Water Damage Repair

GadgetMates is the leading local water damage repair shop for electronics. Water damage can wreak havoc on your precious gadgets, but that’s where we step in. Located right in Las Vegas, we’re your go-to experts for water damage repairs. We understand the panic that sets in when your device takes an unexpected dip. Our skilled technicians work relentlessly to alleviate your worries and bring your gadget back to life. With our state-of-the-art tools and specialized techniques, we meticulously address all aspects of water damage, whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Water Damage Recovery in Las Vegas

At Gadgetmates, we handle each case with utmost care and attention. We start with a thorough diagnosis to assess the extent of the water damage, which allows us to formulate the most effective repair strategy. We take pride in our methodical approach, prioritizing the safety of your device’s data and components. From corrosion cleaning and liquid damage assessment to component repair or replacement, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your device’s needs. We’re the local experts on iPhone Water Damage repair or iPad Water Damage Recovery.

  • Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets
  • iPad, iPhone, Macbook, Samsung Galaxy
  • We Attempt To Recover Your Device
  • Data Recovery Available
  • Trade-Ins Possible
  • Best Prices Locally
iPhone Water Damage Repair

How It Works

Bring In Device

Stop by a store location

Free Diagnostic

We’ll test your device for FREE & provide a quote

You Decide

You can choose to repair or not. No obligation.

Type of Water Damage Repairs We Do

  • Cell Phones
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptops
  • Digital Cameras
  • Small Electronics
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Macbooks
  • Mac Computers
  • Apple Watch
  • Android / Samsung
  • Game Consoles
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Nintendo

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Gadgetmates specializes in water damage repair for a variety of electronic devices, ensuring your gadgets get back to working condition after unfortunate water-related incidents. We specialize in recovering small electronics and mobile devices such as iPhones, Android Phones, iPads, Macbooks, Apple Watch, smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, smartwatches, and more.

On average, the repair process can take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, depending on the severity of the damage. However, for more complicated cases, it might take longer.

It’s always difficult to tell with a water damaged device because your data could have been lost in the process. We will run diagnostics and attempt data recovery for you. With water damage, however, nothing is guaranteed as the damage can be total.

The cost varies depending on the device’s make and model and the extent of the damage. We provide a free diagnostic service, after which we’ll give you a no-obligation quote.

No, you should avoid turning on or charging the device. Turning it on can cause further damage. Instead, switch it off immediately (if it’s on), remove the battery (if possible), and contact us as soon as you can.

Yes, you can. We do not require appointments.

We recommend using waterproof cases or pouches, especially when near water bodies or during activities where your device might be exposed to moisture. Additionally, always be cautious around liquids, and never leave your gadgets in areas prone to spills.