimal strategy for winning the Stardew Valley Fair?

Winning involves earning the most points for your grange display. Diversify the items in your display, favor high-quality items, and aim for variety across different product types. Participating successfully in the mini-games also increases your chances of winning.

What are the consequences of picking orange or green in the betting game at the Fair?

Choosing orange or green in the betting game influences your chance of doubling your Star tokens. Green is statistically more likely to win, yet there’s still a risk involved. Be cautious with how many tokens you wager.

What are some tips for maximizing points at the Grange Display in Stardew Valley Fair?

Select nine of your best items with high-star ratings and from different categories to display. Aim for gold or iridium quality, ensure no two items are the same, and always include an animal product, as it adds to the variety score.

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