The latest hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3, Hotfix 21, is now live, bringing several important updates. This update addresses multiple bugs, crashes, and blockers, improving the overall gaming experience for players. Available on PC, PS5, and Mac, Hotfix 21 restores features like sending items to specific camp companions, making gameplay smoother and more efficient.

Many players will be delighted by these changes, particularly the ability to send heavy items to companions, which was much missed. With version number, this fix is a welcome improvement following the major update Patch 6. Fans will notice immediate benefits from these adjustments, making their adventures in the game even more enjoyable.

PlayStation and Mac users are already experiencing these new fixes, though Xbox players will need to wait a bit longer. This swift response from the game’s developers ensures that player feedback is considered and that the game remains up-to-date and relevant.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Hotfix 21 Details

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Hotfix #21 brings a wave of bug fixes and improvements to “Baldur’s Gate 3,” addressing issues that have cropped up since the major Patch 6 release. Players can expect a smoother experience with fewer crashes and progression blockers.

Specific Fixes:

  • Multiplayer Bug: Fixed a bug where characters could get stuck while eavesdropping and lockpicking simultaneously with other players.
  • Save Game Issues: Added error checks for save game loading failures.
  • Xbox Crashes: Fixed crashes occurring when two clients join at the same time or when using triggers.
  • Dialogue and Character Creation Crashes: Fixed crashes related to specific dialogues and character switching.
  • Other Fixes: Addressed bugs related to equipment slots, waypoint names, Traveller’s Chest functionality, and left mouse button rebinding.

Restoration of Features

Hotfix #21 also restores the “Send To” and “Pick Up” options for the Traveller’s Chest, allowing players to manage their items more conveniently in camp. Another welcome change is the ability to send items to specific camp companions even when outside of camp.

Table: Hotfix #21 Highlights

Bug FixesNumerous crashes and progression blockers addressed.
Feature Restoration“Send To” and “Pick Up” options for Traveller’s Chest restored.
New FeatureSend items to camp companions from outside of camp.

Xbox Update Delay

While Hotfix #21 is live for PC, PS5, and Mac users, Xbox players will have to wait a bit longer. The update is still undergoing testing due to a platform-specific crash bug. The developers are actively working on resolving the issue to ensure a smooth experience for Xbox players.

Key Takeaways

  • Hotfix 21 for Baldur’s Gate 3 is now live on PC, PS5, and Mac.
  • The update fixes bugs, crashes, and blockers, improving gameplay.
  • Xbox players will receive the update at a later date.

Patch Summary

Hotfix 21 for Baldur’s Gate 3 includes important changes across gameplay, bug fixes, and performance improvements. These updates address several issues and enhance the user experience across multiple platforms.

Gameplay Enhancements

Hotfix 21 restores the ability to send items to specific camp companions while outside of camp. This feature allows players to manage their inventory more efficiently. Players can now transfer heavy items to characters such as Karlach for easy access.

Another enhancement involves new kiss animations introduced in a previous update. These animations offer a more immersive experience during interactions between characters. These updates improve both the practical and aesthetic aspects of the game.

Additionally, various quality-of-life improvements have been made, building on the previous patches to refine the player experience consistently.

Bug Fixes

Several bugs have been addressed in this hotfix. Key fixes include resolving issues that caused the game to crash and tackling blockers that hindered game progression.

A notable fix involved Minthara, addressing a spoiler-related bug that affected the storyline. Correcting this bug ensures a smoother narrative experience.

Other bugs related to sending items to companions while outside of camp have also been fixed. These changes enhance gameplay stability and reduce disruptions for players on PC, PS5, and Mac platforms.

Performance Improvements

Hotfix 21 includes updates aimed at improving the game’s overall performance. These improvements help reduce the frequency of crashes that some players have encountered.

Performance optimizations have targeted load times and frame rates, which enhances the smoothness of the game. The hotfix aims to provide a more seamless experience across various hardware configurations.

The patch also includes minor tweaks to compatibility with mods, making it easier for players to use community-created content without performance issues. Balancing these updates helps keep the game running smoothly across all supported platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hotfix 21 for Baldur’s Gate 3 brings various fixes and improvements. It addresses bugs, crashes, and introduces some quality-of-life updates.

When is the release date for Hotfix 21 of Baldur’s Gate 3?

Hotfix 21 was officially released on June 6, 2024. This update is available on PC, PS5, and Mac.

How can I download the latest hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3?

Players can download Hotfix 21 through their respective gaming platforms. For PC users, it is available on Steam and GOG. Console players can find it in the update section of their system’s interface.

What are the latest changes introduced in Hotfix 21 for Baldur’s Gate 3?

Hotfix 21 targets several bugs, crashes, and blockers. It also restores the ability to send items to specific camp companions while outside of camp. Additionally, the update fixes some animations and graphical issues.

Is there a discussion thread on Reddit for Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 21?

Yes, players can find discussion threads about Hotfix 21 on Reddit, specifically in the r/BaldursGate3 subreddit. These threads often contain player feedback and additional information about the update.

Are all platforms, including PS5, receiving the Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix 21 simultaneously?

Yes, Hotfix 21 was released simultaneously on PC, PS5, and Mac. This ensures that all players receive the updates at the same time.

What are the size details for the latest Baldur’s Gate 3 update?

The size of Hotfix 21 varies by platform but is generally a few hundred megabytes. Players should check their respective platforms for specific download sizes.

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