Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Logo
Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Logo

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brings an expansive new adventure to the Nintendo Switch, inviting players to once again step into the boots of the valiant Link. Set in a richly detailed world that stretches beyond the horizons of Hyrule, the game offers a blend of storytelling, exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat. Each twist and turn is a call to adventure, with a main quest that weaves through the landscape and many side quests that add depth to the experience.

As players traverse the vast terrains, they encounter diverse ecosystems, challenges, and puzzles that stimulate the mind and test their resourcefulness. When facing Hyrule’s formidable enemies and bosses, strategic thinking and timely reactions are essential. With a treasure of unlockables and collectibles, the game rewards thorough exploration and offers an immersive experience that captures the magic of the Zelda series.

Key Gameplay Elements

  • Exploration: The transformed Hyrule is vast, with secrets on both the ground and in the floating islands above. Be sure to explore every corner!
  • Traversal: Link’s new abilities are key. Learn to create objects, manipulate time, and use other skills for movement and puzzle-solving.
  • Shrines: Shrines still provide puzzle-based challenges and Spirit Orbs, essential for upgrading health and stamina.
  • Combat: Master your new abilities and use the environment to your advantage in battle. Identify enemy weaknesses and adapt your strategies.
  • Weapons and Durability: Understand the durability mechanics and the new flexibility in weapon customization.

The Great Plateau: Revisiting Beginnings

While optional, returning to the Great Plateau offers a valuable refresher and highlights how much the world has changed.

  • Shrine Challenges: Revisit familiar shrines with your expanded abilities; new solutions await!
  • Korok Puzzles: Seek out both familiar and new Korok challenges.
  • Memories: Certain locations may trigger memories, shedding light on events before the rise of Calamity Ganon.


Prologue – Beneath Hyrule Castle

Link and Zelda venture deep beneath Hyrule Castle, uncovering ancient secrets and a hidden threat tied to the kingdom’s past. Expect an introductory experience setting the stage for the adventure to come.

Great Sky Island

After mysterious events at Hyrule Castle, Link is launched into the vast expanse of the Sky Islands. This section will focus on exploration, learning new traversal mechanics, and searching for Zelda.

To the Kingdom of Hyrule

Descend from the skies and return to the familiar lands of Hyrule. The world has transformed, hinting at the changes that have transpired during Link’s absence.

Crisis at Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Castle is under siege! Reunite with familiar faces and allies as you battle to protect the kingdom during this climactic event.

Impa and the Geoglyphs

Impa, Zelda’s protector, directs Link toward mysterious geoglyphs on the landscape. Investigate their significance and connect them to the expanding mystery of Tears of the Kingdom.

Regional Phenomena

Hyrule’s different regions are experiencing strange and dangerous phenomena. Journey to Ruto Village, Goron City, Zora’s Domain, and Gerudo Town to restore balance and aid the inhabitants of Hyrule.

Tulin of Rito Village/ Yunobo of Goron City/ Sidon of the Zora/ Riju of Gerudo Town

Ally with the new leaders of each region. They hold valuable knowledge and will request your aid to overcome the challenges their people face.

The Wind Temple/ The Fire Temple/ The Water Temple/ The Lightning Temple

Delve into these elemental temples scattered across Hyrule and the Sky Islands. Conquer puzzles, defeat formidable foes, and perhaps unlock powerful new abilities tied to the elements.

A Mystery in the Depths

Explore hidden depths for a unique quest offering valuable rewards. This optional, but intriguing, quest promises powerful gear to aid you on your journey.

Secret of the Ring Ruins / Guidance from Ages Past / Trail of the Master Sword / Recovering the Hero’s Sword

Uncover forgotten lore, seek the counsel of ancient wisdom, and finally embark on the trials to reclaim the legendary Master Sword, a weapon essential for facing the looming darkness.

Defeat Ganondorf

The ultimate showdown! Confront Ganondorf, the source of Hyrule’s corruption, in a decisive battle for the kingdom’s destiny.

