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Electronics Recycling in Las Vegas

Help Reduce E-Waste. Repurpose electronics and computers!

Drop Off Location:

9480 S. Eastern Ave #175
Las Vegas, NV 89123

Why Recycle?

Computers and Electronics contain lead and other hazardous materials. When disposed of improperly, these materials can end up in landfills or exported to other countries.


What's old to you may be new to someone else. Let's bridge the digital divide and make use of our old electronics. We repurpose old computers, laptops, phones, and tablets for 2nd use opportunities. We also use old electronics to train our technicians. Let's dispose of our gadgets and electronics the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of items are you able to recycle?

We recycle old computers, LCD and LED monitors, laptops, tablets, networking equipment, servers, routers, phones and other gadgets. We also accept audio/video, ethernet cables. Brand doesn't matter. Whether it's an iMac, iPad or a generic brand item you can drop off at one of our locations

Where do I drop off items?

Bring your items to any local GadgetMates store or drop-off location.

Do you offer pickup?

For most, we recommend bringing to one of our locations to save on cost. However, if you have a large amount of electronics such as for a businesses, call centers, hospitals, schools please contact us and we may come up with a customized solution for you.

What do you do with the electronics?

Our goal is to repurpose gadgets and electronics and reduce e-waste. We do this by using electronics in training our technicians to refurbish items. We also have partnered with local schools and non-profits to recycle electronics that have hazardous materials.

Can you destroy my hard drive data?

Yes, we follow industry best practices when handling hard drive and storage devices. We have partners outfits in the community that specialize in data descruction. We also can physically destroy hard drives upon request.

Do you work with businesses?

Yes, we offer asset recovery services to businesses, hospitals, government and private institutions with services that include asset management, data destruction, and logistics. Please contact below if you have inquiries regarding the needs for your business or institution.

Drop Off Locations

Drop off your electronics at any GadgetMates location or drop-off location.

Transportation / Logistics

We currently do not have pickup for individuals. We recommend taking to a drop-off location. If you have a large amount of electronics or devices to be recycled, please contact us below and we can let you know the best route based on your situation.

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