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Palworld is a game that offers an engaging mix of survival and creature collection in a multiplayer environment. The game allows players to explore, battle, and build within a vibrant world teeming with diverse creatures known as Pals. While the game aims to provide a fair and rewarding experience, some players might find themselves interested in using cheats to adjust the game to their liking or to overcome challenging aspects.

For those in the Palworld community looking to streamline their gameplay or simply experiment with different aspects of the game, a variety of cheat commands and techniques are available. Basic cheat commands enable players to control their server and manipulate certain elements to their advantage. On the other hand, advanced cheating techniques offer a deeper level of game modification, potentially enhancing the player’s experience or presenting new ways to play and explore the features of Palworld.

WARNING: Cheats won’t always work as they get patched and/or stop functioning. Also, cheating on a public server can get you banned. This information is provided just for informational purposes only. Use at your own risk.

A good forum to learn about the latest cheats is:

Some of the methods they have mapped out are (again, some of these may or may not work or could stop working if patched):

———Excerpt taken from fearlessrevolution site

Multi Player Features
– Full Stamina
– No Weight
– No Ammo/Sphere consume
– Infinite Clip Ammo
– Attack Multiplier
– All Building Recipes
– All Crafting Recipes
– Crawl

Single Player Features
– Max Experience Points
– Full Stamina
– 100 hunger
– High Work speed
– Attack Rate Modifier
– Unlimited Stat points
– Unlimited Technology Points
– Unlimited Lifmunk Effigy
– +500 Lifmunk Effigy
– 100% Capture Rate
– 100% Shiny Spawns
– Item Duplication
– Pal Edit
– Infinite Clip Ammo
– All Building Recipes
– All Crafting Recipes
– Freeze Hunger
– No Food Decay
– Crawl
– Health Increase Modifier

To get unlimited use of Pal Spheres &Ammo online you must pick one up and enable the “Don’t Consume” option. It will keep your current spheres registered to the online server as unused while spending them as you use them.

Suggested & In Progress (mod link if available)
– IV Editor in PalEdit (nexus mods /palworld/mods/104)
– Base Radius changer (nexus mods /palworld/mods/424)
– Build In Air or anywhere (nexus mods /palworld/mods/98)
– Paldeck Discovery
– Freeze Boss Timer

[Removed old versions before 27-02-24]

How to use this cheat table?

  1. Install Cheat Engine
  2. Double-click the .CT file in order to open it.
  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1

—-End Of Excerpt

Key Takeaways

  • Cheats in Palworld allow for various gameplay adjustments.
  • Commands can control server settings or modify the game.
  • Advanced techniques offer deeper game customization.

Console Commands In Palworld

/BanPlayer (SteamID)Blocks a player with the specified SteamID from connecting to the server.
/Broadcast (Message)Shares a specified message with every connected player.
/DoExitPromptly forces the dedicated server to shut down.
/InfoDisplays relevant information about the current dedicated server.
/KickPlayer (SteamID)Removes a player with the specified SteamID from the server.
/SaveStores the current state of the world on the server.
/ShowPlayersReveals details about all players currently connected to the server.
/ShutDown (Seconds) (Message)Initiates a server shutdown after the given time (in seconds) and broadcasts a custom message to players.
/TeleportToMe (SteamID)Moves a selected player (specified by SteamID) to your character’s current position.
/TeleportToPlayer (SteamID)Transports your character to the location of a chosen player (specified by SteamID).

Basic Cheat Commands and Server Control

In Palworld, players can fine-tune their experience using console commands. These empower players to manage their servers and gameplay. Whether you are running a dedicated server or just want more control over the game environment, understanding the basic cheats and server commands is essential.

Server Administration Commands

Admin Access:
To gain administrative control of a server, use the /adminpassword YOURPASSWORD command.

Shutdown and Exit:

  • /shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText}: Schedule a server shutdown with a countdown and custom message.
  • /doexit: Exit the server immediately without delay.