Key Takeaways

  • The game promises a vast open world with a compelling main quest enhanced by numerous side missions.
  • Strategic combat, challenging puzzles, and diverse environments await those ready to explore the depth of Hyrule.
  • The interactive map and navigation tools are essential for uncovering all secrets and advancing through the game.

Getting Started

In the initial stages of “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” players need to get acquainted with the basic functions and gear that set the stage for adventure. Key elements such as control mastery, customizing Link, and managing collectibles pave the way for a smoother journey across Hyrule.

Basic Controls & Mechanics

Understanding the controls is crucial to navigating Hyrule effectively. Players guide Link through a variety of actions like:

  • Walking/Running: Use the left analog stick to move Link around. Pressing it in enables sprinting.
  • Jumping: The “X” button on the controller makes Link jump, which is essential for climbing and avoiding hazards.
  • Attacking: Use the “Y” button for standard attacks with equipped weapons.
  • Using the Paraglider: Press “X” while airborne to deploy the Paraglider, letting Link soar across large gaps and descend from heights safely.

Becoming comfortable with these functions helps players explore and fight with confidence.

Character Customization

Link’s outfit and armor can be adjusted for both style and function. Different pieces of armor, such as the Archaic Warm Greaves, offer varying levels of protection and bonuses, like resistance to cold. These adjustments can be made in the inventory menu, allowing players to tailor Link’s abilities to their playstyle.

Items and Inventory Management

Inventory management is key to keeping Link well-equipped. Items are categorized into:

  • Weapons: Swords, bows, and shields that Link uses in combat.
  • Armor: Gear that provides defense and other status effects.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Things like food and materials used for crafting.

Make sure to regularly check inventory space and prioritize which items to keep. Remember, the Master Sword does not take inventory space and is always with Link once obtained. Managing these elements well means always being ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Exploration of Hyrule

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom invites players to experience a rich and expansive Hyrule, both on land and in the skies. Strategic navigation and keen observation are key to uncovering the secrets within.

Traversing the Great Sky Island

The Great Sky Island floats above Hyrule, offering a playground for aerial exploration. Players can soar through the sky on a paraglider, ascend updrafts, or ride gusts of wind to hop between islands. The thrill of flight is enlivened by the collection of materials scattered across the heavens, which players can use to craft or upgrade their gear.

Challenges of the Sky and Land

Navigating Hyrule’s surface and sky islands presents a plethora of challenges. The terrain varies from rugged lands below to unpredictable weather above. Gamers will need to adapt their strategies to overcome obstacles, both natural and enemy-inflicted. On land, a beloved horse can be their fastest ally, and in the sky, mastering the paraglider is essential. Finding Hestu increases inventory space, making it easier to manage the various materials and rupees earned along the way.

Notable Locations

Hyrule is dotted with locations rich in history and opportunity. Among these, the Ranch Ruins Cave on the surface is a memorable spot that often features a glowing blue creature called a Blupee. Such locations are not only eye-catching but also serve as hubs for quests that deepen one’s immersion in the world. Strategic visits and exploration of these locales are crucial to progressing through the game and enriching the journey.

Main Quests & Storyline

In “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” players embark on an epic journey filled with mystery, brimming with main quests that weave through the grand adventure. This section guides players through the essential stages of the main storyline.

Beginning the Adventure

Players start their adventure as Link, who faces “A Mystery in the Depths” that beckons them to explore the unknown. This first quest acts as a primer to the game’s mechanics and sets the stage for the events to unfold.

Important Characters

Throughout the main quests, players encounter key characters who are pivotal to the storyline. Allies and adversaries alike add depth to the adventure, influencing both the game’s direction and the side adventures.

  • Zelda: Central to the plot, offering guidance and assistance.
  • Antagonist: Name undisclosed, presents the primary challenge.

Critical Story Points

The main quests, like “A Call from the Depths,” guide players through the game’s critical story points, advancing the plot and unlocking new areas to explore. Important events happen in a specific sequence:

  1. Complete “A Mystery in the Depths” to unlock further quests.
  2. Follow main quest prompts to progress the story.
  3. Side adventures enrich the experience and can influence main quests.

