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Limbus Company is a turn-based RPG gacha game created by Project Moon. It features characters called Sinners who navigate a dystopian world set in the same universe as Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina. Players can expect a rich story with complex characters. The game is set in a city with 26 districts, and players manage a team of Sinners to uncover the main storyline. Each character has unique abilities and backstories that contribute to the gameplay by offering different combat strategies and narrative depth.

The Sinners of Limbus Company

Limbus Company boasts a diverse cast of characters known as Sinners, each with unique backstories, personalities, and abilities. These Sinners are based on literary figures and historical personalities, adding a layer of intrigue to their identities.

The Twelve Sinners

The core of Limbus Company’s character roster consists of twelve Sinners, divided into six men and six women. These Sinners are grouped into pairs based on their literary origins, forming intriguing dynamics and relationships within the game.

SinnerGenderLiterary OriginNotable Traits
Yi SangMaleKorean PoetEccentric, artistic, prone to hallucinations
MeursaultMaleThe StrangerDetached, apathetic, indifferent to morality
Hong LuMaleJourney to the WestMischievous, playful, with a penchant for causing chaos
HeathcliffMaleWuthering HeightsBrooding, vengeful, fueled by a desire for revenge
SinclairMaleThe JungleIdealistic, compassionate, but prone to self-doubt
GregorMaleThe MetamorphosisKind-hearted, timid, transformed into a monstrous insect
FaustFemaleFaustAmbitious, power-hungry, willing to make deals with the devil
Don QuixoteFemaleDon QuixoteDelusional, chivalrous, driven by a warped sense of justice
RyoshuFemaleAkutagawa RyunosukeSadistic, violent, enjoys inflicting pain
IshmaelFemaleMoby DickCynical, pragmatic, haunted by past trauma
RodionFemaleCrime and PunishmentGuilt-ridden, conflicted, seeking redemption for past sins
OutisFemaleThe OdysseyMysterious, cunning, skilled in deception

Additional Characters

Besides the twelve Sinners, Limbus Company features other notable characters who play significant roles in the story:

  • Dante: A mysterious figure who guides the Sinners and serves as their contractor.
  • Vergilius: A powerful being with a enigmatic past who aids the Sinners in their missions.
  • The Lobotomy Corporation: A shadowy organization that controls the City and experiments on humans to create abnormalities.

Limbus Company’s diverse cast of characters adds depth and complexity to the game’s narrative, leaving players eager to uncover their secrets and motivations.

Key Takeaways

  • Limbus Company features a diverse roster of characters within an immersive RPG setting.
  • Characters possess distinct EGOs and skills that affect gameplay and strategy.
  • The narrative of Limbus Company expands across a vast, dark cityscape with deep lore.

Gameplay and Mechanics

When playing Limbus Company, understanding the battle system and character development is central to success. As a gacha game, it also includes elements of chance affecting the team you build.

Combat System

Turn-based RPG combat is the core of Limbus Company. Sinners fight against enemies using a variety of skills. Unique game mechanics such as Charge, Tremor, and Rupture can be executed depending on the character’s abilities. Players must plan strategically, choosing when to attack, defend, or use special abilities. For example, Charge allows the build-up of strength for a more powerful attack on later turns.

Character Development

Players enhance Sinners by equipping them with E.G.O equipment, which represents their combat traits. E.G.O equipment is crucial for powering up characters and improving their battle performance. Growth of characters is also influenced by Sin and Spoil mechanics tied to the darker themes of Limbus Company. Decisions in equipping your team directly impact your chances of success in battles.

Gacha Elements

Limbus Company features gacha elements, meaning players can obtain new Sinners and E.G.O through a system of random draws. This system adds an element of luck to building your team. Rankings can be influenced by the quality and composition of Sinners one has in their team, which is partly determined by gacha results. It’s important to wisely manage resources to optimize gacha pulls for a balanced team.

Characters and Story

In the narrative of Limbus Company, characters play pivotal roles within the city’s 26 districts. Key factions, such as Golden Boughs and several corporations—J Corp, N Corp Identities, and L Corp—shape the storyline and the struggles of individuals.

Main Characters

  • Faust: An insightful strategist burdened by his past. He works with the Limbus Company and plays a central role in the game’s unfolding events.
  • Don Quixote: A figure representing chivalry, his character often touches on madness. His interactions often reflect the ideological contrasts in the city.
  • Meursault: With a compelling background, Meursault’s decisions have significant implications for the storyline.
  • Gregor: A character shaped by complex family dynamics which drive much of his narrative.

Additionally, other figures such as Yi Sang, Heathcliff, and Sinclair bring depth to Limbus Company’s story. Each has their own perspectives and contributions to the events in the city. The characters often face moral and physical challenges posed by leaders like The Leader, who governs many in-game actions along with managers dealing with the city’s undercurrents.

Supporting Characters

Supporting characters enhance the narrative by interacting with main characters and revealing more about the Limbus Company’s world. Some notable characters include:

  • Rodion: An individual whose choices impact the story and other characters.
  • Dante & Vergilius: Their actions and connections highlight the game’s themes of sin and redemption.
  • Charon: As a link between various narrative threads, Charon provides insights into the lore of the city.
  • Hermann & Effie: Play a part in managing the city’s districts and are involved in key story developments.

Other significant characters include Saude and Ahab, who contribute to unfolding events through their unique backgrounds. The overarching powers of the city and the complex hierarchy of the corporations set the stage for a tale of power, control, and the quest for redemption.

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