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Linus, the enigmatic forager of Stardew Valley, leads a simple life in his tent north of Pelican Town. Although often misunderstood by some villagers, he has a heart of gold and appreciates those who take the time to understand his unique lifestyle.

Linus: A Forager’s Friend

Personality and Backstory

Linus lives in a tent north of Pelican Town. He’s a solitary figure, preferring the simple life of foraging and living off the land. Some townsfolk misunderstand him, but he’s kind and generous at heart.


Linus’s schedule varies throughout the year, as his activities are closely tied to the seasons and weather conditions. He often wanders around the outskirts of town, foraging for food and other resources. He’s also known to visit the library and the saloon on occasion.


Linus appreciates gifts that reflect his simple lifestyle and love of nature. Here’s a table summarizing his gift preferences:

Gift TypeReactionExamples
Loved Gifts“This is wonderful! You’ve really made my day special.”Universal Loves (Golden Pumpkin, Magic Rock Candy, Pearl, Prismatic Shard, Rabbit’s Foot), Coconut, Cactus Fruit
Liked Gifts“This is a great gift. Thank you!”Universal Likes (except foraged minerals and some gems), all eggs (except Void Egg), all milk, all fruit (except loved gifts), foraged items (Dandelion, Leek, Wild Horseradish, etc.)
Neutral Gifts“This is a good gift.”Most other items
Disliked Gifts“This isn’t really my thing.”Some foraged minerals, most gems, some artisan goods
Hated Gifts“You shouldn’t have.”Universal Hates (Holly, Quartz)

Heart Events

As your friendship with Linus grows, you’ll unlock special events that reveal more about his backstory and personality. These events offer unique insights into his solitary lifestyle and his connection to nature.

Building Friendship

The easiest way to build friendship with Linus is by giving him gifts he likes or loves twice a week, with an extra gift on his birthday (Winter 3). You can also find him around town and chat with him regularly. If you happen to see him rummaging through garbage cans, don’t be alarmed – it’s just his way of making do!

Understanding Linus and His Role in Stardew Valley

Linus is more than just a background character in Stardew Valley; he embodies the game’s nature-centric spirit and highlights the beauty of a simple life.

Character Background

In the vibrant community of Stardew Valley, Linus stands out with his solitary lifestyle and gentle demeanor. He reminds the townspeople—and players—of the joy found in the basics of life. Despite his humble appearance, players gradually discover there’s more to Linus than his love for solitude.

Linus’ Tent: A Home in Nature

North of Pelican Town, near the mountain area and a stone’s throw from Robin’s house, Linus has pitched his tent. His home represents his minimalist approach to life, surrounded by the bounty of nature. It serves as a hub for his day-to-day activities and displays his knack for living off the land.

Seasonal Activities and Foraging

Linus is in tune with the rhythms of nature, adjusting his activities with the changing seasons.


  • Berries: Harvests fresh berries
  • Dandelion and Wild Horseradish: Collects these flowers and roots


  • Spice Berry: Looks out for this seasonal fruit
  • Grape: Picks grapes during strolls


  • Hazelnut: Gathers hazelnuts that fall to the ground
  • Chanterelle and Common Mushroom: Forages for these fungi


  • Snow Yam and Winter Root: Finds these buried in the snow
  • Despite the cold, Linus remains active, utilizing his knowledge to find food where others would overlook.

His affinity for foraging demonstrates an essential aspect of his character and underscores his value within the Stardew Valley community. His expertise in the natural world is a reminder of the game’s celebration of all seasons and the rewards of living in harmony with them.

Interacting with Linus

In the cozy world of Stardew Valley, getting to know the villagers is a charm of its own, and Linus, the reclusive forager living in a tent north of Pelican Town, is no exception. Learning his likes and dislikes while navigating through heartwarming events can cement a strong friendship with him.

Building Friendship with Linus

Earning Linus’ trust starts with simple, day-to-day interactions. Talking to him regularly awards friendship points, which are essential in unlocking unique cutscenes known as heart events. Completing his occasional quests further boosts the relationship.

Linus’ Likes and Dislikes

Linus has a preference for nature-related items. He is notably fond of yams, cactus fruit, and coconuts. However, he is not a fan of more refined dishes or anything overtly artificial. Remembering his dislikes is as important as giving him his favorite things.

Gift Giving Guide

When gifting Linus, focus on the natural bounty from around Pelican Town:

  • Loves: Sashimi, Blueberry Tart
  • Likes: Eggs, wild foraged items like daffodils
  • Neutral: Milk, simple cooked goods
  • Dislikes: Gems, most fish
  • Hates: Garbage (like soggy newspaper)

Give him gifts during his birthday for an extra boost in friendship points.

Special Events and Heart Events

Building a relationship with Linus triggers special interactions. A memorable heart event involves cooking Sashimi for Linus, which he loves. Attending community events and inviting him to gatherings strengthens your bond, offering deeper insight into his character and backstory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exploring Linus’s character in Stardew Valley uncovers common questions about his personal belongings, preferences, and daily life. The following sections provide answers based on his behavior and in-game events.

What items are in Linus’s lost basket and how can it be located?

Linus’s lost basket isn’t seen containing items, but it is crucial for a fall quest. It can be found to the east of the Bus Stop, on a path leading to the Backwoods.

Which gifts will increase friendship with Linus in Stardew Valley?

Gifts like yams, cactus fruits, and coconut impress Linus, garnering positive reactions and friendship points.

What is Linus’s daily schedule throughout the seasons?

Linus’s schedule changes with the seasons. He’s found near his tent, the Spa, or roaming the town. Specific schedules are detailed in the game.

How can one invite Linus to live on their farm, and what are the consequences?

One cannot invite Linus to live on the farm. He values his solitary life in his tent on the mountain.

What does the storyline reveal about Linus’s wealth or background?

The storyline suggests Linus prefers simplicity. His wealth or background isn’t directly revealed, leaving players to make their own assumptions.

Is it possible to build a house for Linus, and what does it entail?

Players cannot build a house for Linus. In the game, he insists on living in his tent and enjoying his reclusive lifestyle.

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