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Harvey, the kindhearted town doctor in Stardew Valley, is a beloved bachelor. If you want to make him your sweetheart in the game, here’s what you need to know:

Getting to Know Harvey in Stardew Valley

Who is Harvey?

Harvey is the resident doctor in Pelican Town. He’s a kind and caring individual, always willing to lend an ear or offer medical advice. He can be a bit shy and awkward, but his heart is always in the right place. Harvey lives above the medical clinic and spends most of his time there, tending to the town’s health needs.

Harvey’s Schedule

Harvey’s daily routine varies slightly depending on the season. However, he’s usually found in the clinic during the day, taking a break for lunch at the pier, and returning home in the evening. On Wednesdays and Fridays, he visits the saloon after work for a drink.

Building a Relationship with Harvey

Becoming friends with Harvey requires patience and understanding. He appreciates thoughtful gifts, especially coffee and pickles. Engaging in conversations about his interests, like medicine and model airplanes, can also strengthen your bond.

Marrying Harvey

If you’re looking for a loving and supportive partner, Harvey might be the one for you. After reaching a high level of friendship, you can propose to him with a Mermaid’s Pendant. Marriage unlocks new dialogue and events, giving you a deeper insight into Harvey’s personality.

Table: Harvey’s Gift Preferences

CoffeePicklesMost itemsJoja ColaTrash, Artifacts

With a little effort and understanding, Harvey can become a valued friend and partner in Stardew Valley. His gentle nature and caring heart make him a unique and rewarding character to interact with.

Tips for Romancing Harvey in Stardew Valley

Harvey’s Favorites

Harvey adores coffee, so it’s a safe gift. He also has a fondness for other items, giving you a variety of options to win his heart.

Item CategoryGift Examples
Universal LovesComplete Breakfast, Duck Mayonnaise, Pink Cake, Pumpkin Soup, Rabbit’s Foot, Super Meal, Truffle
VegetablesPickles, Wine
FruitsBlackberry Cobbler
Artisan GoodsTruffle Oil

Harvey’s Schedule

Understanding Harvey’s schedule can help you catch him for gifts and conversation:

  • Clinic: He’s mostly found at the clinic.
  • Walks: On most days, Harvey takes a walk in town after his morning shift.
  • Stardrop Saloon: On rainy days, Harvey occasionally heads to the Stardrop Saloon.

Heart Events

As your friendship with Harvey increases, you’ll encounter special events. These cutscenes give you deeper insight into his character and build your relationship:

Two Hearts

You’ll find Harvey working out.

Four Hearts

Harvey ponders life and death in a heartfelt scene.

Six Hearts

You catch a glimpse of Harvey’s love of model airplanes.

Eight Hearts

Harvey opens up to you about a difficult secret.

Ten Hearts

You and Harvey share a breathtaking, romantic moment.

Remember, being consistently present and thoughtful with gifts are key to winning Harvey’s affection in Stardew Valley!

Harvey Overview

Harvey is a significant character in the popular game Stardew Valley, known for his compassion and dedication to the townspeople’s health as the local doctor.


Harvey is an older bachelor, a respected figure with a kind heart living in Pelican Town. He occupies a quaint apartment directly above the town’s medical clinic, a place where he spends the majority of his time.

Role in Stardew Valley

As the sole doctor in Pelican Town, Harvey operates the medical clinic, providing care for the community’s residents. Players may encounter Harvey during his workday at the clinic or when he is conducting the yearly checkups for the villagers. His knowledge of medicine and his role as a healthcare provider make him an essential character in the game.

Relationship with Harvey

Harvey is not just the local doctor in Stardew Valley; he’s also a bachelor you can befriend and even marry. Forming a relationship with Harvey involves knowing his daily routines, what gifts to give, and the significant events that bring you closer together.

Gift Preferences

Harvey appreciates gifts, especially when they align with his tastes. Keeping a mental note of what he loves and likes will help you build a rapport with him.


