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Last Epoch, the popular action RPG developed by Eleventh Hour Games, offers an exciting experience for players who enjoy loot-driven adventures and character customization. While traditionally played with a keyboard and mouse, the game now boasts robust controller support, expanding the options for how you can dive into its world.

Last Epoch and Controllers: A Match Made in ARPG Heaven

Controller Support: A Welcome Addition

Since its full release on April 28, 2022, Last Epoch has been continuously refined to offer a polished controller experience. Players can now seamlessly navigate menus, manage inventory, and unleash devastating skills with their favorite gamepads. This opens the door for a more immersive and comfortable gameplay experience, especially for those accustomed to controllers from other ARPGs or console titles.

Features and Customization

Full Controller MappingCustomize button layouts to your preference, tailoring the controls to your playstyle.
Intuitive UI NavigationThe user interface has been adapted for easy navigation with a controller, ensuring smooth menu interactions.
Skill Bar and HotkeysQuickly access and activate skills using the controller’s buttons and triggers.
Seamless SwitchingEffortlessly switch between controller and keyboard/mouse input without restarting the game.

Community Feedback and Continued Improvement

The developers actively seek and implement player feedback to enhance controller support. They’ve addressed various issues raised by the community, improving menu navigation, skill activation, and overall responsiveness. Ongoing updates promise to refine the controller experience further, making it even more enjoyable for players who prefer this input method.

Controller vs. Keyboard and Mouse: A Matter of Preference

Whether you prefer the precision of a keyboard and mouse or the comfort and familiarity of a controller, Last Epoch caters to both playstyles. Experiment with both options to see which one feels more natural and enjoyable for you.

If you’re looking for a satisfying ARPG experience that you can play with a controller, Last Epoch is definitely worth checking out.

Controller Compatibility

In recent updates, Last Epoch has significantly enhanced its controller support, making it more accessible for players who prefer gamepads.

Gamepad Support in Last Epoch

Last Epoch, a thriving action RPG for PC, now fully supports various gamepad controllers. Players can seamlessly use both PlayStation‘s DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers. Due to its recent updates, the game has become more inclusive for those who opt for the comfort of a gamepad over mouse and keyboard.

Optimizing Controller Usage for ARPGs

Effective controller usage can revolutionize the gameplay experience in ARPGs like Last Epoch. The developers have made strides in functionality, such as enabling players to cycle through loot on the ground with their gamepads. This feature is notable for a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. Additionally, the integration of Steam’s big picture mode allows for a refined controller configuration, ensuring players can tailor their controls to personal preferences.

Gameplay Mechanics

Last Epoch provides a nuanced controller experience that allows players to engage with its world comfortably. Skill execution, character movement, and managing game inventory are all facets finely tuned for a controller setup.

Skills and Targeting with a Controller

Using a controller, players can have a smooth experience casting skills and selecting targets. Both DualSense (PS5) and Xbox Series X controllers are well-supported, with the game having removed controller targeting for abilities like Transplant, Fury Leap, and Aerial Assault, mimicking the behavior of the game’s Teleport function. This streamlines combat and reduces the frustration of fumbling with a cursor, a traditional pain point in ARPGs like Diablo.

Movement and Navigation

Character movement with a controller is intuitive, with a clear gamepad right stick icon indicating movement direction. The revamped targeting system for movement skills ensures that players can swiftly and accurately navigate through the complex landscapes of Last Epoch, a game where precise movement can often mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Inventory and Passives Management

While managing the inventory and passives can be challenging with a controller, Last Epoch has made strides towards simplification. Some players might find the controller UI a bit awkward when handling items or tweaking their character’s passive skill trees, which are core elements in ARPG gameplay. However, the function to cycle through loot on the ground aids in reducing the tedium traditionally associated with such tasks.

Technical Aspects and Updates

This section dives into the recent enhancements and technical improvements for controller support in Last Epoch.

Integrating Controllers with PC

With version 1.0, Eleventh Hour Games has ensured that players can enjoy the Last Epoch experience fully with a controller. The development team worked hard to optimize gameplay not just for the traditional mouse and keyboard setup, but also for those who prefer gamepads.

  • Keybinds: Customizable for personal comfort.
  • Mouse and Keyboard vs. Controller: Flexibility to switch between input methods seamlessly.

Latest Updates on Controller Support

The transition from Early Access to the full release brought significant updates:

  • 1.0 Patch Notes: Details comprehensive controller support, addressing previous challenges.
  • Optimization: Focuses on smoothing out gameplay for a seamless controller experience.

On the Steam page of Last Epoch, players can find further details on the technical enhancements made in the latest updates, indicating a commitment to improved playability and accessibility across various input methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the world of controller support in Last Epoch can raise some questions. Here are quick answers to help you get a better experience with the game’s controls.

How can I enable controller support in Last Epoch?

To use a controller with Last Epoch, simply start the game; it usually recognizes the controller right away. You can move the cursor with the right analog stick and get moving with the left stick to kick things off.

Are there keybind customization options for controllers in Last Epoch?

Yes, Last Epoch allows you to remap controller buttons, but some players have mentioned issues with the mapping screen. It’s wise to check for game updates that might smooth out these kinks.

What should I do if my controller is not working with Last Epoch?

If your controller isn’t working, first ensure it’s properly connected to your computer. If it’s still unresponsive, try restarting the game or checking for controller support updates within the game’s forums or support sections.

Is there official controller support for Last Epoch on Xbox?

Yes, Last Epoch provides controller support for Xbox controllers. Players should be able to plug and play with minimal setup required.

Does Last Epoch on the Steam Deck have full controller functionality?

The game does support controller use on Steam Deck, but the level of functionality can vary. Some features might still be under development or require adjustments from the devs.

Can I use a PS4 controller to play Last Epoch?

PS4 controllers are commonly used with PC games, but some users have reported issues with Last Epoch. Make sure the game is updated, and keep an eye on official channels for any specific fixes related to PS4 controller support.

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