Side Quests & Mini-Adventures

“The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” is rich with engaging side quests and mini-adventures. Players can explore different areas to find tasks that will test their skills and add depth to their journey.

Quests in Rito Village

In Rito Village, you will meet Tulin, a vibrant character with a series of flying challenges. These quests will have you soaring through rings against the clock and sharpen your aerial maneuvers.

  • Find Tulin: Located near the village’s highest platforms.
  • Challenges: Race against time and achieve precision flying.

Adventures in Goron City

Yunobo is your main contact in Goron City for a set of heat-filled adventures. He prepares courageous travelers to face the volcanic environment with quests that include treasure hunts and lava surfing events.

  • Locate Yunobo: Seek him out near Goron City’s entrance.
  • Activities: Uncover hidden items and surf on molten rock.

Zora Challenges

Dive into Zora’s domain where Prince Sidon awaits with aquatic challenges. These tests of agility and diving will push you to navigate the currents and collect rare fish.

  • Meet Sidon: He’s usually found near the king’s palace.
  • Challenges: Complete swift swimming courses and find aquatic treasures.

Gerudo Town Tasks

Brimming with life, Gerudo Town offers a variety of tasks ranging from helping with the mayoral election to solving puzzles. Riju, the town’s leader, will guide you to make meaningful contributions to the local community.

  • Assist Riju: She is often in the town square.
  • Election Help: Support candidates and engage in civic duties.

Shrines & Temples

As adventurers throughout Hyrule, players will encounter both Shrines and Temples, each offering unique challenges and rewards. Shrines serve as mini-dungeons scattered across the land, while Temples are larger structures that harness elemental forces.

Locating and Conquering Shrines

Players can find Shrines by exploring the terrain or by using the in-game Shrine Sensor, which beeps when one is nearby. Each Shrine presents a puzzle or combat challenge, rewarding players with Spirit Orbs upon completion. The Hyrule Field area alone boasts 10 shrines, including the Skyview Tower, which offers panoramic views and serves as an important landmark.

  • Hyrule Field Shrines: Use the Shrine Sensor to pinpoint these locations.
  • Rewards: Collect Spirit Orbs for completing each challenge.

Temples of Elemental Power

The Temples, unlike the Shrines, are centered around the elements of fire, water, wind, and earth. Each Temple tests the player with more complex puzzles and tougher enemies. Mastery of elemental mechanics is key to progressing through these grand structures and obtaining the powerful gear within.

  • Fire Temple: Navigate through flames and lava flows to test agility and timing.
  • Water Temple: Solve water-based puzzles and manipulate currents.

Hidden Sanctuaries and Trials

Apart from the main Shrines and Temples, players can discover hidden sanctuaries by completing specific Shrine Quests. These secretive spots are well-guarded and more challenging. Successfully tackling these trials grants players special items and further insight into the lore of Hyrule.

  • Shrine Quests: Fulfill unique tasks to unlock secret sanctuaries.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Earn rare gear and uncover pieces of Hyrule’s history.

Advanced Tactics & Strategies

In the vast world of the game, knowing the right techniques is crucial for survival and success. Here’s how to get the edge in combat, exploration, and finding those elusive items.

Mastering Combat Techniques

Combat in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” isn’t just about swinging a sword. Players must utilize their entire arsenal for effective defense and offense. Shield surfing not only allows for quick travel but also opens up dynamic attacks on enemies. Timing your parry with your shield can deflect attacks and leave enemies vulnerable. Different weapons also have unique skills, so experiment to find powerful combos against tougher bosses.

Exploring Depths and Dungeons

Dungeons and depths are woven into the heart of the game. Each one hides challenges and secrets, encouraging thorough exploration. Look out for environmental puzzles that can unlock new areas or reveal hidden treasures. Sometimes, the correct use of your weapons can trigger unexpected solutions to the intricate puzzles you’ll find.

