Apps for Crafts & Creative People
Apps for Crafts & Creative People

In this era of technology, the creative world has been revolutionized by various apps that cater to the needs of the craftily creative.

The Digital World Meets Craftsmanship

Whether it’s drawing, painting, DIY projects, or photography, there’s an app out there to help turn your creative vision into reality.

Finding the Right App for Your Creativity

Here, we dive into some top apps that cater to a variety of creative crafts.

Design and Drawing Apps

For the artistically inclined, design and drawing apps offer a digital canvas to bring ideas to life.


Procreate is a widely-used digital drawing app with an intuitive interface and a variety of brushes and tools, ideal for both amateur and professional artists.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark allows you to create stunning graphics, web pages, and short videos with ease, making it great for both personal and business use.

DIY Project Apps

For the DIY enthusiast, these apps are brimming with ideas and inspiration.


Pinterest is a treasure trove of DIY project ideas, from home décor to fashion to cooking and everything in between.


Etsy isn’t just for buying unique handmade and vintage items. You can also gain inspiration from the creativity of others and potentially even sell your own crafts.

Photography and Editing Apps

Whether you’re a pro photographer or just enjoy capturing life’s moments, these apps can enhance your photos.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom offers powerful editing tools in a user-friendly interface, perfect for editing on the go.


Snapseed is a comprehensive photo editing app from Google that’s free to use and packed with features.

Crafting Community Apps

Joining a crafting community can provide support, inspiration, and a platform to share your work.


Ravelry is a social network for knitters and crocheters. It’s a great place to find patterns, share your projects, and connect with like-minded crafters.


Craftsy provides video classes across a range of crafting disciplines, from quilting to cooking to photography.


With the right apps, your creative journey can become more enriching and exciting. So, why not take your creativity to new heights with these brilliant apps?


  1. Are there any drawing apps available for beginners? Yes, Procreate and Adobe Spark are both user-friendly apps suitable for beginners.
  2. Where can I find ideas for DIY projects? Apps like Pinterest and Etsy are filled with DIY project ideas and inspiration.
  3. Are there any free apps for photo editing? Yes, Snapseed is a comprehensive and free photo editing app from Google.
  4. Is there a platform where I can share my knitting or crochet projects? Yes, Ravelry is a social network specifically for knitters and crocheters.
  5. Can I learn new crafts through an app? Yes, Craftsy offers video classes across a range of crafting disciplines, perfect for learning new skills.
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