Player Management:

  • /kickplayer {SteamID}: Remove a player from your server.
  • /banplayer {SteamID}: Permanently ban a player from the server.

Player and Pal Management


  • /teleporttoplayer {SteamID}: Move to another player’s location.
  • /teleporttome {SteamID}: Bring another player to your location.

Player Information:
Use /showplayers to list all players on the server with their SteamIDs.

Environmental and Gameplay Adjustments

Control different aspects of gameplay through various commands.

Time Control:

  • Set time: Advance to a specific time.
  • Stop time: Freeze time at the current moment.
  • Add time: Move time forward.
  • Decrease time: Turn back the clock.

Environmental Control:
Players can keep their character’s temperature always normal, avoiding survival mechanics tied to varying temperatures.

Cheat Effect Overview

There is an array of cheats that affect player and pal health, weight management, stamina, and the unlocking of ancient technology.

  • Health: Modify the health of your character or pals.
  • Stamina: Adjust stamina consumption rates.
  • Weight: Alter weight limits to carry more items.
  • Ancient Technology: Instantly unlock technologies without the typical requirements.

To broadcast a message to all players on the server, use the /broadcast {MessageText} command. Remember that using cheats can impact the game experience for everyone on the server. Use them responsibly and ensure they contribute positively to the gameplay experience.

Advanced Cheating Techniques

Advanced cheating techniques in Palworld allow players to modify the game to their advantage, using diverse tools like trainers and cheat engines. These methods can influence game mechanics such as stat points, item management, and in-game resources.

Modifications and Trainers

Mods are alterations made to games that change how they function. Trainers, which are a form of mod, enable players to activate cheats in-game. A popular platform for these is WeMod, which offers mods for infinite stamina, health, and more. To use trainers, players typically run the software alongside the game and activate desired features.

Cheat Engine and Custom Scripts

Cheat Engine is a powerful tool used to manipulate game data. Players can use it for an infinite supply of items or to set specific values, like stat points or money. To use Cheat Engine, launch the application, choose Palworld as the process, and modify the values as needed for attributes like experience multipliers or item weight.

Resource Management and Item Cheats

Players can use commands and scripts to influence resource management and gain unlimited items. For resources like wood, stone, leather, fiber, and various ores, commands such as /dropitem can be executed, often on dedicated servers where the player has admin rights. Item cheats can drastically increase inventory amount or reduce the weight of items, making resource gathering and crafting significantly easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cheats can enhance your Palworld experience by offering new ways to play the game. Here we answer common questions about using cheats in Palworld.

How can I enable cheats in Palworld for PC?

To enable cheats, one might need to modify their game files or use third-party software. Typically, this involves adding a particular DLL file to the game’s directory. After booting up the game, you can press specific keys like F2 to access the command console.

Does Palworld implement any form of anti-cheat measures?

Palworld employs anti-cheat systems to ensure fair play, especially in multiplayer modes. Using cheats may lead to punitive actions, including bans if used during online play.

What are the steps to activating God mode in Palworld?

Activating God mode usually requires entering a specific command into the console. This command can grant invincibility or other god-like powers in the game. Exact steps can vary based on updates and the method used to enable cheats.

Are there cheat codes available for Palworld on single-player mode?

Yes, cheat codes can be used in single-player mode. These codes can alter numerous aspects of the game such as resource collection or creature capture. One must ensure cheats are enabled properly to use them effectively.

Can cheats be used in Palworld when playing on a dedicated server?

In dedicated servers, cheats are typically restricted and need admin rights to use. Server administrators can grant permissions to use console commands and cheats as needed.

How to apply cheats while playing Palworld in multiplayer?

Using cheats in multiplayer without consent is often not allowed and is detectable by the game’s anti-cheat measures. To apply cheats in multiplayer, it should be in a private setting with the agreement of all players involved. Admin permissions are needed to use cheats on the server.

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