Rare Item Acquisition

Finding rare items requires a sharp eye and a willingness to search high and low. Often, the best loot is tucked away behind intricate puzzles or guarded by formidable bosses. Keep an eye out for armor pieces that can enhance your abilities, like increasing your stealth or defense. Secrets often hide just off the well-trodden path, so be curious and investigate places that seem out of the ordinary.

Unlockables & Collectibles

In “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” players can find and unlock various items and upgrades to enhance their adventure. From collecting Korok seeds to enhance inventory, to finding better gear and unique companions, these elements are key to a successful journey through Hyrule.

Korok Seed Collection

Korok seeds are hidden throughout the land, offered by the forest spirits known as Koroks. Collecting these seeds allows players to expand their inventory, making room for more weapons and materials. Players can locate them in well-hidden spots or by completing small puzzles.

  • Locations: Scattered across Hyrule
  • Use: Trade for increased inventory slots

Armor and Weapon Enhancements

Upgrading armor and weapons is crucial for tackling tougher foes. Players can enhance their gear by using specific items and materials found during their quest. Seek out the Great Fairy Fountains for armor upgrades.

  • Materials Needed: Various, depending on item enhancement
  • Upgrade Locations: Great Fairy Fountains
  • Benefits: Increased defense, added abilities

Special Mounts and Companions

Special mounts can be found or earned, providing unique modes of transportation and advantages in exploration. Companions, on the other hand, offer assistance in battles or in navigating the landscape of Hyrule.

  • How to Obtain: Complete specific quests or challenges
  • Advantages: Faster travel, aid in combat

Remember to keep an eye out for these essentials as they can greatly impact your ability to explore, survive, and thrive in “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.”

Crafting and Resource Gathering

Embarking on an adventure in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” requires thorough preparation. Crafting and gathering resources are crucial for survival.

Cooking and Meal Preparations

In Hyrule’s vast landscape, cooking offers the ability to combine various ingredients to create hearty meals. Recipes not only bring forth delightful dishes to replenish health but can also provide buffs like increased defense or speed. To cook, find a pot over a fire, select ingredients from your inventory, and combine them. For example, a simple meal could consist of an Apple and a Hylian Shroom, but more complex recipes yield greater benefits. Always have a few meals ready for health recovery during your quests.

Material and Resource Locations

Gathering materials is an essential part of the journey. Ingredients for cooking and items for crafting spread across Hyrule. For instance:

  • Fruits like apples are often found in trees.
  • Fish are abundant in bodies of water.
  • Ores can be mined from rock formations.

Hunt for these items in forests, fields, and along the riverbanks. Always keep an eye out for rare resources, which are pivotal for crafting advanced armor and other valuable items.

Crafting Essential Items

Crafting is a vital skill for creating beneficial items on your journey. Combining specific materials, you can make essential gear such as armor and enhance your protective equipment. To craft, interact with anvils found in many towns. Remember, the quality of your armor can make a significant difference when facing the lingering threats throughout Hyrule. Crafting requires both resources and knowledge of the recipes you aim to create. Keep your inventory stocked, and craft items whenever you can to stay ahead.

Cultural Heritage and Lore

Exploring the rich cultural heritage and age-old legends deepens the understanding of Hyrule’s past, which is woven through the lands you traverse in “Tears of the Kingdom”. This heritage is not just backdrop—it’s a living, breathing part of the game’s world, influencing puzzles, locations, and characters you encounter.

The Legend of Hyrule

Hyrule Castle stands proud amidst the rolling landscapes, a monument to the history and bravery of the kingdom. Legends tell of Ganondorf, whose ambition once threatened the land, and the undying spirit of Hyrule that persists even in ruin. The castle is not just a landmark—it’s the heart of many tales, inspiring those who seek to uncover its secrets.

Tales of the Goddesses and Heroes

Impa, a sage whose wisdom stretches back through generations, often shares the tales of the Legend of Zelda and Breath of the Wild. She speaks of goddesses and past heroes whose echoes are found across the land. Hateno Village and Thyphlo Ruins serve as cultural touchstones, holding stories and memories from a time long past.

