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Baldur’s Gate 3 is an immersive RPG by Larian Studios. However, the game doesn’t support crossplay yet, meaning players on one platform can’t join a game with friends on another. On the bright side, the game does offer cross-platform progression. Larian Studios (the developer) has mentioned that crossplay support was part of their update roadmap for the game, so fans still remain hopeful that a future update will introduce it. But as of now there is no time-frame for that.

The Current State of Crossplay

Currently you cannot play across platforms in Baldur’s Gate 3. So if you are playing on PC, your friend has an Xbox, and your other friend has a PS5 – none of you would be able to see each other. The game does have what is called “cross-progression” which means you can save your progress on one platform and pick up where you left off elsewhere, but that’s not usually what people are interested in doing when they are thinking of crossplay.

  • No Crossplay Multiplayer: You cannot directly join multiplayer games with friends who are on different platforms. If you’re on PC, you can’t play in a party with someone on Xbox Series X.
  • Cross-Progression: Players can transfer save data and progress between different platforms if they own the game on each one. This means you can start on PC and pick up your adventure later on PlayStation 5.

The Promise of True Crossplay

Larian Studios has repeatedly expressed its desire to implement full crossplay in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, the technical challenges of syncing gameplay between multiple platforms have posed significant hurdles. People are optimistic a future patch will bring Crossplay support to the game but so far we haven’t heard anything about it.

Here’s a breakdown of the situation:

Cross-Progression (PC, PlayStation 5)Implemented
Crossplay (PC, PlayStation 5)Planned, no release date
Crossplay (PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S)Planned, no release date

Why Crossplay Matters

Crossplay offers several benefits to both players and the Baldur’s Gate 3 community:

  • Larger Player Pool: Crossplay opens up the world of multiplayer, finding groups for quests and adventures becomes significantly easier.
  • Unified Community: Friends on different platforms can play together, regardless of their chosen system.
  • Enhanced Longevity: A larger, connected player base helps keep the game vibrant and active for longer.

When Can We Expect It?

Larian Studios is committed to bringing crossplay to Baldur’s Gate 3, but there’s no concrete release date. Implementing true crossplay is a complex process, but the positive reception has made it a top priority for the development team. Implementing crossplay can be complex, especially with different control schemes and input methods across platforms.

Given how many users play the game this is no small feat and would require a long testing phase while in beta. So even if crossplay does start coming up in roll-outs, it might be a while before it’s ready for prime time and rolls out to everyone on every platform. There’s a chance we may never see it as well as no official updates have mentioned a concrete roll out timeframe.

The Future of Baldur’s Gate 3

While full crossplay might still be a way off, the future looks bright for Baldur’s Gate 3. With ongoing updates, potential DLC expansions, and the promised crossplay feature, players have a lot to look forward to in the sprawling world of Faerûn.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for the day we can adventure together, regardless of whether we’re playing on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox!

Key Takeaways

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 is a popular game awaiting crossplay integration.
  • Players can transfer their progress across platforms with two copies of the game.
  • Larian Studios plans to introduce cross-platform cooperative play in the future.

Crossplay Features and Platforms

Baldur’s Gate 3 brings exciting gameplay across different devices. Players can enjoy the game with friends using various systems through crossplay and cross-save features.

Cross-Platform Functionality

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers crossplay capabilities which are currently in discussion to be implemented by Larian Studios. Once available, this feature will allow players to team up and play together regardless of the gaming platform they use. Cross-platform support will enable a more connected and versatile gaming experience for friends who prefer different systems.

Supported Systems and Consoles

At present, crossplay is not available in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, Larian Studios aims to introduce this option, which will encompass a range of systems including PC, Mac, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. These enhancements are poised to significantly broaden the multiplayer aspects of the game.

Cross-Save and Progression

To ensure a seamless gaming experience across multiple platforms, cross-save functionality is a key feature for Baldur’s Gate 3. Gamers will be able to save their game progress on one system, such as PC, and resume their adventure on a different platform. Utilizing a Larian account may play a pivotal role in managing cross-platform saves and maintaining game progression for an uninterrupted playthrough.

Gameplay and Design Considerations

This part of our discussion focuses on Baldur’s Gate 3’s gameplay enhancements and design choices impacting player experience. Larian Studios has implemented features that cater to both solo adventurers and friends joining forces online.

User Interface and Controls

Baldur’s Gate 3 presents an interface that adapts to various platforms, ensuring a seamless transition between single-player and multiplayer modes. Controls are straightforward, enabling players to navigate the game world with ease. The developers have optimized both keyboard/mouse setups and console controllers for accessibility. The game includes options to customize controls, offering flexibility for personal preferences.

Online Multiplayer Dynamics

When entering the world of multiplayer, Baldur’s Gate 3 offers both online and, for some platforms, split-screen co-op game modes. This allows players to team up with friends in their adventure. Larian Studios has built the multiplayer experience to maintain game balance and synchronized progression for all involved parties. Online sessions feature a drop-in, drop-out system, letting players join or leave without disrupting the ongoing gameplay.

Roadmap and Future Updates

Larian Studios has shared a roadmap indicating plans for updates and new features, including crossplay capabilities. Currently, detailed information about exact release dates for cross-platform play is not available, but it is confirmed to be in development. Players can expect future updates to iron out any kinks and add content that enriches the gameplay, such as new storylines featuring characters like Minthara. The studio is committed to providing updates to enhance the overall user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Baldur’s Gate 3 crossplay has been a topic of keen interest for gamers eager to play with friends on different platforms. Here’s clear information on some common queries about the game’s crossplay and cross-platform features.

Can players on PC and Xbox enjoy Baldur’s Gate 3 together through crossplay?

Cross-platform/cross-play support is not yet available in BG3, leaving PC and Xbox players eagerly awaiting its compatibility. While Larian Studios has plans for crossplay, there is no confirmed release date for this feature at present.

Is there cross-platform support between PS5 and Xbox for Baldur’s Gate 3?

As of the latest updates, cross-platform play between PS5 and Xbox for Baldur’s Gate 3 has been acknowledged by the developers as a future addition, but it is not yet available.

Does Baldur’s Gate 3 allow crossplay between PC and PS4 users?

Currently, BG3 does not support cross-play. The developers have committed to making crossplay available across different platforms, but there’s no timeline on that yet.

Are there cross-save features available in Baldur’s Gate 3 for playing across different platforms?

The feature for cross-save, which would allow a player to save their game on one platform and continue on another, is in development. This will enable progression to be maintained across various gaming systems.

Can Baldur’s Gate 3 be played in co-op mode on multiple platforms?

Baldur’s Gate 3 will offer a split-screen co-op mode enabling players to team up on the same console. This feature assures that friends can play together with ease. While it may support features across platforms at this time, crossplay is not currently a feature available for BG3.

Is it possible to engage in cross-platform multiplayer in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The ability to play multiplayer games across different platforms is a sought-after feature. The developer has plans to incorporate this into Baldur’s Gate 3, expanding the game’s community and making it more inclusive.

Is Baldur’s Gate 3 Cross Platform?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is NOT cross platform at this time. While the developer has committed to working on crossplay capabilities, it has not come out yet.

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