iPhone Group Message
iPhone Group Message

Group texts can be incredibly useful for coordinating plans, sharing news, or simply staying connected with friends or colleagues. If you’re an iPhone user, creating a group text is a straightforward process. Let’s break it down step-by-step.

1. Unlock Your iPhone

Start by unlocking your iPhone to access your apps.

2. Open the Messages App

Find and tap on the green Messages app, typically located on your home screen.

3. Start a New Message

  • In the top right corner, tap on the compose button (it looks like a pencil inside a square).

4. Enter Recipients

  • In the “To:” field, start typing the name of your first contact.
  • As you type, suggestions will appear. Tap on the desired contact’s name to add them to the recipient list.
  • Continue adding as many recipients as you want in the same manner.

5. Type Your Message

Once you’ve added all the desired recipients, tap on the message field (it will say “iMessage” or “Text Message” depending on the recipient’s device) at the bottom of the screen and begin typing your message.

6. Send the Message

After typing your message, tap the blue or green arrow (color depends on whether you’re sending an iMessage or SMS) to send.

7. Naming the Group (iMessage Only)

If all members of your group are using iMessage, you can give the conversation a custom name:

  • Open the group conversation.
  • Tap on the top of the conversation where the participants’ names are displayed.
  • Tap on “info” (i icon).
  • Tap “Enter a Group Name” and type the desired name.
  • Tap “Done” to save.

8. Add Participants to an Existing Group

You can also add new participants to an existing group chat:

  • Open the group conversation.
  • Tap on the top of the conversation where the participants’ names are displayed.
  • Tap on “info” (i icon).
  • Scroll down and tap “Add Contact.”
  • Select the contact you want to add and tap “Done.”


Creating a group text on an iPhone is a convenient way to communicate with multiple people simultaneously. Whether you’re making weekend plans, organizing a work project, or just catching up with friends, group texts offer a seamless way to stay connected. Remember, though, that if any member of the group isn’t using iMessage, certain features, like naming the group, may not be available.

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