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The Xbox Series X|S consoles have many games to choose from. There are action, horror, sci-fi, racing, sports, and indie games. Some top games are Halo Infinite, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Elden Ring, Starfield, Forza Horizon 5, and Dead Space. These games offer different experiences, from exploring new worlds to intense combat. The Xbox Series X|S offers great visuals and performance for an exciting gaming experience.

10 Best Xbox Series X Games Right Now

RankGame TitleGenreCritic RatingUser RatingRelease Date
2Elden RingAction-RPG964.802022-02-25
3Forza Horizon 5Racing924.712021-11-09
4Halo InfiniteFirst-person shooter874.412021-12-08
5Psychonauts 2Action-adventure platformer884.862021-08-25
6Resident Evil 4 RemakeSurvival horror914.742023-03-24
7Baldur’s Gate 3RPG914.702023-12-07
8Hi-Fi RushAction-rhythm914.772023-01-25
9Control Ultimate EditionAction-adventure884.702020-08-27
10Hogwarts LegacyAction-RPG884.762023-02-10

Enhancements and Features of Xbox Series X|S

The latest Xbox consoles bring forward a leap in gaming fidelity and speed, breathing life into environments with sharp details and fast load times.

Next-Generation Graphics and Performance

The Xbox Series X sets the bar with its ability to output 4K visuals, making games look stunningly realistic. It runs on next-gen hardware that pushes frame rates to up to 120FPS, which means smoother gameplay for titles like the praised racing game, Forza Horizon 5. Meanwhile, the Series S provides a more affordable option, with performance up to 1440p resolution.

  • 4K Visuals: True 4K gaming with up to 8K high dynamic range (HDR)
  • Frame Rate: Supports up to 120FPS for the smoothest gameplay possible

Exclusive Game Titles

Exclusive games are the heart of the Xbox platform. From blockbuster franchises to innovative indie games, the Xbox Series X|S offers a range of titles that you can’t find anywhere else. This includes gripping narratives, adrenaline-pumping adventures, and family-friendly fun, all available through the Xbox Game Pass.

  • Xbox Exclusives: Critically acclaimed games only available on Xbox consoles
  • Game Pass: A subscription service offering a vast library of games, including new releases and timeless classics

Backward Compatibility and Game Preservation

Microsoft has emphasized game preservation by ensuring a vast catalog of past-gen games are playable on Xbox Series X|S. Not only does this enhance the value of the Game Pass Ultimate, but it also respects the gamers’ collections spanning years of Xbox history.

  • Smart Delivery: Buy a game once and play the best version across your Xbox consoles
  • Backward Compatibility: Play thousands of titles from past generations without additional cost

By seamlessly transitioning between console generations and providing a high-quality game library, Xbox Series X|S are powerful platforms that cater to diverse gaming tastes and preferences.

Subscription Services and Community Aspects

Xbox Series X has reshaped gaming not only through its powerful console but also via its innovative subscription services and active community.

Benefits of Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Pass offers a broad library of games, including Best Xbox Series X Games like Forza Horizon, Halo Infinite, and offerings from renowned studio FromSoft. Users subscribe for a monthly fee and gain the following benefits:

  • Instant Access: Play new titles like Jedi: Survivor the day they’re released.
  • Variety of Genres: Adventure in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, strategize in Control, or laugh with High on Life.

Game Pass Ultimate takes it up a notch by including:

  • All benefits of Xbox Game Pass
  • Xbox Live Gold for online play
  • Exclusive discounts and deals
  • EA Play membership at no additional cost

Community Engagement and Multiplayer

The multiplayer experience is key for games like Destiny 2 and co-op favorites such as It Takes Two. Xbox Series X excels at providing:

  • Cross-Platform Play: Engage with friends across different devices.
  • Seamless Communication: Built-in voice chat for instant team coordination.

Classic titles like Tetris Effect: Connected and Psychonauts 2 not only are single-player gems but also have unique multiplayer components that foster a sense of community.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Xbox Series X continues to captivate gamers with its library of games. This section answers pressing questions about the best titles to check out, upcoming releases, and player favorites.

Which upcoming titles for the Xbox Series X should we look forward to?

Gamers eagerly await the release of Fable and Hellblade, which are set to redefine storytelling and gameplay on the Xbox Series X.

What are the ideal Xbox Series X games for new players?

For those just starting, games like Psychonauts 2 and It Takes Two are perfect with their engaging narratives and manageable difficulty levels.

Which games are exclusive to Xbox Series X as of 2023?

The Xbox Series X boasts several exclusives, including the long-anticipated sequel, Psychonauts 2, enhancing the platform’s appeal.

What are the top-rated Xbox Series X games according to critical reviews?

Critically acclaimed games include the dark and captivating Diablo IV, which maintains the franchise’s allure with its enthralling combat and intricate world.

What games are currently popular on the Xbox Series X platform?

Popular titles on the Xbox Series X include a mix of genres, with standouts like Diablo IV engaging a broad audience with its looting and combat.

What are the top ten most played games on Xbox Series X in 2023?

While the exact list fluctuates, games like Diablo IV have secured a place among the most played thanks to their immersive experiences and community engagement.

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