Yellowstone Cover Image
Yellowstone Cover Image

While Apple TV+ doesn’t directly offer Yellowstone as part of its subscription service, there are several ways to enjoy the Dutton family saga on your Apple TV device. Whether you prefer to purchase individual episodes or seasons, subscribe to other streaming platforms, or rent through digital retailers, you have options to satisfy your Yellowstone cravings.

Saddle Up for Yellowstone on Your Apple TV

Season 1-4

You can buy individual episodes or entire seasons of Yellowstone directly from Apple TV. This option gives you permanent access to the episodes you purchase.

Season 5

For the latest season, Apple TV offers a “Season Pass.” This allows you to watch new episodes as they become available.

Alternative Streaming Services

While Yellowstone isn’t included in the Apple TV+ subscription, you can access it through other platforms directly on your Apple TV:

  • Peacock: Stream Yellowstone with a Peacock Premium subscription.
  • Paramount Network App: If you have a cable subscription that includes Paramount Network, you can use their app to watch Yellowstone.

Other Ways to Watch

You can also purchase Yellowstone from other digital retailers like Amazon Prime Video or Vudu and watch it through their apps on Apple TV.

Streaming Options at a Glance

PlatformAccess MethodCost
Apple TVBuy individual episodes/seasonsVaries per episode/season
Apple TVSeason 5 PassVaries
PeacockSubscriptionVaries based on plan
Paramount Network AppCable subscriptionFree with qualifying subscription
Amazon Prime VideoPurchase/rentalVaries per episode/season
VuduPurchase/rentalVaries per episode/season

Apple TV and Yellowstone Series Overview

Apple TV has garnered attention by featuring Yellowstone, a gripping drama series that captures the turbulent lives of the Dutton family. Created by Taylor Sheridan, this show hinges on themes of loyalty, power, and survival in the rugged landscapes of Montana, the United States.

Starring Kevin Costner as John Dutton, the patriarch orchestrates operations on Montana’s largest ranch. The Duttons are constantly on their toes, shielding their sprawling estate against unyielding efforts from land developers and bordering an Indian reservation. Their unceasing battle involves intricate relationships and unpredictable rivalries as they strive to uphold their family legacy.

Key Elements:

  • Platform: Apple TV
  • Genre: Drama
  • Setting: Montana, United States
  • Creator: Taylor Sheridan
  • Main Cast:
    • Kevin Costner as John Dutton
  • Plot Focus: Dutton family’s ranch struggles

The success of Yellowstone on Apple TV signals a convergence where a traditional cable powerhouse like the Paramount Network joins hands with modern streaming options. Fans relish the raw, emotional storytelling wrapped in the scenic backdrop of the untamed West. Yellowstone emerged as a favorite, not just on cable, but also as a part of Apple TV’s extensive collection, making high-quality drama accessible to a broader audience.

Streaming and Accessibility Options

For fans eager to catch up with the Dutton family drama, knowing where to stream “Yellowstone” is key. We’ll guide you through the services offering the show, purchase options on Apple TV, and accessibility features available.

Subscription Services and Accessibility

“Yellowstone” is available across various subscription-based streaming platforms. Viewers can find all seasons on Peacock, and specific seasons on services like Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, Sling TV, and Philo. Accessibility features such as closed captions and subtitles in English are generally available across these platforms.

Episodes and Seasons

The show kicked off with Season 1, featuring episodes 1 through 9. As of now, “Yellowstone” has released up to Season 5, with each season containing a different number of episodes, usually ranging up to 14.

Content Ratings and Languages

All episodes of “Yellowstone” are rated R18+, suitable for adult audiences due to mature content. The primary language available is original audio English with various subtitles options, catering to diverse viewers.

Apple TV Purchase and Rental

Users can buy or rent episodes of “Yellowstone” through Apple TV and iTunes. Each episode or season pass purchase provides viewers with the flexibility to watch at their leisure, independent of a subscription service.

Comparing Streaming Services

When comparing services, factors like price, availability of episodes, and additional content offerings come into play. For instance, Peacock has the comprehensive catalog while services like Sling TV may offer more live TV options.

Closed Captions and Subtitles

For those with hearing difficulties or preference for reading dialogue, closed captions (CC) and subtitles in English (United States) are available on all streaming platforms that have “Yellowstone”. This feature can usually be turned on or off within the video player settings.

Cast, Characters, and Plotlines

“Yellowstone” is a gripping drama series that revolves around the Dutton family and their sprawling Montana ranch. It showcases a talented ensemble cast, complex characters, and a plot rich with conflict and power struggles.

Main Cast and Characters

  • John Dutton (Kevin Costner): Patriarch of the Dutton family and owner of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.
  • Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly): John’s daughter, known for her sharp mind and fierce personality.
  • Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes): John’s son, an ex-Navy SEAL who faces challenges adjusting to civilian life.
  • Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley): John’s other son, a lawyer and aspiring politician with conflicted loyalties.
  • Monica Long Dutton (Kelsey Asbille): Kayce’s Native American wife, striving to reconcile her heritage and her place in the Dutton family.
  • Tate Dutton (Brecken Merrill): Son of Kayce and Monica, symbolizing the future generation of the Dutton lineage.

Plot Themes and Settings

“Yellowstone” is set in the rugged terrain of Montana. The series explores:

  • Land Ownership: A central theme revolves around the battle for control of Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.
  • Family Loyalties: Personal relationships are tested as the Duttons face external threats from land developers and politicians.

Recurring Themes and Dynamics

The show delves into:

  • Violence and Peril: The Duttons often resort to violence when their legacy is threatened.
  • Shifting Alliances: Alliances shift to protect family interests, often involving neighboring Indian reservations and unsolved mysteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover how to stream all episodes of the widely acclaimed series “Yellowstone” on Apple TV, learn about the star-studded cast, get updated on the latest seasons, and explore subscription options for viewers looking to dive into the Dutton family’s gripping saga.

How can I watch all episodes of Yellowstone on Apple TV?

Viewers can stream “Yellowstone” by subscribing to Apple TV and searching for the show within the platform’s library. All seasons are available to watch, providing unfettered access to the Dutton family’s narrative.

Who stars in the cast of Yellowstone and are there any new additions in the latest season?

Kevin Costner leads the ensemble as John Dutton, flanked by talented actors like Wes Bentley and Luke Grimes. Every season occasionally introduces fresh faces, enriching the show’s dynamic and storyline.

When is the release date for Season 5 Part 2 of Yellowstone and where can I find it on Apple TV?

Season 5 Part 2 of “Yellowstone” has a scheduled release date which can be found on Apple TV’s upcoming shows section. Dedicated fans should keep their eyes peeled for announcements and check the platform regularly.

Are there any cost-effective subscription options to stream Yellowstone on Apple TV?

Apple TV often offers various subscription plans, including trials or bundled services. Viewers can choose a plan that best suits their budget while ensuring access to “Yellowstone.”

What seasons of Yellowstone are currently available for streaming on Apple TV?

Currently, Apple TV boasts the complete slate of “Yellowstone” seasons, from the inaugural season to the latest episodes released. Users can binge-watch to their heart’s content or jump into any season they prefer.

How does the storyline progress in Yellowstone Season 6 compared to previous seasons?

Without giving away spoilers, Season 6 of “Yellowstone” continues to trace the Dutton family’s intense power struggles, with escalated conflicts and shrewd alliances shaping the season’s core narrative. Viewers can expect the unexpected as story arcs evolve from previous seasons.

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