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Why GadgetMates?

GadgetMates specializes in all tech and computer equipment. We can manage liquidation and logistics for your lease-end and end-of-life technology. We've processed thousands of items, both small and large scale projects. Have our team set up a solution that works for your project.

What We do

We offer asset electronics and computer recovery services to businesses, hospitals, government and private institutions with services that include asset management, data destruction, and logistics. Please contact below if you have inquiries regarding the needs for your business or institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost Recovery

     Convenient Scheduling & Logistics

Let us quickly and efficiently assist you in recovering maximum value for your lots. Whether you are looking to repair items for reuse or to resell, or recycle our team will work with you to reach desired goals.

We'll work with you to determine the needs of your project from removal and disconnecting items, labeling, packaging, to barcode scanning, loading, tracking, and reporting. Our experienced recovery team are warehouse and recovery specialists.

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