Myths and Artifacts

The scattered travel medallion fragments echo a time when these objects held the power to whisk a hero across great distances. Ancient spirit temples further reveal Hyrule’s mystical history. Mysterious geoglyphs, possibly tied to Impa’s lineage, lie silent, hinting at long-lost lore. These artifacts are keys to understanding the profound legacy of Hyrule.

Challenges and Puzzles

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces a variety of challenges, from mind-bending environmental puzzles to deep dungeon conundrums. These obstacles test the player’s wit and nudge them to explore every corner of Hyrule.

Environmental Puzzles

The beauty of Hyrule is not just in the landscapes but also in the clever design of its environmental puzzles. They use nature’s elements and occasional regional phenomena to challenge players. For example, certain puzzles may require altering water levels or using the wind to move objects. Players need to observe how things like the shadow from the Sun or the growth of plants give hints about solving these puzzles.

Dungeon Conundrums

Dungeons are where the gameplay shines with complex puzzles that integrate the sage’s will into their designs. Camera work is essential as players need to shift perspectives to uncover hidden paths and mechanisms. Each dungeon offers unique challenges that often require a keen eye and a good grasp of the game’s physics.

Secrets Unearthed by the Sheikah Slate

The Sheikah Slate returns with powerful capabilities to help uncover secrets scattered throughout the land and skies. Players encounter enigmatic runes which require logical reasoning and the Sheikah Slate’s features to decipher. For example, using the camera to capture specific scenes might reveal clues to the sky islands above, leading to new discoveries and treasures.

Interactive Map and Navigation

Navigating the vast landscape of Hyrule in “Tears of the Kingdom” is made simpler with an interactive map. This tool is essential for plotting course, uncovering secrets, and keeping track of discoveries.

Using the Map for Efficient Travel

The Tears of the Kingdom interactive map is more than just a way to see where you are—it’s the ultimate travel companion. By using the map, players can identify the quickest routes between locations. Keep an eye out for the Travel Medallion, as it grants the ability to teleport to select points, saving both time and effort when revisiting areas.

Discovering Hidden Locations

Hidden treasures and locations are scattered throughout the game. The interactive map shines by revealing these spots. It details the whereabouts of elusive Korok Seed locations, which players can seek out to expand their inventory space. Watch for subtle cues on the map that hint at secret caves and passages awaiting discovery.

Marking Points of Interest

As the journey unfolds, players will come across various points of interest worth revisiting. Utilizing the interactive map allows for these places to be marked with custom symbols. This makes it simple to return to important spots, like areas rich in resources or challenging foes that offer great rewards.

Enemies and Boss Encounters

As you traverse the lands of Hyrule in “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,” you’ll encounter a variety of enemies, each requiring a unique approach to defeat them. This section will provide you with helpful tips to tackle these challenges, from the common foes lurking around every corner to the epic showdowns with legendary bosses.

Common Foes of Hyrule

Hyrule is teeming with enemies, and understanding each one’s weaknesses is key. For example, Like Likes are slippery creatures that can be bested by shooting an arrow at the tongue they occasionally reveal. Spot their weak points and strike. Keep an eye out for their patterns to stay one step ahead.


  • Like Like: Aim for the tongue with arrows, then attack.
  • Bokoblins: Dodge and counterattack, watch for group tactics.

Epic Battles with Legendary Bosses

The bosses in “Tears of the Kingdom” are challenging confrontations that test your skills. Each boss encounter requires a unique strategy to emerge victorious. For example, employing hit-and-run tactics can be effective for staying safe while whittling down a boss’s health.


  • Timing: Wait for the right moment to dodge and counter.
  • Patience: Keep your cool and learn the boss’s patterns.

Strategies Against the Yiga Clan

The Yiga Clan, led by the cunning Master Kohga, are notorious adversaries you’ll face. Engaging them requires finesse in combat, as they are skilled and tricky. Use stealth to surprise them or deflect their attacks to gain an upper hand.

Master Kohga Tips:

  • Stealth: Sneak up for a critical hit.
  • Deflect: Wait for an attack and parry at the right timing.

