iPhone Repair Warranty
iPhone Repair Warranty

Seeking a repair for your iPhone can be a nerve-wracking ordeal. Beyond the question of how and where to get it repaired is the looming query: “What guarantees and warranties come post-repair?” This comprehensive guide sheds light on warranties and guarantees following iPhone repair services, providing you with the reassurance you seek. For GadgetMates in particular be sure to read up on our iPhone Repair page for details and specifically our Warranty Page for coverage.

iPhone Repair Warranty and Guarantees: For users who want to understand the warranty or guarantee offered after a repair service.

Understanding the coverage and promises after your iPhone undergoes a repair can determine your peace of mind and the fate of your device in subsequent mishaps.

The Essence of Warranties

Definition and purpose A warranty is a promise or assurance from the repair provider about the quality of the repair and the parts used. It means that if a defect arises due to the repair, it will be addressed without additional costs, within the warranty period.

Limitations and coverage However, warranties typically don’t cover accidental damage, misuse, or subsequent unauthorized modifications. They primarily concern the specific repair done and the components used.

Apple’s Warranty Post-Repair

Apple’s official policy When you get your iPhone repaired through Apple or an authorized service provider, the device remains under its original Apple warranty or gets a 90-day warranty, whichever is longer. This assures users of genuine parts and quality service.

Duration and scope Apple’s standard warranty covers the device for one year from the purchase date. If your device is repaired at the end of its warranty period, you’ll get an additional 90 days coverage for the repair.

Third-Party Repair Warranties

Varied guarantees Outside Apple’s ecosystem, warranties can vary significantly. Some third-party repair shops offer extended warranties, while others might provide a very limited duration.

Potential risks and rewards Choosing third-party repair services can be cost-effective, but it’s crucial to vet the provider, understand the warranty they’re offering, and weigh the risks against the potential savings.

The Fine Print

Common exceptions Most warranties have exceptions. Accidental damages post-repair, liquid exposure, or unauthorized modifications can void the warranty.

Warranty void scenarios Further, if you open the device or use non-genuine parts post an official Apple repair, you risk voiding the warranty.

Claiming Your Warranty

Process and prerequisites To claim a warranty, always keep the repair receipt. With Apple, visit an Apple Store or authorized provider. For third-party repairs, approach the specific provider.

Possible complications Ensure you remember the warranty’s scope. Misunderstandings or misinterpretations can lead to disputes or additional costs.

Beyond Warranties: Guarantees

Distinction from warranties While warranties cover the service and parts, guarantees often address customer satisfaction. For instance, a repair shop might guarantee a quick turnaround time.

Typical guarantees offered Other guarantees can include a price match, where the provider matches a competitor’s lower price, or even money-back offers in specific scenarios.

Global Variations

Region-specific policies Warranty policies can vary based on regional laws and regulations. In some regions, consumer protection laws might extend standard warranty durations.

International warranty validity If you get your iPhone repaired in one country and face issues in another, it’s crucial to know whether your warranty is internationally valid or region-specific.


What if my iPhone has AppleCare+? AppleCare+ extends the standard warranty and includes two incidents of accidental damage. However, subsequent repairs might be out of its purview.

How do third-party repairs affect my original Apple warranty? Usually, non-Apple repairs void the Apple warranty, but the device might still be eligible for out-of-warranty services.

Can I transfer my repair warranty if I sell my iPhone? Most warranties are device-specific and not owner-specific, so they should transfer with the device. Always check the warranty terms.

Do all repair shops offer warranties? No. While many do, it’s essential to ask about the warranty before committing to a repair.

How do I check the status of my Apple warranty? Visit Apple’s official website and use the “Check Coverage” tool, inputting your device’s serial number.

If my iPhone undergoes multiple repairs, how does the warranty work? The warranty usually covers the most recent repair, but it’s always wise to clarify with the service provider.


Navigating the landscape of iPhone repair warranties and guarantees might seem daunting. Still, equipped with the right knowledge, you can make informed decisions, ensuring that your device not only gets the best repair but is also protected against future repair-related mishaps. Whether you opt for Apple’s official repairs or venture into third-party territories, always prioritize understanding the accompanying warranties – your peace of mind is worth it.

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