  • Coffee
  • Pickles
  • Truffle Oil
  • Wine
  • Super Meals
  • Duck Feather


  • Daffodil
  • Dandelion
  • Goat Milk
  • Hazelnut
  • Leek
  • Snow Yam
  • Wild Horseradish


  • Coral
  • Nautilus Shell
  • Rainbow Shell
  • Quartz


  • Holly

The right gift can earn you anywhere from 20 to 80 friendship points, so choose wisely!

Heart Events

As your friendship with Harvey grows, various heart events will reveal more about his character.

  • Two Hearts: Enter the clinic when Harvey is working.
  • Four Hearts: Harvey sends you a recipe in the mail.
  • Six Hearts: Visit the Stardrop Saloon.
  • Eight Hearts: Harvey invites you to his apartment.

These events are crucial to progressing your relationship and can’t be triggered if you don’t hit the required heart level, so remember to keep those gifts coming.


Once you’ve reached ten hearts and you’ve witnessed all previous heart events, you can propose to Harvey with a Mermaid’s Pendant, provided it’s raining. Upon accepting, Harvey will move in with you.

  • Post-Marriage Routine: Harvey will split his time between working at the clinic and helping on the farm.
  • Rainy Days: He spends time inside the farmhouse.
  • Friday and Saturday: Harvey visits the Stardrop Saloon to catch up with friends.

Remember, consistent attention and understanding Harvey’s needs are key to a happy marriage in Stardew Valley.

Harvey’s Schedule and Activities

Harvey is the resident doctor in Pelican Town and follows a consistent schedule that revolves around his work at the clinic and his interactions with the community.

Daily Routine

Harvey spends the majority of his weekdays at the clinic from the morning until the close of the day. His commitment to healthcare is evident as he:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: Stays in the clinic all day, performing annual or quarterly checkups for the townspeople.

During days when Harvey is not bound to the clinic, he capitalizes on the time to enjoy life outside work. An example of his weekday activity outside of clinic hours is:

  • On Varying Weekdays: After finishing at the clinic, he occasionally visits Pierre’s General Store or takes leisurely strolls around town.

Seasonal Patterns

Harvey’s schedule slightly adjusts with the seasons, ensuring he balances his dedicated work with enjoying Stardew Valley’s changing environments. Notably:

  • Spring: He may be found tending to flowers or enjoying the fresh air in the community areas when not at the clinic.
  • Winter: Harvey adapts to the cooler temperatures, sometimes focusing more on indoor activities yet maintaining his clinic responsibilities.

Throughout the seasons, Harvey shows his love for specific items that can be considered when trying to interact with him:

  • Favorable Gifts: Harvey has a known appreciation for apples, salads, and eggs, items easily obtained at Pierre’s General Store or the farm.

Overall, Harvey’s commitment to his medical duties and his appreciation for Stardew Valley’s community spirit shape his daily and seasonal schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Stardew Valley, Harvey is a character many players have questions about, especially regarding his routine, favored gifts, and the benefits of marrying him.

What is Harvey’s daily routine in Stardew Valley?

Harvey spends his days managing the local medical clinic in Pelican Town. He’s often busy with checkups for the villagers on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What presents are most appreciated by Harvey in Stardew Valley?

Harvey loves receiving coffee and wine as gifts. These items really make his day.

At what age do you find Harvey in Stardew Valley?

Although his exact age isn’t specified, Harvey is portrayed as a mature bachelor compared to the other marriageable characters in the game.

Can you consider Harvey as a good spouse in the game?

Yes, Harvey is a caring and dedicated spouse. He is highly respected in the community for his kindness and his work as a doctor.

What advantages do you get from marrying Harvey in Stardew Valley?

Marrying Harvey benefits players with his health expertise. He even provides free energy replenishment on some mornings.

Is there a romantic connection between Harvey and Maru in Stardew Valley?

There is no direct romantic storyline between Harvey and Maru, allowing players to pursue a relationship with him without any complications from other characters.

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