By familiarizing yourself with these tips and techniques, you’ll be equipped to face off against the evil forces that inhabit Hyrule, ensuring your adventure is a victorious one.

Endgame Content

After journeying through the expansive lands of Hyrule and overcoming countless challenges, the endgame content in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” offers players the ultimate tests of skill and determination. Here, you’ll discover the steps to unveil the true ending, tackle the toughest challenges, and achieve complete mastery of the game.

Quest for the True Ending

To witness the true ending of the game, players must follow a specific set of objectives that goes beyond the main storyline. This often involves completing key side quests and solving hidden puzzles spread across the Great Plateau and beyond. Details on these requirements are sparse, as to prevent spoilers, but you can expect to embark on a multifaceted adventure that will test all aspects of your heroism.

Ultimate Challenges

The ultimate tests of skill found in the endgame are not for the faint of heart. They include “The Trail of the Master Sword,” a sequence of intense combat trials designed to push your strategic combat abilities to their limits. Overcome these trials to power up the Master Sword, unlocking its full potential and proving your worth as Hyrule’s champion.

Completionist Achievements

For those who seek to leave no stone unturned, a set of completionist achievements await. This includes locating all the Captain Hoz memorabilia scattered throughout the game. Achieving 100 percent completion is a monumental task that involves finding every collectible, completing every quest, and mastering every shrine. The sense of accomplishment for these dedicated players is the ultimate reward.

In conclusion, the endgame content of “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” promises to be as rich and rewarding as the journey to get there. Whether you’re striving for the true ending, challenging yourself with the hardest trials, or aiming to check off every achievement, there’s something for every type of player in Hyrule’s vast and vibrant world.

Troubleshooting and Tips

Navigating the expansive lands of Hyrule in “Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” can be as thrilling as it is challenging. This section focuses on clearing up common gameplay questions and providing solutions to typical technical obstacles players might face.

Common Gameplay Questions

Players often ask about “A Letter to Koyin,” a crucial item in their quest. Finding this letter involves combing through the early regions of the game. Keep a keen eye on your environment, as the game rewards exploration. If you’re struggling with a certain boss or puzzle, recall that Zelda games are designed for you to use all the tools at your disposal. Sometimes, using an item creatively is key to progressing.

Technical Issues and Fixes

Technical troubles can disrupt your adventure in Hyrule. If you experience game crashes or glitches, here are immediate steps you can take:

  • Restart your game console: A simple reboot can rectify many problems.
  • Check for game updates: Ensure “Tears of the Kingdom” is running the latest version as updates often patch bugs.
  • Clear console cache: Consult your console’s manual on how to clear the cache, as this can improve performance.

Remember, these tips are to guide you in your journey, and with patience, you’ll overcome any hurdle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the mystical land of Hyrule in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” raises many questions for gamers. This section aims to shed light on common inquiries that can smooth out the journey for both new and seasoned adventurers.

What is the best strategy to progress through the initial stages of the game?

In the early game, focus on learning the mechanics, such as climbing, gliding, and combat. Manage your resources carefully and explore to gather items that will aid in your survival.

How can I find and complete all the shrines in the game?

To locate all the shrines, use the in-game map and be on the lookout for visual cues in the environment. Complete them by solving puzzles and defeating the guardians within.

Where can I find a comprehensive map guide for the game’s world?

A detailed map guide is often found within the game’s community sites and forums. These maps highlight important locations and items, assisting in thorough exploration.

Is there a complete guidebook or manual available for the game?

Yes, official guidebooks are available for purchase. They provide in-depth strategies, walkthroughs, and tips to help players through every aspect of the game.

What steps should I follow to efficiently navigate the game’s storyline?

Follow the main quest markers for a streamlined path, but don’t hesitate to venture off course to discover side quests and secrets that enrich the experience.

Approximately how much time does it take to finish the game’s main quest?

Completing the main quest can take anywhere from 30 to 50 hours, depending on playstyle and whether players engage in additional activities outside the main storyline.

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